80 Cherry Hair Colors: Ideas of Cherry Red, Cherry Coke, Black Cherry Hair Shades

Step into the vibrant world of cherry hair colors, where shades like black cherry and cherry cola bring a burst of sultry sophistication to your locks. Embracing the rich, deep hues reminiscent of ripe cherries, these trending hair colors promise to infuse your style with a touch of bold allure and a hint of sweet indulgence.

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What Are Cherry Hair Colors?

Cherry hair colors encompass a variety of shades inspired by the deep and rich tones of cherries. Some popular options include black cherry, which features deep red and dark brown undertones, and cherry cola, which blends dark brown with hints of deep red. Additionally, there are variations like cherry red, cherry brown, and even burgundy hues, offering a diverse range of choices for those looking to embrace the bold and luscious essence of cherry-inspired hair colors.

What Cherry Hair Colors Are Trendy in 2024

Let’s check out the trendiest ideas:

– Long cherry cola hairstyle. Cherry hair color adds a touch of bold sophistication to any style – sounds very banal, but it is very true as well.

Cherry Hair

– Long wavy chocolate cherry hair. Cherry hair colors can complement various skin tones. That is why you will definitely find your perfect cherry hair tone this season.

Cherry Hair

– Straight cherry cola hair with a touch of burgundy . Add a sense of drama and intensity to your locks with this color.

Cherry Hair Color

– Beautiful brown cherry hair. Here we see a deep and luxurious take on cherry hues. Brownish mahogany cherry shade is a top choice for 2024!

Cherry Hair Color

– Black to cherry hair ombre. If you are a dark brunette and want some cherry tones in your hair, opt for this herry-inspired ombre. It will create a beautiful seamless gradient of captivating colors.

Black Cherry Hair

– Purplish cherry red hair color. This is a timeless choice for your modern look.

Cherry Hair Color

– Cherry red hair with highlights and lowlights. If you want to add a bit of mystery and depth to your locks, here is an option for you to opt for.

Cherry Cola Hair

– Mahogany-red cherry hair shade. Cherry hues can be customized to suit both warm and cool undertones. Choose cooler tones for your cooler skin or opt for warmer shades if you have a warm skin tone.

Black Cherry Hair

– Brown-red cherry hair. Cherry hair colors are versatile, ranging from subdued to vibrant. This one is almost brown, but still with a red-cherry undertone.

Cherry Coke Hair

– Dark cherry hair with black roots. Cherry brown hair strikes the perfect balance between subtle and striking.

Cherry Hair

– Deep wine-red cherry hair. The richness of cherry cola hair brings warmth to the look. Want the same effect? Here is an example for you to copy.

Cherry Hair

– Light cherry hair color. Lighter cherry hair tints provide a fresh and lively appearance.

Cherry Hair Color

– Berry-red hair color with cherry finish. Want to stand out? Burgundy cherry shades are always a bold statement.

Cherry Hair Color

– Light cherry hair color. Lighter hair tints always provide a fresh and lively appearance. This works with the light cherry hair color too.

Light Cherry Hair

– Black cherry hair color with burgundy highlights. Deep brown brunette tones with hints of red in highlights guarantee a dynamic result.

Black Cherry Hair

– Cherry red before-after photos. Bright cherry tones are a unique twist to traditional reds. Try one of them if you need something fresh and non-banal this season.

Cherry Hair Color

– Black-red hair color with cherry undertones. Such a deep dark brunette option is a cool way to embrace the 2024’s cherry hair trend.

Black Cherry Hair

– Bright cherry red hair with black ‘shadow’ roots. Dark roots transitioning to lighter cherry red ends create a stunning effect. Need something similar? Save this picture and call your haircolorist.

Cherry Coke Hair

– Blonde to cherry red transition pictures. Change your summer blonde to the fall-winter cherry red hair color and have fun during the whole season (and maybe even more than one season).

Cherry Hair

– Chocolate cherry coke hair. Dark cherry undertones on chocolate brown hair create an intriguing and mysterious vibe.

Cherry Hair

– Bright cherry burgundy hair. Cherry hair colors are a very rich color palette. From the darkest, to the brightest ones as in this picture, you will definitely have what to choose from.

Cherry Hair Color

– Red wood cherry hair. What an eye-catching look! This red-brown cherry color is a rich alternative to traditional brown hues.

Cherry Hair Color

– Wine to bright cherry hair color. Bright pink-cherry balayage on longer dark wine-colored hair adds a touch of playfulness.

Cherry Hair Color

– Mahogany cherry hair color idea. Need to bring depth and intensity to your mane? Mahogany cherry hair color will do the trick.

Cherry Coke Hair

– Sleek-straight plum-cherry hair with bangs. Deep cherry plum shades on hair offer a vibrant and attention-grabbing contrast that suits a variety of skin tones and eye colors.

Cherry Coke Hair

– Bright maroon-cherry hair. If you want to create a feminine and romantic look like this one, choose the boldest and brightest versions of cherry hair shades.

Cherry Hair Color

– Red cherry hair tone. Such bright shades will add a touch of intensity to your image. This is an option for the boldest ladies.

Bright Cherry Hair Color

– Aubergine-tinted cherry hair color. This is a shade that often receives compliments and attention, making it a great choice for those who enjoy being noticed.

Aubergine Cherry Hair

– Mid-back length cherry hair with darker roots. Some of the cherry hair hues include so many undertones, that you will get a completely different hair shade depending on the sunlight and angle. It can look reddish, more violet or deep mulled-wine toned.

Mulled Wine Cherry Hair Color
@biahdamascena, @hbr.cosalon

– Cherry red and blonde hair. Mixing cherry red and blonde creates a striking and vibrant contrast. Opt for money pieces framing the face or for one skunk stripe.

Cherry Hair Color

– Straight cherry cola hair. Cherry hair color can be easily integrated into ombre and balayage styles, creating a seamless and natural-looking transition. However, it looks perfect in single-color hairstyles as well.

One Color Cherry Coke Hair

– Butterfly cut in a dark cherry hair color. Pair a trendy 2024’s cherry hair color and a top-trending butterfly cut, and you will get a bomb combo for this year.

Cherry Coke Hair Butterfly Haircut

– Cherry cola Hollywood hair waves. Big voluminous waves in a trendy hair color – are all we need for the perfect mood and a boost of confidence.

Black Cherry Hair with Big Waves

– Black cherry lob haircut. The richness of a cherry color can make your hair look healthier and more lustrous. Use this trick if your hair lacks volume.

Cherry Coke Hair Lob Haircut

– Cherry cola hair with feathered ends. The long length, the rich color, the hair shine – everything screams perfect here. Worth saving for sure!

Long Shiny Cherry Hair

– Dark cherry hair color for African-American women. Does cherry hair color look good on women with dark skin color? Just look t this picture and you will see the answer. A stunning result!

Cherry Hair Color for Black Women

– Cherry plum shade for hair. It’s a color that easily transitions from day to night, allowing you to express your style no matter the occasion. Just add waves in the evening and you are ready to impress.

Cherry Hair Color

– Super-glossy deep cherry hair. A red-carpet-ready look! Cherry hair can be easily adapted for both professional and casual settings, depending on how bold or subtle you choose to go.

Long Glossy Cherry Hair Color

– Chocolate cherry hair color long length. This shade will look at its best during fall! Save it for later, or you can regret.

Warm Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

– Cherry-colored short bob with bangs. What a cute haircut and hair color! What’s more, it is universally flattering for all women. You can save it for your daughter’s transformation, or show your grandma for consideration before her next visit to the salon.

Youthful Cherry Hair Color Bob with Bangs

– Brown-cherry hair color on long locks. The maintenance of such colors is relatively manageable. However, you will need some good color-safe products and regular touch-ups. They will ensure the vibrancy of your cherry hair.

Long Brown Cherry Hair Color

– Chocolate cherry to bright cherry hair color ombre. Does medium length looks good in cherry hair shades? Yea, yeas, and yeas! This hue works well with various hairstyles, from sleek and shaggy bobs to long, flowing locks, providing ample room for personal expression.

Cherry Hair Ombre Medium Length

– Center-parted cherry locks with long face-framing bangs. One of the great things about cherry hair is that it can be customized to suit different intensities, from subtle hints to full-on cherry bomb. The tone on the picture is simply stunning!

Center-Parted Cherry Hair

– Shadow roots and auburn-cherry hair midshafts. Cherry hair color often has a multidimensional quality, with undertones that shimmer in different lighting conditions. This color job will look fiery in the sun!

Cherry Hair Color and Root Smudge

– Lived-in bright cherry hair color. Red is often associated with passion and energy. Choosing cherry hair color can be a subconscious expression of one’s vibrant and lively personality.

Cherry Hair Color

– Curly cherry hair with blonde underneath. In some cultures, red is associated with luck, fortune, and positive energy. Cherry hair color, with its red tones, may be chosen to embrace these positive cultural symbols.

Long Curly Cherry Hair with Blonde Underlayer Color

– Warm chocolate cherry hair shade. Cherry hair color has become a staple on fashion runways, captivating audiences with its bold statement and high-fashion appeal. Wanna be always runway-ready? Choose one of the cherry hair shades.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

– Ruby-wine cherry hair tone. Are you a fashionista who needs a versatile style that keeps up with your dynamic lifestyle? Cherry hair colors will suit your personality very well!

Ruby Wine Cherry Hair Color

– Red cherry brown hair waves. Social media influencers are championing cherry hair color, turning it into a must-try trend. No wonder why. A new era of vibrant beauty came. If you want a stunning eye-catching hair color, opt for it because you are living your best life rn!

Red Cherry Brown Hair Color

– Dark cherry hair with dimensional lighter strands. Cherry hair color trend is not confined to the catwalk only but is making waves on the sidewalks too. Yes, you will need a lot of upkeep, regular visits to the salon and color-saving products, but the result is worth it.

Cherry Hair Color with Light Strands

– Bright cherry hair with soft waves and shadowed roots. How to care for your new cherry hair color? First advice is to avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after the color treatment. The color will set and it will help to prevent quick fading.

how to maintain cherry hair color

– Glam chocolate locks with cherry red midshafts and ends. Invest in sulfate-free and color-safe shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair. For what? These products will help preserve the vibrancy of your new beautiful cherry hue.

How to Care for Cherry Hair Color

– Poison Ivy Cherry Red Hair. Wash your hair with much colder water than you do usually to maintain the color. Hot water can strip away the color and natural oils from your hair, and you will need to visit the salon more often.

Poison Ivy Cherry Red Hair Color Idea

– Flirty maroon cherry hair color. If you choose such vibrant hair colors, try to minimize the frequency of hair washing to prevent color loss. You will ask how to keep your hair fresh, right? Consider using dry shampoo between washes.

Cherry Red Hair Color Maintenance

– Auburn hair with slightly cherry-red undertone. What more can lead to quick color fade? Dryness and lack of moisture. Incorporate deep conditioning treatments into your routine to help your locks with these problems.

Cherry Red Hair Conditioning Treatments

– Copperish cherry hair. Sun exposure can also fade your new cherry hair color. If you’re going to be in the sun for an extended period, you need to consider wearing a hat. Or you can use a UV-protectant spray for your locks.

Copper-Tinted Cherry Red Hair

– Blonde to cherry red hair color transition. Use heat styling tools sparingly if you want to visit your hair colorist not so often. When you use them, apply a heat protectant spray. Excessive heat can cause the color to fade more quickly.

Cherry Hair Color Transition from Blonde

– Dark hair with burgundy cherry highlights. Healthy hair holds color better, so you will definitely need to maintain your hair health. Schedule regular trims to get rid of split. Your colored hair will instantly look much better.

Cherry Cola Hair Haircuts

– Burgundy to maroon cherry color transition. Definitely avoid chlorine with such bright hair colors. Chlorine in swimming pools can be harsh on colored hair. If you swim, wear a swim cap. Other possible way to save tour hair color from chlorine is to wet your locks and apply a leave-in conditioner to create a good protective barrier.

Cherry Red Hair Color Treatments

– Deep plum-cherry long locks. Consider color-refreshing treatments (color-depositing conditioners or gloss treatments) between salon visits. They will keep the intensity of your cherry hair color.

Plum Cherry Cola Hair Dye

– Chocolate cherry flowing locks. Avoid harsh ingredients in your styling products. They can contain alcohol or harsh chemicals. These ingredients can contribute not only to dryness, but also to color fading.

Flowing Wavy Chocolate Cherry Cola Hair

– Brown and dark cherry red hair color combo. Consult with your stylist for touch-ups and advice on maintaining the vibrancy of your new hair color. They can provide personalized tips based on your hair type, hair condition and lifestyle.

Brownish Cherry Hair Color

– Dark brunette cherry locks. One more idea for your perfect hair color: gentle towel drying. Instead of vigorously rubbing your locks, pat your hair dry gently with a soft towel. Intense rubbing can cause friction and potentially lead to color loss.

Cherry Cola Hair Upkeep

– Casual cherry red hair. Prolong the life of your cherry hair color by investing in a good color services, don’t look for the cheapest offers. You wear your hair everyday as a crown. The more skillful the color master is, the better color and easier maintenance you will get.

Cherry Cola Hair for Everyday Wear

– Cute cherry hair color with lighter strands. How to choose your shade of cherry hair? Choosing the perfect cherry hair color involves considering your skin tone, eye color, personal style, and maintenance preferences. Of course, it is better to consult a good hair colorist. However, you may also use different hair color changer programs.

What Cherry Hair Color to Choose

– Long thick cherry red hair. Before buying any random cherry hair dye, identify whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones in your skin. Cherry hair colors with warmer undertones (i.e. reds with hints of orange or gold) may suit women with warm undertones, while cooler cherry tones (i.e. reds with hints of violet or blue) can complement cool undertones.

Long Thick Cherry Cola Hair

– Cherry hair ‘from-drab-to-fab’ transformation. If your hair lacks volume or length, don’t hesitate to use the extensions. Add right treatments, and your locks will thank you.

Cherry Hair Color with Extensions

– Dark grunge cherry hair with brunette roots. Remember, that fair skin may be enhanced by lighter cherry reds, while darker or olive skin tones may be complemented by deeper, richer cherry hues. However, experiments are more than welcomed.

Deep Dark Brunette Cherry Hair Color

– Short shoulder-length cherry locks. Also, decide on the intensity of the cherry color you desire. Do you want a subtle hint of cherry as highlights? Or, maybe, you ready for a bold, all-over cherry bomb? The intensity must be adjusted based on your comfort level, style preferences and lifestyle.

Shoulder-Length Cherry Cola Hair

– Pale red hair to intense cherry red hair color transformation. Do you love bold and vibrant outfits? A more intense cherry color might be a perfect match for you then. Do you prefer a more neutral wardrobe? A subtler cherry shade may be a better fit. But actually there are no strict rules here.

Intense Cherry Hair Color Shade

– Shorter eggplant-cherry hair color. Are you unsure about committing to a permanent cherry hair color? Consider trying a temporary or semi-permanent dye! You will test the color and see how it complements your look before making a long-term commitment.

Dark Eggplant Cherry Hair

– Sangria cherry hair color. Consider your lifestyle and how a vibrant cherry color may fit into it before choosing a hair color. Does your profession allow for bold hair colors? You might have more flexibility. If not, opt for a more subtle variation. Or change the profession 🙂 You choose.

Sangria Dark Cherry Hair

– Mulberry cherry locks. Trust your instincts and choose a cherry hair color that resonates with you and excites you. Hair color is a form of self-expression, right? Go for the shade that makes you feel confident and fabulous.

Dark Mulberry Cherry Hair

– Short red velvet cherry hair color. Cherry hair color will be a fun and transformative experience. Enjoy the process of choosing your cherry hue for your shorter locks. Red wavy bob with dark roots looks marvelous!

Dark Red Velvet Cherry Hair

– Merlot cherry hair color. Ask your colorist about the process of achieving and maintaining the new hair color. They will explain the steps involved, the expected outcome, and the aftercare recommendations.

Dark Merlot Chocolate Cherry Hair

– Chestnut-cherry hair color. If you’re uncertain about the final result of the desired color, ask for a strand test. It will allow you to see a small sample of the color before committing to the full treatment.

Chestnut-Cherry Red Hair

– Purple-cherry hair. What clothes to wear with your new hair color? Start with neutral base tones. It can be black, white, or beige. These colors provide a clean canvas that will allow your cherry hair to stand out.

Purple-Cherry Hair Color

– Cherry bob haircut. The cherry bob haircut is a stylish and contemporary take on the classic bob. Bob cuts are a great canvas for dynamic color play.

Cherry Red Hair Bob Cut

– Light burnt mahogany cherry hair. Medium hair suits various face shapes and lifestyles. The vibrant cherry color, in its turn, adds a bold and eye-catching dimension to the hairstyle if it lacks volume an thickness.

Burnt Mahogany Cherry Red Hair
@lookshouston, @emmabrookshair

– Magenta-tinted cherry hair. This magenta hair is striking! Magenta comes in various tones, ranging from deep and sultry burgundy-magenta to bright and electric fuchsia. As we see, it can be with the cherry undertone too.

Magenta Cherry Red Hair

– Rosewood cherry hair. Rosewood hair is a hair color that blends rich brown and subtle rose undertones. Here we see a mix of cherry, rosy and brownish shades.

Rosewood Cherry Hair

– Raisin-cherry hair color. This hue typically combines deep brown/black undertones with hints of burgundy/red. If you mix it with the cherry tone, the result is a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern allure.

Raisin Cherry Cola Hair

– Curly cherry hair. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, cherry hues can be adapted to complement various hair textures. The color can enhance the natural movement and dimension of different hair types.

Dark Cherry Curly Hair
@scaleup_salon, @scaleup.academy

– Vague grape-cherry long hair. Combine the deep and rich hues of cherries and grapes in one hairstyle and the result will be as stunning as the hairstyle in this picture. Love experimenting with unconventional colors? Here is the ultimate choice for you.

Grape-Cherry Cola Hair

– Dark mauve cherry hair. How to ask your hair colorist for a cherry hair hue? Clearly express how intense you want the cherry color to be. If you’re open to a more subtle look, mention that. If you’re ready for a head-turning, bold color, make that clear as well.

Dark Mauve Cherry Hair

In the kaleidoscope of hair color trends, cherry shades stand out as a captivating choice that seamlessly marries depth and vibrancy. From the mysterious allure of black cherry to the warm, effervescent tones of cherry cola, these hues not only offer a nod to nature’s sweetness but also promise a lasting, stylish impression for those ready to embrace the richness of cherry-inspired hair colors. We hope you found your next hair color n this article. Feel free to save the photos you liked. Also, read more articles about hair colors here.

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