70 Ideas of Money Piece Highlights for Your Inspiration

Money pieces are face-framing strands that can be highlights (of lighter color) or lowlights (darker than the base hair color). In this article, you will find all possible combinations created by top hairstylists from Instagram. Read on and choose what suits you best!

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1. Beach Blonde Front Highlights with Darker Roots.

Beachy Money Pieces Bronde Hair
Credit: @linsonhair

2. Blonde to Brunette with Face-Framing Strands.

Blonde to Brown Hair with Money Pieces Around Face
Credit: @annabiancahair

3. Warm Caramel Blonde Highlights.

Caramel Highlights Money Pieces
Credit: @mane_ivy

4. Bob with Money Pieces.

Pink and Blue Medium Hairstyle with Highlights Around the Face
Credit: @aerielengland

5. Black and Orange Money Pieces with Blonde Hair.

Tiger Front Money Pieces Orange
Credit: @alec_cynova

6. Orange Hair Style with Front Yellow Strands.

Orange Hair with Tellow Face Framing Money Pieces
Credit: @alec_cynova

7. Brown Long Bob with Blonde Streaks in the Front.

Brown Hair Long Bob with Blonde Money Pieces
Credit: @alexusestellehair

8. Money Piece Balayage Highlights in Fall Hair Shades.

Fall Money Pieces in Hair
Credit: @annabiancahair

9. Money Pieces for Older Women.

Money Piece Highlights for Women Over 60
Credit: @juliagracesalon

10. Rose Gold Money Pieces.

CEaj6tQH2bY Rose Gold Money Piece Balayage
Credit: @kaansayar1

11. Bronde Hairstyle with Face-Framing Money Piece Strands.

Brown hair with Blonde Money Piece Hair Highlights
Credit: @maggiemh

12. Black Hair with Front Highlights.

Dark Brown Hair with Money Highlights in the Front
Credit: @bloomsalon83

13. Plum Purple Hairstyle with Money Piece Highlights.

Maroon Burgundy Hair with Money Pieces
Credit: @_illian_

14. Chin-Length Black Bob with Blonde Money Pieces.

Very Short Bob Hair with Money Pieces White Blonde
Credit: @ashallredhairmagic

15. Dark Blonde Hair with Green Front Strands.

Blue Green Money Pieces in hair
Credit: @lexcolorshair

16. Messy Bob with Light Streaks in the Front.

Bob Haircut with Money Piece Blonde Balayage
Credit: @hairbyjesicawaxahachie

17. Long Hollywood Waves with Hair Highlights Around the Face.

Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Money Piece Balayage Highlights
Credit: @care.glam

18. Ash Blonde Money Piece Highlights.

Gray Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @ladyandwolf

19. Long Bob with Money Piece Balayage.

Bronde Money Piece Balayage
Credit: @hair.is_robynjane

20. High-Contrast Money Piece Highlights.

Brown and Blonde Hair with Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @daisyshair

21. Silver Gray Hair with Pink Money Pieces.

Silver Hair with Pink Money Pieces
Credit: @beautybyyl

22. Red Hairstyle with Money Pieces.

Red Haircut Bob with Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @breanaeileen

23. Totally Blonde Hair Style with Front Highlights.

Blonde Hair with Light Blonde Money Pieces in the Front
Credit: @lachioma_kendra

24. Platinum Blonde Money Piece Highlights.

Blonde Money Pieces
Credit: @kayluhskolors

25. Black Hair with Gray Money Pieces.

Black hair Color with Ashy Money Pieces Balayage
Credit: @elenadoesmyhair

26. Dark Mahogany Hairstyle with Blonde Face-Framing Highlights.

Dark Red Hair with Highlights Around the Face
Credit: @hairbyjesicawaxahachie

27. Dirty Blonde Hair with Money Piece Front Balayage.

Darty Blonde hair with Money Piece Balayage Highlights
Credit: @hairby_michellesavic

28. Medium-Length Hairstyle with Face-Framing.

CG0ycjEn3Gs Mousy Brown hair with Blonde Front Strands
Credit: @thathairmagic

29. Angled Bob with Highlights in the Front.

Angled Bob with Money Pieces
Credit: @alexasimonshair

30. Past Shoulders Hairstyle with Soft Face-Framing Light Strands.

Shoulder-Length Dark Blonde Hair with Money Pieces
Credit: @ali.lb.martin

31. Eggplant Hair Color with Lavender Money Pieces in the Front Hair.

Plum Purple Long Hair with Light Periwinkle Front Strands
Credit: @full.color_.alchemist

32. Sleek-Straight Black Hair with Honey Blonde Money Piece Highlights.

Long Natural Hair with Neat Money Piece Highlights in the Front
Credit: @dolledbydest

33. Dark Blonde with Light Blonde Front Highlights.

Dishwater Blonde Hair with Blonde Face-Framing Money Pieces
Credit: @denizprocksch

34. Bob Hair with Barely-There Money Pieces and Full-Highlights.

Veru Subtle Money Pieces in Medium hair
Credit: @paintedbeautystudio

35. Brown Hair with Green, Yellow and Pink Balayage Front Pieces.

Colorful Money Pieces in Hair in the Front
Credit: @hairwitch_m0

36. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Front Money Pieces and Redwood Brown Ombre.

Chocolate Wavy Hair with Caramel Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @balayageby_mtlewis

37. Mocha Brown Hair with Neon Lime-Green Money Piece Highlights.

Lime Green Face-Framing Money Pieces with Brown Hair
Credit: @fullmetaljaxon

38. Brown Hair and Emerald-Green Money Pieces.

Green Money Piece Balayage Highlights
Credit: @glamourby_melissa

39. It-girl Brown and Blonde Hairstyle with Plenty of Highlights and Trendy Face-Framing.

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage
Credit: @hairbymickk

40. Mid-Length Haircut with Colorful Bangs and Front Strands.

Colorful Face-Framing Highlights
Credit: @hairstylist_mads

41. Blonde to BRONDE Hair Transformation Leaving Front Strands Bright Blonde.

Blonde Mid-Length Hairstyle with Blonde Face-Framing Balayage
Credit: @habitat_hairstudio

42. Rainbow Money Pieces with Beige Blonde Hair.

Rainbow Colored Front Money Pieces
Credit: @full.color_.alchemist

43. Wavy Hairstyle with Bright Peach Red Money Pieces and a Thin Braid.

Blonde Hair with Peach Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @jbraidsandbows

44. Raven Black Hair with Pink Money Pieces.

Black Hair with Pink Money Pieces
Credit: @juahnn

45. Medium Brown hair Color with Blue Front Money Piece Highlights.

Brown Hair Bob with Blue Money Pieces
Credit: @lyndapaints_570

46. Natural Black Hair Color with White Blonde Money Pieces.

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights
Credit: @mollyhull

47. Thick Wavy Hair with Honey Blonde Face-Framing Streaks.

Brown Natural Hair with Honey Blonde Money Pieces
Credit: @soyoubeautyltd

48. Rose Brown and Rose Gold Hair Mix with Front Balayage.

Brown and Rose Gold Money Pieces
Credit: @sarahpeakemuah

49. Dishwater Blonde to Burgundy Hair Color Transformation (with Fuchsia Money Pieces).

Brown Cherry Burgundy Hair with Fuchsia Money Pieces
Credit: @paintitblonde

50. One-Side Money Pieces with Short Brown Hair.

Short Brown Hair with One-Side Bright Red Money Piece Fringe
Credit: @fabhairbymelg

51. Creamy Blonde Front Strands with Strawberry Red Hair.

Peach Blonde Hair with Front Highlighted Strands
Credit: @maggiemh

52. Dark Brunette Hair with Blonde Ombre Balayage and Money Pieces.

Dark Roots and Blonde Hair Money Pieces
Credit: @mariaaavakyan

53. Warm Brunette Hair with Short Face-Framing Colored Strands.

Black Women Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @coleteed.salontrend

54. Gray Hair with Money Pieces.

Ash Gray hair with Lavender Money Pieces
Credit: @finedaytodye

55. Ginger Red Hairstyle with Blonde Face-Framing Strands.

Ginger Hair with Money Pieces
Credit: @stephstriphair

56. RiCh Brown hair Color with Money Piece Babylights.

Dark Chocolate Mocha and Coffee Hairstyle with Money Pieces
Credit: @esbeautyco

57. Chunky Front Money Piece Highlights and Lowlights.

Chunky Money Pieces in Hair for Blondes
Credit: @thatbalayagebabe

58. Short Pink Bob with Face-Framing Strands of Hair.

Neon Pink hair with Money Pieces
Credit: @thebtcshow

59. Blonde Hair with Green Roots and Face-Framing Colorful Money Pieces.

Colorful Money Pieces with Blonde Hair
Credit: @ziabyrd

60. Light Brown Hairstyle with Yellow and Purple Money Pieces.

Highlighted Bangs Two-Tone Money Pieces
Credit: @themeganjean

61. Black and Blonde Hairstyle.

Black Hair Natural Color with Icy Blonde Front Strands
Credit: @z.beautyyyy

62. Yellow hairstyle with Black Front Money Piece Strands.

Yellow Hair with Black Front Money Pieces
Credit: @jessart8

63. Black Hair with Blonde Money Piece Foils.

High-Contrast Black and Blonde Highlighted Hair
Credit: @loulouleslie

64. Rose-Toned Brown and Pink Hairstyle with Front Highlights.

Rose Brown Hair with Pinkish Front Money Pieces
Credit: @theniksters

65. Blue-Black Shoulder Length hair with Bright Blue Front Pieces.

Raven Black Hair with Denim Blue Front Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @theniksters

66. Fiery-Red Short Hair with Yellow Colored Money Pieces.

Red Auburn Hair with Money Pieces
Credit: @aaashleee

67. Cinnamon Red hair with Neutral-Blonde Face-Framing Strands.

Cinnamon Hair with Blonde Front Strands aka Money Pieces
Credit: @ahc_annmarie

68. Black Hair with Mint Green Highlights.

Mint Green Money Pieces for Brunettes
Credit: @a.s.beauty.studio

69. Deep Brunete Hair with Bright Red Front Strands.

Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Front Money Pieces
Credit: @ashleenormanhair

70. Feminine Long Hairstyle with Platinum Front Money Pieces.

Wheat Blonde Hair with Platinum Blonde Money Pieces
Credit: @sorensenkelly

Hope these ideas inspired you to try the face-framing strands. Blonde or brown, dark brunette or fiery-red, we are sure you will look stunning with money pieces!

Here you will find money piece hairstyles for kids and teenage girls.

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