Pennywise Nails for Halloween 2024, 20 Manicure Ideas from Stephen King’s “IT” Movie

Before Halloween the hashtag #itnails became popular again. Yes, we mean those nails with Pennywise and scenes from the “IT” movie are still trendy for the scariest holiday in the year. Choose your design with the clown Pennywise, kids in yellow raincoats, red balloons or blood drops. Stephen King, thanks for the brilliant idea!

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The Scariest Pennywise Nail Designs Ever

They are too Halloween-appropriate. You can`t miss the chance to consider wearing such designs. Check out the pictures below!

1. Nude Halloween Nails with a Red Balloon, a paper Ship, and Blood Drops.

it nails with paper ship for halloween

2. Nails Design “IT”.

3. White Halloween Nail Design with Clown Pennywise.

it halloween nail design with a clown Pennywise

4. Halloween Nails with a Paper Ship, a Red Balloon, and a Poor Kid in a Yellow Coat.

it halloween nails with red balloon and yellow rain coat

5. Pennywise`s Face and Rain Drops on Nails for a Halloween Party.

Pennywise nail design for Halloween

6. Black Stiletto Halloween IT Nails with a Clown.

black stiletto it halloween nails with Pennywise

7. One Spooky Accent Nail with the Clown from the “IT” Movie.

squoval black glitter it pennywise nails for halloween

8. Extra Long Acrylic Nails with Clown Pennywise.

extra long it nails for halloween

9. Unexpected French Manicure with Pennywise.

french nails with it nail for halloween party

10. Pierced Nails with Pennywise.

pierced halloween stephen king it nails

Several more ideas from Instagram and Pinterest:

Nails “You will float too” –

Now even more interesting.

White Bloody Mani “Loser-Lover”:

Almond Halloween Nails with Blood Drops:

Black Nail Design with Red Balloons:

IT Black, White and Red Nail Design for Halloween:

Halloween Scary Teeth Nails:

Scary Teeth Nails – a Closer Look :):

One More “Lover-Loser” Pennywise Manicure:

So, if you want to create a really scary look, then Pennywise IT Halloween nails will be a great addition to your party clothing. And don`t forget to make a NAILFIE, such masterpiece needs to appear in your friend`s social media feeds.


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