50 Candy Ball Nail Designs, Photos and Video Tutorials

A new hype trend of this season is CANDY BALL NAILS – designs with bubbles made of gel, with flowers (sometimes even bugs) inside them. Sounds not very clear, but we are here to help you get what those crystal/flower/ice balls are, how they are created, and how to wear them on your nails. And believe us or not, it is possible to make such embellishments at home. If you have a LED lamp and all the materials, of course. Read on!

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light blue flower ball nails

What Are Candy Ball Nails?

We weren’t lucky to find the first nail artist who invented this strange nail embellishment, but nail technicians say it is from Korea. Other names for Candy Ball are Crystal Ball, Flower Bubble and even Ice Ball.

Different Candy Ball Types

Yes, they can be pretty different, for example:

– candy balls with flowers – peonies, red poppies, roses, orchids;

manicure candy ball

pink flower iceball
candy ball colorful roses
orchid candy ball
flower candy ball
candy ball for nails

– Candy Ball with Ladybugs (not real!);

ladybug candy ball

– FLower Balls with beads;

white clear candy ball

– Candy Balls with fruits and berries inside;

Публикация от @aristocratka_nails

– Summer Candy Balls with seashells and pearls;

summer beach candy ball nail design
summer crystal ball for nails with seashell

– hyper-creative Crystal Balls for nails;

Публикация от @aristocratka_nails

candy ball football

Candy Ball Nails Photos for 2024

Now let’s move to the most interesting part – pictures and examples:

1. Pastel Pink Candy Ball Nails with Roses.

white and pink candyball nails

2. Light Pink Candy Ball Manicure with Beads.

light pink candy ball nail design

3. Elegant White Candy Ball Nails.

white candy ball nails

4. French Manicure with Candy Balls.

french nail design candy ball

5. Violet Matte Crystal Ball Mani.

purple matte candy ball nail art

6. Nude Nails with Iceball Embellishments.

beige nude nails iceball

7. Bright Red Nails with Candy Balls.

red nail design with candy ball

8. Green Nails with Clear Ice Balls.

olive green candy ball nails

9. Candy Ball Nails and Acrylic Flower.

3D candy ball nails with acrylic

10. Dark Pink Candy Ball Manicure.

dark pink crystal ball nails

11. Candy Ball on Very Long Nails.

white long nails with candy ball

12. Contrasting Orange-Blue Manicure with Flower Balls.

blue and orange nails with candy ball

13. White Wedding Nails with Clear Balls.

wedding nails with flower ball

14. White and Blue Nails with Ice Balls.

white and blue matte nails with flower ball

15. Yellow Candy Ball Nail Design.

light yellow candy ball manicure

16. Blue and White Nail Art with Candy Balls.

white and light blue candy ball manicure

17. Light Green Candy Ball Nail Design.

light green candy ball nails

18. Colorful Crystal Ball Manicure with Airbrushing.

aeropuffing and candy ball manicure

19. Black Nails with FLower Balls.

black nail design crystal ball

20. Candy Ball Nail Art with Strasses.

wine nail design with clear peony candy ball

21. Pink Ombre Nails with Candy Balls.

pink ombre nails with candy ball

22. Dusty Pink Nails with Rhinestones and Ice Balls.

dust pink candy ball nails

23. Candy Balls on Black Chrome Nails.

black chrome candy ball nails

24. Black and Pink Design with Flower Balls.

pink and black candy ball nails with stripes

25. Candy Balls Made on Nails.

2D candy ball nails

Candy Balls may be used not only as an embellishment for your nails, but also as jewellery!

candy ball earrings
flower ball earrings
crystal ball jewelry
candy ball jewelry earrings
candy ball jewellery

How to DIY a Candy Ball for Nails: Instruction + Video Tutorial

The technique of creating CANDY BALL nail embellishments is quite simple, You just need to take a clear builder gel (without bubbles in it, of medium density), a dotting tool (or a toothpick, an orange wood stick, a thick needle, etc.), and a gel paint for drawing flower petals.

The first step will be to take a toothpick, dip it into gel and cure 10 sec in a lamp. Be sure to rotate the toothpick with a gel bubble, and it will have a right round shape. Now dip this small bubble into the builder gel once more. Cure. Repeat as many times as needed, then draw petals on some of the layers with a white, pink (or any other color needed) gel paint (chequerwise). The final step will be to cure the candy ball in a lamp for a minute, them cover with a finish top coat. Cure in a lamp. Pull out the toothpick. File the bottom a bit (some file a lot of the bottom part to make the candy flower ball smaller). Your cute nail embellishment is ready! Good job, girl!

And we advise making several candy balls, as you’ll like this new idea.

Watch a tutorial on creating Candy Balls:

More nail designs you can find on our Pinterest boards and on IG account @thenewestnails. Follow us, save the ideas and be inspired by our content.

So, you’ve just seen a lot of great Candy ball nail design ideas. Which nail art would you copy on your nails? Let us know in the comments below! XO

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