40 Marvelous Skunk Stripe Hairstyles and Skunk Stripe Braids

The skunk stripe hair became trendy several years ago and is still in. It exists in two forms, as a colored strand/strands of hair, or as the skunk stripe braids. Read more and check out the pictures below.

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What is the ‘skunk stripe hair color’? Simply saying, it is a well-defined stripe of hair (one or several) that in dyed another color. Most often it is placed in the front, however, we see a lot of the underlayer skunk stripes on Instagram too. The most popular color of these stripes is blonde, combined with the brown or black base hair color. Also, there are a lot of pink, blue and green skunk stripes, as well a the ‘reverse’ skunk stripes, i.e. brown chunky strands in blonde locks.

40 Skunk Stripe Hair Ideas for 2024

So, what skunk stripe hair color will you choose, something lighter, darker or in an unnatural shade? There are a plenty of variations, check out:

– Black Hair with a Platinum Skunk Stripe. Why the ‘skunk stripe hair’ trend got its name is quite obvious. The bleached or colored strand resembles the distinctive stripe pattern of a skunk. The result is striking and edgy.

jet black hair with a skunk stripe

– Plum Purple Hair with a Pink Skunk Stripe. The unique and eye-catching skunk stripe can add a touch of elegance and individuality to one’s overall hairstyle. Especially if the palette is pink and purple.

purple hair with pink skunk stripe extensions

– White Blonde Skunk Stripe in Dark Hair. The skunk stripe hair trend has gained popularity among fashion-forward individuals seeking a bold and unconventional look. Are you in search of something similar? Then give this trend a try!

trendy skunk stripe hair tik tok

– Brown and Blonde Skunk Hairstyle. The blonde and brown hairstyle with high-contrast skunk stripes showcases a striking blend of light and dark tones. You get a dynamic and visually captivating look that is sure to turn heads!

high-contrast blonde and brown skunk stripe hair

– Long Straight Black Hair with a Skunk Stripe. Want long skunk stripe locks but don’t have enough length for your dream hairstyle? Not a problem anymore! You can ask for extensions or a skunk stripe wig. Marvelous, isn’t it?

long skunk stripe hair wig

– Wavy Lob with a Front Skunk Stripe. ‘Be bold and be different,’ the author of this hairstyle advises. She is right, such a hairstyle will add a touch of uniqueness to your hairstyle. You will get a stunning and attention-grabbing look, that is glamorous and edgy.

short skunk striped hair

– Butterfly Braids with a Skunk Stripe. We already know a bit about butterfly braids, but what if you want to make them even more attention-grabbing? Add several blonde braids and shine!

skunk stripe hair braids and locs butterfly styles

– Curly Hair with Skunk Stripes. Can spiral curls and skunk stripes be mixed in one hairstyle? Sure, baby, sure. Take this picture as an example to your hairstylist.

skunk stripe hair for natural tresses

– Wolf Cut with a Skunk Stripe. You must have heard about the wolf cuts. A short dark-colored wolf cut with a blonde skunk stripe is the ‘next level’.

skunk stripe hair wolf cut

– High-Contrast Hairstyle with a Thick Front Skunk Stripe. The long brown hairstyle with a chunky blonde strand in the front and blonde underlayer exudes a very chic vibe. The one contrasting blonde strand is placed strategically in the front to add a pop of color and a bit of dimension.

white blonde skunk stripe hair

– Pixie with a Skunk Stripe. A skunk stripe, whether it is in a vibrant color or blonde, or a shade of gray, adds a striking focal point to the sleek and chic pixie cut, making it a daring and attention-grabbing hairstyle choice.

pixie cut skunk stripe hair

– Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Skunk Stripes. Embrace contrast and style with this long feminine brunette and blonde hairstyle. The rich brunette tone serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase the boldness of the blonde streaks.

brown and blonde skunk stripe hair

– Bob with Several Skunk Stripes. One standout style that has gained popularity is the combination of bob hairstyles with highlights. However, today’s trends are not strict, they always leave some room for creativity and individuality. Add only several skunk stripe highlights to your black bob.

skunk stripe hair for bob haircut

– Short Natural Hair with a Skunk Stripe. This girl wears her undercut Mohawk with a curly blonde skunk stripe, and the whole style looks marvelous!

short black women skunk stripe hair

– Long Skunk Stripe Hairstyle for Black Women. The long hairstyle in this picture features cascading ebony waves that beautifully frame the face, with a subtle and stylish thin blonde skunk stripe seamlessly woven into the dark tresses. A very bold contrast that adds individuality to the look.

skunk stripe hair for black girls

– Skunk Stripe Underlayer Hair. The shaggy wolf cut’s tousled layers excude a cool, effortless vibe, while a playful peek-a-boo skunk stripe, in a contrasting shade, adds an edgy twist to the hairstyle. Eye-catching, dynamic and very beautiful look!

shaggy wolf cut skunk stripe hair

– Brown Skunk Stripe Hair. In this trendy “reverse skunk stripe” style, a radiant blonde mane is elevated with a chic brown skunk stripe artfully placed to create a cool contrast.

brown skunk stripe on blonde hair

– Red Skunk Stripe Hair. A lot of women have already tried the ‘colored bangs trend‘. Here we see the ‘next level’ red-colored skunk stripe bangs.

red skunk stripe on black hair

– Skunk Stripe Hair in the Back. If the skunk stripe trend is too bold for you, don’t be upset. We have a hidden skunk stripe option for you. Gather your hair in a bun and let others see the blonde underlayer at the nape. Let the hair loose and hide the skunk-style underlayer color when you need to.

skunk stripe hair in the back at the nape

– Bob with a Skunk Stripe. This round-shaped bob cut is given a bold and modern twist with a striking skunk stripe running through the hair. Extra edginess for your style is guaranteed!

bobbed skunk stripe hair

– Raven Black Hair with a Blonde Skunk Stripe. The medium black hair here is transformed into a trendy Cruella-like masterpiece with the addition of curtain bangs that elegantly frame the face, while a chic beige blonde skunk stripe effortlessly weaves through the dark locks, creating a stunning contrast.

raven black skunk stripe hair

– Red Hair with a Blonde Skunk Stripe. The bright red bob haircut commands attention with its vibrant hue, complemented by eyebrow-grazing bangs that enhance the model’s facial features. A daring blonde skunk stripe runs through the red tresses, creating a striking visual impact and giving a unique twist to the hairstyle.

red bob cut with a blonde skunk stripe

– Purple and Blue Skunk Stripe Bangs. The short jagged black hairstyle exudes a rebellious and edgy vibe. Its layers are sharp and textured, which adds dimension and movement to the style. Taking it a step further, a daring blue and purple skunk stripe creates a mesmerizing burst of color.

purple and blue skunk stripe hair

– Split Dye Skunk Hair. This long hairstyle features a captivating blend of the light brown ‘skunk stripe’ half and the dark brunette part. It cannot be called natural-looking, but it is really stunning. The Cruella hair trend, but not so contrasting.

split hair dye skunk stripe hair

– IT-Girls’ Skunk Stripe Hairstyle. The long brown hairstyle here boasts a captivating contrast with a section of the front hair bleached to a striking, light shade.

blonde front skunk stripe hair

– A Chunky Skunk Stripe. The long chocolate brown hairstyle emanates richness and warmth, while a cool-toned blonde skunk stripe adds a touch of contrasting color that elevates the overall aesthetic.

brunette hair with blonde skunk stripe strands

– Face-Framing Skunk Stripes with Shoulder-Length Cut. The blonde skunk stripe bangs always add a trendy twist and a striking contrast against the base color. The blonde underlayer peeks out, creating a subtle captivating dimension.

skunk stripe hair brunette and blonde

– Dark Skunk Stripes in Hair. The light hairstyle with dark skunk stripes looks quite intriguing, agree? A fusion of light and dark elements in a hairstyle always create a bold and edgy statement.

light and dark skunk stripe hair

– Braided Skunk Stripe. Intricate braids adorned by cascading curls result in a beautifully textured and romantic look. Several blonde skunk stripe braids seamlessly woven into the style create eye-catching accents.

skunk stripe hair braids with curls

– Dark Hair and Silver Skunk Stripe. The bra-strap length black hair exudes a sleek and classic charm, while a thick silver skunk stripe boldly runs through the dark tresses, creating a striking contrast that demands attention.

black and blonde skunk stripe hair

– Blue Skunk Stripe. The plum-burgundy hairstyle radiates with a rich and deep hue. To add a daring twist. The vibrant blue skunk stripes in the front are a daring twist injecting a playful pop of color.

burgundy and blue skunk stripe hair

– Rainbow Skunk Stripe. The hairstyle showcases a bold fusion of colors, with one side featuring sleek black locks while the other side shines in a stunning silver hue. A vibrant rainbow-colored skunk stripe creates a captivating and playful contrast against the monochromatic tones.

rainbow skunk stripe hair

– Yellow Skunk Stripe in Black Hair. The bold yellow hue of the skunk stripe is echoed in the model’s yellow lips, creating a harmonious and attention-grabbing color coordination.

yellow skunk stripe hair

– Colorful Skunk Stripes Hairstyle. Have we already said that skunk stripes can be not only blonde or brown? Here we see one more step further: several strands are colored in different bright colors. Why choose just one color if you can’t decide on just one? Pink, blue and lime green mix together perfectly.

colorful skunk stripes in hair

– Red and Blonde Skunk Stripe Hairstyle. In this hairstyle the skunk stripe can also be hidden. Change the hair parting and get different hairstyles.

red hair with a blonde skunk stripe

– Checkered Skunk Stripe Highlights. Here thick sections of contrasting brown and blonde colors create a striking checkered pattern. For very bold girls only.

checkered skunk stripe hair

– Pink Skunk Stripes. Here we see a shoulder-length strawberry blonde haircut with vibrant pink skunk stripe bangs. If you choose pastel or bright hair colors, remember to provide a good care for your hair. A lot of moisturizing and nourishing will be needed.

pink skunk stripes in hair

– Dark Skunk Stripe with White Blonde Hair. This blonde shaggy wolf haircut has a carefree and modern vibe, featuring layers that create movement and texture. A brown skunk stripe runs through the blonde tresses, while underneath near the neck, a touch of brown color adds visual interest.

blonde hair with brown skunk stripes

– Skunk Stripe Box Braids. The dark box braids hairstyle showcases intricate detailing, with discreetly incorporated blonde skunk stripe braids.

hidden skunk stripe box braids

– Double Skunk Stripe with Brunette Hair. This long wavy mocha brown hairstyle with flowing waves effortlessly charm. The blonde skunk stripe highlights on one side of the hair create a dynamic interplay.

light skunk stripe on brown hair

Have you found your next hairstyle here? Will you try this ‘skunk stripe in hair’ trend? Share your thoughts in the comments below the post.

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