20 Dope GUCCI Nails to Try RN

Haven`t heard of GUCCI nails yet? What a miss! Time to correct the situation! We`ve collected 20 pretty variants of Gucci-themed manicures for your #nailspiration. Click and check!

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Best Gucci Nails for 2021

They all are stunning! What variation will you choose?

1. The first Gucci nail design – nude+an embellishment.

nude nails with Gucci embellishment

2. Nude Gucci nails with a snake on one accent nail.

nude manicure with one accent gucci nail

3. Nude long Gucci manicure with one accent ‘snake’ nail.

Gucci accent nail in nude manicure

4. Gucci snake on several nails.

nude Gucci nails with a snake

5. Nude Gucci nails with red stripes.

Gucci nail art

6. Nude Gucci manicure with gold foil and a snake.

nude Gucci nail design with gold foil

7. White Gucci nails with a red snake.

white Gucci nails with a snake

8. White Gucci nail design with two snakes.

white Gucci manicure with snake

9. White Gucci nail art with a long snake on four nails.

white nail art with a snake

10. WhHite Gucci manicure with blue and red stripes.

white nails with Gucci themed snakes

11. Gucci stripes on nails.

white Gucci manicure with a snake and branded Gucci stripes

12. Nail art with Gucci symbols.

intricate Gucci nail design

12. Green and red Gucci nails.

green Gucci-themed nails

13. Cute light blue Gucci nail design.

light blue Gucci nails

14. Traditional Gucci nail design.

Gucci nails photo

15. Gucci nails with a fly.

Gucci-themed brand nail design

16. Dark blue and white Gucci manicure with a snake.

dark blue and white nails with a Gucci red snale

17. Matte black nail design with a Gucci emblem.

black Gucci nails with Gucci label and stripes

18. Bright green Gucci-themed nail art.

bright green nails with stripes and snake Gucci

19. Gucci nails with a 3D snake.

black Gucci nails with a 3D snake

20. Marvellous Gucci nail art with realistic snake tips.

3d Gucci nail art

Sooooo, HOT or NOT? What do you think?

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