35 NEW Wine Nail Designs with a Wine Glass and a Wine Bottle

Wine glass nail art 🍷 is pretty popular nowadays, so it is time to share with you the best wine-themed manicure ideas. Check out and pin if you like!

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The pictures below were found on Pinterest and Instagram. And they are fabulous! A right choice for any party, New Year`s Eve, and other special occasions:

1. Marvelous black and red wine nail design.


2. Matte nail design with a glass of wine and a bottle.


3. Oval white nails with a hand and a wine glass.


4. “Keep calm and drink wine” nail design.


5. Fall wine glass design on nails (with umbrella).


6. Wine-themed nails with a heart.


7. Marsala+white wine glass nail art.


8. Dark and light red wine glass nails.


9. Wine glass on matte nails.


10. Oval bordeaux nails with a glass of wine design.


11. Mulled wine nails.


12. Black nail design “keep calm and drink wine”.


13. Wine-themed manicure on short nails.


14. Creative “craving wine” Friday night nail design.


15. Nail design with a 3D glass of wine (with glitter).


16. Wine nail design with rhinestones.


17. Wine glass nail art with silver glitter.


18. Minnie Mouse wine nail design.


19. Wine molecule nail art.


20. “Time for wine” manicure (perfect for a weekend).


21. Bloody-red nails with wine glass design.

blood-red nail art with wine glass design

22. Long white nails with a glass of wine design.

long white nails with wine glass

23. Pretty mulled wine nail design.

mulled wine nails

24. Fun “open all the wine” nail design.

open all the wine nail design

25. “Time for wine” manicure (perfect for a weekend).

time to wine nail design

26. Dark nude matte wine design nails.

nude matte nails with a wine glass silhouette

27. Shimmering wine nail design.

shimmering wine nail design

28. Amor wine nail art.

amor wine nails

29. Dark plum nails with a glass of wine.

dark plum nails with glass of wine art

30. Square matte wine nail design.

matte wine nail art

How to Draw a Glass of Wine Nail Design

how to draw wine glass nail design
wine nails tutorial
how to draw a glass of wine on nails

Wine Glass Nails – Video

Wine-themed nails always look fun and creative. Not only for weekends or Friday night parties, for office days too! How do you think? Share your thoughts with us!


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