100+ Pictures of 2024 Most Trendy Halloween Nails with How-To Tutorials & Videos

Halloween is around the corner, so it is time to consider what nails to do for the Halloween party. We`ve found several hundreds of different Halloween nail designs for the 31st of October 2019. Check out the spookiest out of them (we have easy and quick 5-minute designs too)!

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the trendiest Halloween nails
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In this article you`ll find:

  • spider and spider web nails;
  • “broken nail” designs;
  • witch and broom nail designs;
  • pumpkin nail arts;
  • zombie nail arts;
  • vampire nails for Halloween;
  • hairy nails;
  • eyes on nails;
  • UFO manicure;
  • goth Halloween manicures;
  • skulls and bones nail designs;
  • Pennywise nails;
  • Corpse bride`s nails

… and a lot of other ides. Check the slider below and then continue scrolling the rest of the photos:

  • "Witch Fingers" Nail Design

Your look will be incomplete without a Halloween-appropriate nail design. You know sometimes you may meet during the Halloween party a vampire lady with cute flowers on her nails or Maleficent with the nail design “good vibes only”. Try to make your mani before celebrations. And it will complement your look, not spoil it. Let`s read our guide on the scariest HALLOWEEN NAIL DESIGNS!

Just in case, here is a right nail design for Maleficent:

halloween maleficent nails

Now let`s decide on the nail shape for Halloween. Of course, shart stiletto manicure will be the best choice. Or ask your nail technician to create something non-banal, as bat`s wings, butterfly nail shape, blood drop tips.

sharp black and white nails for halloween
vampiress halloween nails with teeth and vampire bite
halloween acrylic nails - black

What colors are considered as the most appropriate for Halloween nail designs? Of course, these are all red shades, pumpkin orange tone, green colors, black, white and gray.

Edward Scissorhands nails for Halloween
black and red ombre halloween nails
black nail design for halloween with red blood drops
white and red nail design for halloween

However, all shades will be OK for Halloween. It just depends on your costume. Need something zombie-themed? Then choose green and purple nail designs. Want to be a vampiress? Do your nails in reds, black color, gray tones. Need something creative for the witch Halloween costume? Then use brown nail polishes, orange, violet. No limits, really.

colorful Halloween mani in orange, green and purple tones

Simplest Halloween nails designs for 2019. Gray, orange, purple nails for the 31st of October.

simple halloween nails - orange and marble
gray ombre halloween nails
orange and white easy to do halloween nails
manicure with silver spider web
tri-color halloween glitter nails
purple glitter halloween nails
white halloween nails with colorful dots

What about Halloween nail designs? Mix several colors, use nail decals & stickers, learn how to use a stamping plate. Just don`t be lazy to create the spooky mani, as your look will be incomplete without it!

Zombie nail designs:

halloween zombie nails
zombie halloween manicure with wounds
french zombie nail design
green zombie nail design with wounds
green frankenstein nail design for halloween
colorful zombie nail design for halloween

You`ve decided to be a witch on the 31st of October Halloween party, right? Then draw spider web, witch silhouette, black cats, stars, full moon, pumpkins and… a broom on your nails. Think about including 3D details too.

Ideas of Witch Nails for Halloween:

purple halloween nails with a broom and a witch
halloween nails with a witch on a 3D broom
light orange nails with a witch and tattoos for halloween
witch nail design matte with spider web
black nails with spider web

If you are going to be a Halloween doll or a queen of spades than we suggest doing nails with hearts, spiders, skulls, mixes of shades. We love fluffy spiders on nails. So cute!

Fluffy spider nail design:

white halloween nails with a fluffy pussy spider

Nails with a realistic spider web:

halloween manicure with a realistic 3D spider web and a spider

Closer look (it`s just a very thick top coat layer):

spider web halloween nails

Broken nails design for Halloween:

bloody broken nails design for halloween
broken nails design for halloween with stitches

Nail Designs Wounds for Halloween:

nail designs with wounds for Halloween party
halloween nail design with stitches

Simple nail designs with blood drops:

темный хэллоуинский маникюр с каплями крови

Scary “IT” movie nails with Pennywise clown:

it pennywise nail design with blood and red balloon
pennywise it halloween nails
stephen kings it movie nails
pennywise nail designs for halloween
it manicure with pennywise clown
halloween nails with a clown and a balloon

Glowing-in-the-dark Halloween nails:

glow in the dark halloween nails
halloween glow in the dark nail designs
glowing in the dark halloween nail art
fluorescent halloween nail design
glowing in the dark halloween manicure

Nails with skeletons, skulls, bones:

kitty sceleton nails for halloween
beige nude halloween nails with flower skull nail decals
corpse bride nails for halloween
nils with skulls

Nail designs with ghosts an UFO:

Ghostbusters slimer nail design
UFO nails
cute halloween nails with white ghosts
white 3D nails for halloween
nails with ghost hands step by step tutorial
ghostbusters nail design

3D Halloween nail designs with piercings, chains, spikes:

black nail design with spikes & 3D skulls for Halloween
halloween black nails with chains
halloween black nails with piercing
3D halloween-themed nail designs
purple manicure for halloween with spikes

Now one more hack for you, our dear readers. If you make gel or acrylic Halloween-themed nails, you`ll have to wear them a few weeks. What to do if you need to turn back from vampiress into a business lady on the next morning after the Halloween party??? Try nail decals. Take them off the next day and voila. Another possible variant is to make orange and black nail designs, light red manicure, nude mani, or traditional French tips.

Like this orange and black butterfly nail design:

black and orange halloween butterfly nail design

Great Instagram-inspired idea for Halloween nails – to add tattoos to your fingers. Of course, we mean temporary tattoos. Here are the illustrations:

tattoo on nails
black tattoo nails

If you have a nail polish that changes its color depending on temperature – great, use it for your halloween nail design. Just look on this super-creative flame manicure, nail tips change their shade:

Some simple Halloween nail designs, that you may easily copy at home (step-by-step tutorials):

Pumpkin nail design for Halloween (video):

Halloween nail art with pumpkins

pastel nail art with halloween pumpkin
white and orange nail design pumpkin
beige manicure with pumpkin for Halloween
Halloween wine nails with pumpkin
black Halloween nail art with white pumpkins
how to draw pumpkin on nails step by step

«Cat Eyes» Halloween nail design: step by step tutorial

black nail design cat eyes for Halloween
black Halloween nails with cat eyes

How to make Halloween nail art with cat eyes:

Halloween nails with eyes

white and black nail design with eyes
black nails with human eyes for Halloween
Halloween manicure with bloody eye and a nail
bloody eyes nail design for Halloween
black Halloween nail design with eyes
long Halloween acrylic nails with 3D eyes
Halloween mummy nail design
crocodile eyes nail design for Halloween
Halloween nail art with snake`s skin
brown nail design for Halloween with eyes

Fake Halloween nails

fake Halloween nails with blood drops
black fake nails for Halloween with spikes
fake nails with blood and an eye
black and gray Halloween fake nails

Viral hairy nail designs:

spooky hairy nail designs for Halloween

Halloween manicure with dead bugs

nail design with dead seahorse

Witch nail designs, black cats, stars, blood drops, pumpkins – there are so many variations of Halloween nail designs, that you will definitely choose something super-creative to complete your Halloween look. Sending you good wishes for a Happy Halloween! Have fun!


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