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30 Blue and Pink Hair Ideas for 2021

Do you hesitate while thinking about trying the blue and pink hair combination? Will these two hair colors mix beautifully? Will pink and blue hair color be easy to maintain? Let’s check out together!

20 Modern Rachel Haircut Ideas

“The Rachel” cut is really iconic. Almost every woman on this planet knows what this hairstyle looks like. Medium length, a lot of layers framing the face, and highlights. Although, it’s time to give it a fresh and trendy feel.

35 Ideas of Jungle Braids Worth Trying ASAP

Meet a new trend – JUNGLE BRAIDS! Today we are talking about this new type of knotless braids that suddenly became very popular among women. Find out below how to make jungle braids and what colors to choose for your new hairstyle.

70 Ideas of Money Piece Highlights for Your Inspiration

Money pieces are face-framing strands that can be highlights (of lighter color) or lowlights (darker than the base hair color). In this article, you will find all possible combinations created by top hairstylists from Instagram. Read on and choose what suits you best!

40 Ideas of Money Piece Hair Highlights for Teenage Girls

Money piece highlights became a trend a few months ago and are now in huge demand in hair salons all around the globe. What’s more, this highlighting technique is popular not just among women of all ages, but among little girls and teenagers! Moms ask their hairdressers to copy the freshest tik-tok trend – face-framing […]