35 Ideas of Jungle Braids Worth Trying in 2024

Meet a new trend – JUNGLE BRAIDS! Today we are talking about this new type of knotless braids that suddenly became very popular among women. Find out below how to make jungle braids and what colors to choose for your new hairstyle.

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How to Make Jungle Braids
Credit: @queenss_lounge

Classic Jungle Braids How-To
Credit: @instyle_by_clowie

Knotless jungle box braids are braids with small pulled-out parts of the hair. At the end of this article, you will find a link to the tutorial – a thorough guide on how to make jungle braids on yourself (yes, it is possible)! Now let’s see the examples. We tried to collect the most interesting and non-banal ideas, for all hair lengths, hair types, and colors. Hope this selection will give you the hairspiration you are looking for.

– Jungle Braids with a Slight Ombre Effect on the Tips. This style looks super trendy and non-banal.

Dark Brown to Light Brown Jungle Braids
Credit: @ebbybeauty_

– Long Bob Jungle Braids. Here you can compare a dark and a light braided hairstyle with jungle braids. Which one will you choose, brunette braids or blonde plaits?

Shoulder Length Jungle Braids
Credit: @mysticbeautyloungeke
Long Bob Jungle Braids
Credit: @mysticbeautyloungeke

– Cool Green Jungle Braids. Colorful jungle braids will really make a statement. They are bold and beautiful. What else do you need for a warmer season?

Green Jungle Braids
Credit: @iamseantaemarie

– Dark Jungle Braids. Classic but with a trendy vibe. A good idea for your next hairstyle, isn’t it?

Long Dark Knotless Jungle Braids
Credit: @maiyas_salon_and_spa

– Short Blue Bob with Jungle Braids. This hairstyle is created for women who like to attract attention.

Bright Blue Jungle Braids
Credit: @gabbebraids

– Short Bob with Thick Jungle Braids. One more bob hairstyle, but in a more classic black hair color now. Moreover, it is enriched with hair jewelry.

Neck-Length Bob Jungle Braids
Credit: @ateliemedusaoficial

– Blonde Jungle Braids. Braided hairstyles are great for those times when you want to radically change your image but don’t want to dye your hair. You can become blonde having dark locks, and become a brunette with your light hair with the help of trendy braiding techniques.

Blonde Bob with Jungle Braids
Credit: @atelietitilayo

– Pink Jungle Braids. Bobs are a sure-fire option for all women, you just need to find your own bob style that will suit your features and personality. This pink masterpiece deserves our attention.

Rose Pink Bob with Jungle Braids
Credit: @bellezastudio_ke

– Yellow Jungle Braids. Yellow braids are rarer than other colored plaits, but they deserve your likes too. Don’t they look as attractive as blue or pink? Comment below!

Black and Yellow Jungle Braids
Credit: @addition_b_emmy

– Jungle Braids with Undercut Sides. Wow, this is something new and creative. Shaved designs are a trend, and jungle braids are a popular solution for women’s hair before summer. When combined, these trends create a killer look.

Long Blonde Jungle Braids and Undercut Sides
Credit: @braidsweet

– Knotless Jungle Box Braids. They are very neat and feminine.

Dark Brown Jungle Braids
Credit: @defavoredbeautycare

– Red Jungle Braids. What about red braided hairstyles? Are you bold enough to wear braids in ginger, auburn, burgundy, maroon or fire-red colors? Worthy!

Red Jungle Braids
Credit: @getingnaturals_briht

– Auburn Red Knotless Braids. Jungle braids are not so hard to do and to maintain. So, if you are still afraid of trying them, fear not.

Burgundy Jungle Braids
Credit: @stylesbynayomi

– Jungle Braids in a Bun. Yes, wearing jungle braids in a bun is the cutest thing we have seen lately!

Chocolate Brown Jungle Braids
Credit: @godsgiftcoiffure

– Blonde Jungle Braids with Pops of Color. Add some colorful accents to your braided hairstyle to become a queen of epatage.

Multicolor Jungle Braids
Credit: @mysterytouch_studios

– Jungle Plaits in Several Colors. Try to combine several colors in your braided hairstyle to make it more intriguing and fun.

Mixed Colors Jungle Braids
Credit: @doll__face509

– Bright Blue Jungle Braids. Shine bright like a diamond, what we can say more…

Denim and Indigo Blue Jungle Braids
Credit: @jdivastyles

– Knotless Gray Jungle Braids. What if you make GRAY braids instead of colorful plaits? You will be even more trendy! The gray hair trend becomes louder, and it is really inspiring!

Black and Gray Jungle Braids
Credit: @maiyas_salon_and_spa

– Beautiful Ombre on Jungle Braids. The transition between colors can be noticeable and contrasting, or the slightest and almost invisible. You choose.

Ombre Jungle Braids
Credit: @mysticbeautyloungeke

– Jungle Braids Updo. These two photos show how differently braids look in a simple hairstyle and in an updo with two space buns, but how equally gorgeous they are!

Dark Black Jungle Braids with Colorful Tips
Credit: @thekrownebeautyway
Two Space Buns with Jungle Braids
Credit: @thekrownebeautyway

– Lilac Jungle Braids. Braids in shades of purple are for ladies who like to run the world. The most popular hair colors among violet ones are the lilac hair color, magenta, plum color, mauve, eggplant, wine, grape and lavender. What is your fav purple hair color?

Violet Purple Jungle Braids
Credit: @stylesbyennyblac

– Very Long Jungle Braided Hairstyle. Simple and classy, it will keep your mood on the right level!

Extra Long Jungle Braids with Natural Hair
Credit: @shollykay_hair

– Huge Braided Buns. Top buns are a very popular choice among women with braids of different thickness and techniques. Sure, with such a wide variety of bun types, this hairstyle becomes a great canvas for your hair experiments! Jungle braids look super-cool in high buns!

Voluminous Top Bun with Jungle Braids
Credit: @shollykay_hair

– Jungle Braids for Young Ladies. Did we mention that jungle braids are OK for all ages? You may recreate them if you are a teenage girl, or if you are a woman over 50. These braids are universal.

Jungle Braids with a Big Top Bun
Credit: @rn_braidstz

– Thick blonde knotless braids. These are messier and more looking as butterfly braids. A hot trend rn too!

Long Blonde Jungle Braids
Credit: @raquelhightower

– Wheat Blonde Braids. There are dozens of blonde hair shades. The most beloved are the following: honey blonde, wheat blonde, dirty blonde, strawberry blonde, bleached blonde, caramel blonde and platinum blonde shades. Choose your shade of blonde and book a braiding pro. Want to make jungle braids yourself? No problem, scroll to the tutorial!

Long Blonde Jungle Braids
Credit: @trimbeautyparlour

– Very Thin Jungle Braids. These small thin jungle braids look cute and flirty!

Very Thin Neat Small Jungle Braids
Credit: @tshanimarithe

– Brown Braids with Blonde Tips. These single braids are like a frame for a cute braided hairstyle.

Brown to Blonde Jungle Braids
Credit: @jo_implantista

– Black and Red Bob with Jungle Braids. Braided bobs are truly a unique category of hairstyles. The hair is shorter, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t afford really cool styles on it. Stylists love to work with short hair, as it can show their top skills. Everybody can work with long tresses, and not all hairstylists will know how to style short braids!

Black and Red Bob Jungle Braids Knotless
Credit: @kitab4anaftatouch

– Eggplant Jungle Braids. Purple-red hair colors are among the top choices for braids, as salon owners say. So, you are not alone in your desire to opt for such statement-making hair colors! Go for it and enjoy!

Knotless Dark Maroon Jungle Braids
Credit: @kweeninhair

– Dirty Blonde Braids. These braids look stylish with darker roots, stat.

Dirty Blonde Jungle Braids
Credit: @instyle_254

– Yellow and Orange Braids. Add bright colors to your boring brown hair shade and you will notice the boost of your confidence instantly!

Brown to Yellow Jungle Braids
Credit: @honeybun_hair

– Medium Size Jungle Braids. A beautiful red braided hairstyle will look marvelous with your black turtlenecks.

Long Dark Red Jungle Braids
Credit: @hairbyilove_miiboys

As promised, a GUIDE how to braid knotless jungle braids. One more good tutorial is HERE, click and try.


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