45 Ideas of Boho Braids, How to Wear Gypsy/Bohemian Braids in 2024

With their blend of bohemian flair and modern edge, boho braids have become a beloved hairstyle for women looking to express their individuality. From intricate braided updos to casual side braids, these boho-inspired hairstyles offer a creative canvas for self-expression. Check out the ideas below!

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What Are Bohemian Braids?

Bohemian braids, also called simply boho braids, are box braids that have curls in them. Most often only several inches of hair is braided, and the rest of the hair is left loose, curly. Bohemian braids are popular for various occasions, including music festivals, weddings, and casual everyday wear.

Here are some main characteristics and variations of the boho braids:

Multiple Braids. Bohemian braids typically mean multiple braids. This can include at least two braids, but most often it is a full head of braids.

Messiness. Unlike neat and tight braids, bohemian braids have a loose and messy appearance. They have to look effortless and undone, with strands of hair intentionally left out for a relaxed feel.

Texture. Boho braids work best with textured hair. The texture can be gained via naturally wavy or curly locs, or using texturizing products. The texture helps create volume and dimension in the braids. This is so stunning!

Accessories. Bohemian braids are often done with various hair accessories. They enhance the boho style. What do we mean? Some decorative hairpins, flowers, ribbons, hair rings, cuffs, beads or other bohemian-inspired elements can be used to embellish the braids.

Braiding Technique. A lot of different braids and plaits can have the bohemian feel. However, most often bohemian aka boho braids mean bohemian box braids or bohemian knotless braids with some curls.

Placement. Bohemian braids are styled in various ways. Some women prefer partly braided bohemian hairstyles, others like to wear dozens of braids all over. All these braids can be styled as updos, half ups, crown hairstyles, side plaits afterwards.

What Boho / Bohemian Braids Are Trendy in 2024

Lets check out the most beautiful pictures of the boho / bohemian braids:

– Classic Black Color Knotless Goddess Boho Braids. These braids feature neatly sectioned hair, creating a polished and organized look while still exuding a boho-chic vibe with long curly ends.

classic black gypsy braids

– Different Types of Boho Braids. Bohemian braids often feature soft, loose, and unstructured designs for an effortless look.

types of gypsy braids

– High Bohemian Braids Bun. This hairstyle is perfect for boho-chic events, weddings, or casual outings.

bohemian braids top big bun

– Ginger Bohemian Braids. Here we see a mesmerizing and dynamic hairstyle, a mix of the red color boldness with the romantic allure of cascading curls and bohemian braids.

red auburn gypsy braids

– Dark Boho Braids with Light Curly Strands. Dark brunette bohemian braids with light brown curly strands offer a captivating contrast, seamlessly blending the depth of the dark braids with the softness of the light brown curls for an enchanting boho-inspired look.

boho braids with highlights

– Classic Square-Sectioned Boho Box Braids. Square sectioned bohemian box braids boast a structured and polished appearance, combining the elegance of box braids with a bohemian touch, creating a sophisticated attractive hairstyle.

bohemian box braids

– Blonde Knotless Boho Braids with Curls. Knotless boho braids in a blonde shade exude some kind of a radiant, carefree charm. The knotless technique provides a natural look that beautifully complements the bohemian-inspired outfits.

messy blonde bohemian braids

– Bohemian Plaits with Criss-Cross Braids. Bohemian criss-cross braids with sleek edges create a captivating, modern hairstyle, blending the free-spirited charm of boho braids with sharp, polished edges for a trendy look.

gypsy braids with criss-cross braids and edges

– Red Knotless Bohemian Braided Hairstyle. Red auburn bohemian braids with triangle partings offer a striking and artistic hairstyle that is definitely worth your attention in 2024, a year of bold and stylish hairstyles.

brown and red bohemian braids

– Black Braided Hair in a Gypsy Bohemian Style. We are stunned by the elegance of this bun with square-parted box braids.

boho braids in a high bun with loose front bangs

– Dark Brown to Red Brown Boho Braids. Here the traditional boho braids are combined with bubble braids plaited near the face.

bohemian braids auburn shade

– Black to Blonde Ombre Bohemian Braids. These multiple braids with two-tone hair that are gathered in a half up ponytail are simply stunning!

dark to blonde boho braids ombre

– Natural Black Color Bohemian Braids. Of course, you can intertwine colorful threads or yarns into your braids for an eye-catching look, but one-color boho braids are a classic timeless option that will never go out of style.

elegant women's bohemian braids

– Bohemian Braids with a Braided Heart. We have already written about the heart braids, here we see one more stunning option with a braided heart on the temple and boho braids with loose curly strands.

heart shaped bohemian braids

– Chocolate Brown Bohemian Braids. Your boho braids can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, but you can also simply sweep them to the side and get a new fresh look.

dark brown gypsy braids

– Dark Blonde Boho Hairstyle with Braids, Curls and Styled Edges. Bohemian braids can be embellished with beads or charms for a bohemian-boho fusion look, or, like here, with cute hair rings.

trendy blonde boho braided roots

– Long Toffee Brown Boho Braids. This style is ideal for festivals, music events, or any occasion that calls for a unique and artistic hairstyle.

medium brown tone boho braids

– Long Black Boho Braids with Perfect Curls. Bohemian braids look charming on all hair colors, from warm tones to cool shades, but black braids remain a 100% winning option in any situation.

cute boho braids long length

– Messy Black Boho Braids. Have you noticed that some of the gypsy braids are more neat, and others are messy and a bit puffy? Boho braids are versatile and you can choose what suits you best. Customize your braids and choose a more messy option, or neat partings and neat plaits.

boho braids with a lot of curls

– Black Boho Braids with Metallic Cuffs. Gypsy braids can be accessorized with metallic gol- or silver-colored cuffs for an added boho touch.

bohemian braids with metallic cuffs

– Bob Bohemian Braids. The bohemian braids bob is a charming option for women who like low maintenance hairstyles.

bohemian braids bob hair

– High Braided Boho Ponytail. The braided ponytail with bohemian braids combines the best of both worlds, blending the classic allure of a sleek ponytail with the bohemian flair of beautifully intertwined braids

bohemian braids in a high ponytail

– Straight Hair with Bohemian Braids. If you don’t like tight spiral curls, you can opt for wavy ends with your boho braids.

boho braids with loose straight ends

– Burgundy Bohemian Braids. Dark maroon braids with curls and braid jewelry, what can be more stunning? A rhetorical question.

burgundy boho braids

– Long Bob Boho Braids. The long bob with boho braids epitomizes modern elegance. This is a versatile hairstyle that enables different styling options.

bob with boho braids

– Boho Braids, Curly Strands and Curly Ends. This combination of bohemian braids and soft waves is simply stunning!

standard black boho braids

– Boho Braids with Lighter Curls. Give your dark brunette bohemian braids an interesting twist, add light curly strands.

bohemian braids with blonde curls

– Hip-Length Boho Braids. Channel your inner bohemian goddess with long, flowing boho braids that cream style and glamour.

messy curly boho braids

– Neat Long Thin Bohemian Braids. Bohemian braids work great on all hair textures, from curly to straight, providing a versatile option for everyone. Moreover, you can choose the width of the braids and the level of their messiness.

classic black boho braids

– Simple Black Boho Braids. Such classic hairstyle is one of the trendiest and most universal ways to incorporate bohemian braids into your everyday routine, transforming your locks from mundane to magnificent.

black full gypsy braids

– Cornrow Bohemian Braids. There exist not only bohemian box braids, but also the cornrow boho braids as in this picture. We like this style very much, and you?

front cornrow bohemian braids

– 6 Thick Cornrow Boho Braids. Here almost all of the hair is braided in thick goddess braids, only the ends are left curly. Marvelous!

gypsy braids goddess cornrows

– Tiny Bohemian Braids. As we have already said, you can choose the width of your braids. This lady has chosen the mini bohemian braids, and then tied them up into a ponytail. So cute!

gypsy braids ponytail

– Bohemian Box Braids, Wavy Ends and Cuffs. Boho braids are very cool because of their versatility. You have a lot of plaiting (with wavy or curly ends, thick or thin braids, box braids or cornrows, etc.) and styling (updos, half ups, loose braids, etc.) options, as well as a wide range of jewelry for braids to your liking.

boho braids with several metallic cuffs and beads

– Bohemian Box Braids with Spiral Curls. Even the curly ends can be customized for you. Do you want tight curls or loose waves? You choose.

gypsy braids with loose curls

– Blonde Bohemian Braids with Dark Roots. Become blonde in several hours without any bleaching! You just need to find a braider who makes boho braids near you.

long blonde bohemian braids

– Brunette and Golden Brown Boho Plaits. Colored curly ends is one more cool idea how to make your braids more unique.

bohemian braids half up half down hairstyle

– Effortless-Looking Bohemian Bob. If you don’t like all that weight on your head that a lot of long braids cause, opt for short knotless bohemian braids.

messy gypsy braids long bob

– Caramel Blonde Boho Braids. What color to choose for braiding your hair? You can opt for the bright colors like the Barbie-pink, or ocean blue, or plum purple. Also, you can choose the easier way and choose the warm shade of blonde, like this old good caramel blonde shade.

dark blonde gypsy braids

– Puffy Curly Bohemian Braids. Neat or messy? What is your cup of tea? This girl has chosen a marvelous voluminous mane with knotless boho braids and puffy curls. A badass choice!

puffy blonde gypsy braids

– Stitch Bohemian Braids for Women. Cornrows with a trendy stitch-like partings plus curls are a cool mix for your everyday stylish looks.

gypsy braids close to the scalp

– Boho Braids with Highlights. These curly ‘highlights’ are high-contrast and we like it. The light curly strands are added on different levels and to the ends.

two-tone gypsy braids

– Blonde Curls with Boho Braids at Roots. Some hairstyles with boho braids mean braids and some curls at the ends or through the midshaft of the hair, others mean curls and some braids like we see in this picture.

gypsy braids blonde with curly ends

– Cornrowed Boho Braids with Beads. Here the braider plaited thin and thick cornrows, made several full-length braids with beads, and left the rest of the hair curly. Elevate this season’s hair game to a whole new level of chic!

bohemian braids with cornrows

– Six Bohemian Braids Hairstyle. You can create small, delicate braids or go for larger, statement-making ones. Here we see 6 bohemian braids and some curly strands. Perfect for thicker braids lovers.

big bohemian braids

Bohemian braids offer versatility, allowing individuals to express their creativity and personal style. They are often accompanied by other bohemian elements such as loose waves, natural makeup, and flowing, free-spirited clothing to complete the overall boho look. Want to know more about the latest hair trends? Don’t miss our new articles! Stay tuned!

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