45 Cute Cat Nail Art and Cat Nail Designs You Will Fall in Love With

Every girl likes cat nail designs, it is an axiom. You may draw a little kitten, a black cat, a Cheshire cat or any other cat family member, and your manicure will be excellent and a great complement to any possible outfit. All about cat nail art in our today’s article!

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Different Types of Cat Nail Art Popular in 2024

There exist several most popular ways to make ‘cat nails’. The first and the most simple – cat paw print nail art. Paws can be colorful or made with a solid color. Choose what works for you.

nail design with colorful cat paws

The second variant of ‘cat nails’ – design with a cat’s face. Always cute!

glitter nails with cats face

And if you want to have a masterpiece on your nails, call your nail-artist or use a slider design. Cat nails designs can be so hyper-real!

complicated cat nail design

45 Versatile Cat Nail Ideas 2024

Let’s see what cat nail designs you can do on nails of different lengths and forms.

1. Black and nude cat nails.

A great way to try one of this season’s trends – ‘half full’ nail art. You don’t need to ‘dip’ your nails into bright nail polish. It can be one of your favourite beige shades. Several nails dark, several nude, plus a cute cat design. Perfect!

nude and black nail design with cats

2. Gray kitten on nude nails.

So sweet! One more nude nail design, but it looks very different. Ask your nail artist do draw a gray cutie on your nails and all your friends will beg you to give her phone number!

light pink nail design with cat

3. Stiletto acrylic cat nails.

This cat is made in the deep design technique. The silhouette is left nude, the rest of the nail is dark. BTW, there are special sliders you may use for this design.

deep design with a cat

4. Pastel nails with cat design.

Choose two matching pastel nail polish colors.  One one accent nail draw a cute cat’s face. Done!

pastel nails with stripes and cat design

5. White nails with cat paws and cat’s face.

White nails will look great with thin black details – cat’s whiskers, nose, ears, and paws.

white nails with kittens

6. Orange nails with golden foil cat and paws.

Gold foil looks really great with warm tone polishes!

cat nail design with foil

7. Fun cat nail tutorial.

In case you were in search of fun nail designs with cats. This small tutorial will help you to implement your ideas into life.

DIY cat nail art

8. Black and white cats nail design.

These peeping cats are super-simple to create and very fun to wear. Save this idea for later if you like girlish designs and creative manicures.

nail design with kitty-cats

9. Geometric cat nails.

Geometric prints are in trend now. And you don’t even need to have the 80th level drawing skills to try the cat nail design. Use triangles and tetragons of different sizes to form the figures of cats. Simple!

gray and black manicure with cats

10. Black cat nail art.

If you think that black nails are boring, you may update your manicure by drawing white accents. Remember this idea for the next Halloween party. Just in case.

black nail design with white cats

11. Nude nail design with cats.

Real nude nails lovers also need to upgrade their manicures from time to time. Choose cats and pows. Looks so Pinterest-worthy!

beige nails with cats and cat paws

12. Pastel lily nails with black cats.

Time for a gorgeous pastel ombre and gemstones. More feminine and grown-up variant.

purple cat nails

13. Cute kitty-cat on nails.

Express all your love for cats by adding a tiny red heart on one of the nails. Love this!

cute cat on nails

14. Neon pink nails with a cat.

Bright pink nail polish and gemstones go together like milk and cookies. This cutie cat just adds a flirty accent to the manicure.

pink nail art with kittens

15. Red and white cat nail design.

Draw a Japanese ‘maneki-neko’ cat on one of your nails and it will become your lucky-charm and talisman for the next several days. Or weeks (in case you use gel-polishes).

nail art japanese maneki neko talisman cat

16. Stamping cat nail art.

Stamping is one more way to make interesting nail designs with little efforts. Just buy a stamping plate with cat pattern and experiment with colors.

white and red nail design with cats

17. Glitter black and gray nails with cat silhouettes.

Adding glitter to your nails is always a right idea. Especially if it is a silver nail polish. Combine it with a jet black shade and stiletto nail shape.

holo cat nails on black base

18. Hello Kitty nails.

Hello Kitty nail art looks good on teenagers’ nails and adults. The age is just a number when we are talking about nails. Do you like the idea of total family looks? Make the kitty nails on yourself and create smth. very similar on your daughter’s nails too. Will be fun!

hello kitty nails

19. Pastel nail design in gray and mint shades.

Notice how matte and glossy textures are combined on the accent nail. A small kitten is a very cute addition to the trendy matte manicure.

japanese cat fun nail design

20. Long acrylic cat nails.

Cat design is a nice idea to decorate long acrylic nails. Draw your favourite cat breed. Sphynx? Persian? Balinese? Let us know in comments below!

cat nail art for long nails

21. Gray Meow-nail design.

Trendy gray shade, popular polka-dot print, and a cute cat face – this monochromatic cat nail design definitely looks stylish.

grey meow nail design

22. Black cats on yellow and purple nails.

Bright colors and funny cats will take your ordinary manicure to the next level.

yellow and lily nails with cats

23. Cat with glasses on white nails.

Think trying nail wraps or sliders in order to achieve interesting designs.

nail design cat with glasses

24. French nail design with a cat.

Mix classic techniques, as French manicure, with modern nail polishes and comical drawings.

french manicure with cats

25. Nail design with cats and dogs.

If you have a great sense of humour, try this nail design called ‘like cats and dogs’. Reminds of a game ‘Find a Cat’, but this time you’ll have to find a dog among cats)

like cats and dogs nail design

26. Funny cute cats on nails.

It seems that the majority of nail designs with cats are in pastel color palette. No wonder why. Pastel shades are thought to look the most tenderly and feminine. Do you agree? Do you like bright or pastel shades more?

purplish rosy manicure with cats

27. Pink French manicure with a cat and a street lamp.

Make similar French design for your next romantic date or any special event. Gemstones add glamour to this ‘cat that walks by himself’ nail art.

pink kitty-cat manicure

28. Funny birthday cats.

Looking for fresh B-day nail ideas? Use one of these designs with birthday balloons. Add happiness to your everyday style!

fun cats on nails

29. Kittens on trees nails.

It’s a pity, but these kittens can be recreated on long nails only. And by professional hands, no DIY tutorial possible. But the idea is inspirational, isn’t it?

extra long nails with kittens on trees

30. Pastel nail design with kittens.

One more matte design that proves that matte finish is still in trend this year. Lucky we! Who doesn’t love matte manicures?

matte nails with kittens and paws

31. Pastel pink manicure with black cats on accent nails.

Looks very simple. But we can see a new idea here – gemstone cat eyes. Interesting.

nude cat nails

32. Black and white French nails with cat’s paws.

Black and white French manicure itself is a new idea worth saving. And those little paw tracks serve as a playful detail.

French nails with kittens

33. Nails with Simon’s cat.

Simon’s cat is a hero of black and white animated series, a genius creation of an illustrator Simon Tofield. If you like to watch this animation on Youtube, you’ll definitely want to make the Simon’s cat nail design.

white nail art with funny cat designs

34. Fluffy cat nail design.

At first glance this cat looks like a lion 🙂 A short tutorial included for those, who want to DIY this nail design.

fluffy cat nail design

35. Black cat with green eyes nail design.

One more nail design for the next Halloween party. Our advice – take fluorescent green nail polish. Will be much more interesting.

bleck cat nail design with green eyes

36. Fat red cat and a jam-jar.

For a lady who has a sweet tooth and is not ashamed of this 🙂

nail design red cat and jam

37. Polka-dot white nails with cats.

Such cat nail designs will never go out of trend, really. They are the best choice for romantic natures and true fashionistas.

polka-dot nails with cats

38. Nude nails with black cats and street lamps.

Step up your nail game and add to your nude nails something very unique. Gemstones and cat silhouettes will work.

street lamps and cats nail design

39. Small black kitten with pink pads.

The cutest cat nails design in our article! Bring a lovely picture of a kitty-cat and your pro nail artist will draw it for you.

pretty kitty-cat manicure

40. Cheshire cat nails.

One more fictional hero in our selection of inspirational pictures. For real lovers of the ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ book.

cheshire cat nails

41. Light purple nails with a black cat.

Cute and simple cat nail art. Interesting base color, several noticeable details, glossy finish. Purr-fect!

black cat on light purple nails

42. Dark cat nail design on pastel base.

A new take on classic geometric designs. Every detail is perfect.

geomeric cat nails

43. White and black glitter manicure with kittens.

A cat nail design you can master in several minutes. These kittens are water-stickers.

gray and black nails with kittens

44. Black nails with holo cat silhouettes.

Wow, a very amusing cat nail design. Holo nails are super-trendy. We seriously felt in love with this nail design at a first glance!

holo cat nail design

45. Blue glitter cat nails.

Cat nail art doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the simpler the better. This design is even work-appropriate.

blue and white nails with cat design

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