25 Far-From-Banal Nail Designs That Will Shock You

We don`t say these weird nails are bad. Some will consider them just strange, the others will say they are totally crazy. But all of you will agree that these manicures are super-creative and even genius! Check the craziest and weirdest nails of the latest years below!

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strange nails trends

1. Strange nail design with wire.

Some wire nail designs look quite pretty, like this one:

But if the whole design is nude and you add some wire elements, it may look strange, check this mani:

wires nails

2. Weird manicure with chains.

Again, some chain nail designs look elegant and cute. But the thicker the chains, the worse it all looks. Strange or cute, what`s your opinion?

chains nails

So many golden chains here!

manicure with chains
strange nail design with chains
weird chain manicure

3. Crazy nails with DEAD ANIMALS!

It evokes a lot of discussions and creates questions. Are these animals fake? Or were they alive? Anyway, it is creative and crazy enough to be included in our article. How do you feel about these designs with spiders, scorpions, and seahorses?

dead seahorse nails
nails with real scorpion
nail design with real spider
manicure with real spider
realistic spider nail design

The real snake slough!!!

nail design with snake skin

And one more nail design with a real scorpion, but from another creative nail artist:

4. Strange moving nail designs – steampunk, fidget spinner nails.

Some elements of these nail designs are dynamic. How much would you pay for such a nail design? Well, looks cool!

fidget spinner nails

5. Crazy nail art with marijuana.

No comments) We`ll just leave it here.

6. Weird nails with huge gems.

Some nail artists use the turquoise stone, others – pearls, some – huge crystals. What to choose is up to you! Not bad, not bad.

huge gemstones on nails
crystal nails
turquoise stone nail design
white manicure with big gemstones

7. Crazy 3D nails with parts of human bodies.

Wanna your booty be on your nails? Or your nose? Insane! :)))

nose nail design

3D booty and boobs nails

8. Genius microchip nail design.

Can this nail design be called strange? First of all, it is well-done. And for real lovers of different mechanisms, engineering, technics…why not?

microchip nail design

9. Cute crazy Lego brick nails.

Wow, stunning! Do you like creating smth. interesting out of Lego bricks with your kids? Now it`s time to show this! BTW, a very popular design nowadays.

lego bricks nail design
strange lego bricks nail design

10. Weird huge nail piercing.

No, we are now talking not about those 1-2 rings in your nails. We are talking about really huge piercings! Are you bold enough to try wearing these big palms? Write us if you tried this before!

crazy pierced nails
huge nail piercing

11. Crazy pompon nails.

Fur nails were trendy in previous seasons, now it is time to move on and try something even creazier. The pompons? Yes, please!

strange nails with pompons

маникюр с помпонами

fur pompons weird nail design

12. Marvelous Louboutin nails.

Paint the both sides of your nails. Or add glitter underneath. Nice!

painted underneath manicure

13. Crazy clear acrylic nails.

Marvelous, we like everything – the form, the color, the ink-like effect.

inked see through nail design trend

14. Strange extra-long nails.

Women that have extra-long nails spend $1000 to get them manicured. Yay or nay?

extra long nails with manicure
very long nails manicure price

15. Fun design: nail prank.

A woman that made this on her nails has a very good sense of humor! 🙂 Bold!

broken nail rip nail design

16. Crazy dry flower manicure.

Even Glamour and Teenvogue published these cutie nail designs with dry flowers on their pages.

dry flower manicure
dry flower nail design

17. Weird sweet nail designs.

You don`t even need to buy these nail decorations. Take your favorite sweets.

sweet nail design
weird nail art with sweets

18. Cute Gummy bears nail design.

Watch a video how these gummy bears were made. Aren`t they cute???

gummy bears nail design

19. Strange manicure with real leaves!

Well, what can we say… It seems that including floral motifs is super-trendy today.

leaves acrylic manicure

20. Strange multiple fake nails.

Can we say it is easy wearable? Nope. But looks insta-good 🙂

fake nails manicure
photoshoot tips fake nails

21. Weird alien nails.

This 3D alien on nails is weird, but it is Halloween-ready! Save this idea for the next Halloween party!

crazy 3D alien nail design

22. Succulent nails.

Roz Borg is an Australian botanical artist, who owns a very pretty Instagram account with succulent pictures! And those succulent nails look so fresh and cute!!! Just look:

23. Strange geode nails.

First nails are marbled with water (or with any other method), then gold foil or glitter are added to mimic the crystal`s texture.

strange geode nails

24. Crazy aquarium nails.

We are speachless!!! Too cute for words 🙂 Do you like it?

aquarium nails

Video tutorial how these aquarium nails are created:

25. Glowing in the dark nail art.

You may purchase such glowing-in-the-dark nail polishes or DIY them, using the glow stick liquid, UV-reactive/black light eye shadow, or glow-in-the-dark pigment powder.

crazy glowing in the dark nails

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