50 Top Black Nail Designs for 2024


Black nail designs offer endless possibilities for women of all ages and tastes. Join us as we dive into the world of black nail art, exploring what designs are trendy rn, and what nail lengths and shapes are in trend in 2024. Discover how the seemingly simple black color can be transformed into captivating works of art, reflecting personality, mood, and attitude like never before.

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What Black Nail Designs Are Trendy in 2024

Usually we start every article about nail colors with the description of the shades. But do the black nail color has these “different shades”? Isn’t it just the classic black color and that’s it? Basically, it is one black color. However, even this color has several option, including the deepest black, the charcoal black, the obsidian shade, and some lighter aka dark gray tones. So, if you want to buy a black nail polish, you still have some options and can choose that one and only favorite black that will look perfect on your nails.

Now a quick Q&A section:

Do black nails look classy? Black nails look elegant, striking, very bold and edgy.

Do black nails look nice? Why not? Black nails have the power to look different in different situations. Everything depends on the cloths and accessories you wear.

Are black nails acceptable? Black nails are a timeless classic, that will never go out of style. However, you need to understand that they are not for every occasion.

Do black nails match everything? Yes, black nails look great with every outfit, with all accessories, and can be worn to all occasions now, even for weddings, prom parties, etc. Black is not only for goths anymore.

Most Beautiful Black Nail Designs for You to Slay

Time for pictures, ladies. They are really cute, we swear.

– Matte Black Nails with White Leaves. The most classic options of black nails are the glossy black nails and the matte black nails. This time the nail master added contrasting white leaves to the matte design, and it looks super cool!

black matte nails with white leaves

– Square Black Nail Design. The ‘fingerprint’ nail designs have become trendy lately, and we now know why. Such nails will look non-banal and stylish.

black fingerprint nail design

– Black Almond Nails. The more gloss and shine your nails have, the better. Add one shiny accent nail to your glossy black nails and feel the real power of glamour.

black nails with a shiny accent nail

– Black Polka Dot Nail Art. This nail design looks very feminine and stylish. It can be a grate fit for any outfit.

black polka dot nails

– Glossy and Matte Black Nails. Combine different textures in your nail designs. The simplest way to do this is to mix the glossy and matte tops (aka finishes).

black matte and glossy squoval nails

– Black Nail Design with White French Tips. Black and white French nails are not an option for fait-hearted. If you want your black nails look even bolder, opt for the white French tips.

square black nails with white French tips

– Black and White Nail Design. Nail masters often advise to cover only the center part of your nails with the nail polish if you want them to look longer. Here we see the same trick. Optical illusions work not only in clothes, but also on nails.

white and black nails

– Squoval White and Black Nails. This design definitely has some zest! The combination of the milk white shad, the matte black finish and several rhinestones is perfect!

milk white and matte black nails with rhinestones

– Black and Light Pink Nails. This type of design is called ‘the unicorn tears’. Make it if you wanna get tons of compliments about your manicure.

black and pink nail design

– Long Black Nails with Red Flames Underneath. Super long nails are cool as they are, but if you add some extra details to them, the manicure comes out really stunning! This time the nail master added not just a color, they added red flame design.

black nails with red underneath

– Black Nails with White Accent Nail and Hearts. These black nails are super comfortable. The medium length, the universal squoval shape, the feminine heart design, everything is just right with this design.

black nails with hearts and white accent nail

– Long Beige Nails with Black Hearts on Tips. A perfect option for the Valentine’s day and not only. You can wear this design whenever you like and to any occasion.

long coffin nails with black hearts on tips

– Black Nails with Gold Flakes. Here we see a stunning black nail art with gold foil accents.

black and gold nail design

– Matte Black Nails with Green Underneath. If you want to spice up your black nail design, add bright color accents. For example, the lime green underneath as we see here.

matte black nails with green underneath

– Long Almond Blue Black Nails. As we have already told previously, black can be of different shades too, and here we see its blueish version. Plus the geode nail art with a touch of gold.

Blue Black Nail Art with Gold Geode Design

– Black Fall Nail Art. Orange, brown and golden leaves on nails = a perfect fall nail art. If you pair this design with the black base, the result will be gorgeous!

black autumn fall nail design

– Mismatched Black and White Nails. One hand black with an abstract design, the other hand – white with a similar design. A creative idea for creative women.

mismatched black nails

– Simple Beige and Black Nails for Fall. If you need a quick simple nail idea for this fall, here it is. Several nails beige, several nails black, and you have your ideal sweater weather manicure.

simple beige and black nails

– Black Nails with Gold Geometric Lines. Nail tapes are a must-have accessory you need to have in our beauty arsenal if you like geometric nail designs.

black nails with gold lines made with nail tape

– Matte Black Nails with Leopard Design. Have you already tried dozens of black nail designs, but never with animal prints? Try this leo design, and your life will never be the same again, we swear.

black leopard nail design

– Black Cracked Nail Design. Cracking gel polishes have been popular some time ago. Have you tried them? However, the cracked nail design can be done without special polishes too. Check out the picture below and ask your nail mater to recreate something similar on your nails.

Cracked Black Nail Design

– Dark Blue Black Winter Nail Design. Of course, it is with snowflakes and with the cable knit ‘sweater’ design! The most desirable nail art for winter holidays, Christmas dinners, and New Year’s Eve parties.

Christmas New Year Winter Black Nail Design

– Black and Silver Glitter Nail Design. Wow, this one is really stunning! Firstly, we see the mismatched nails here. Secondly, the nail master used the black and white color combination, plus added the geometric silver glitter design. So shiny. feminine. and festive!

half black half silver nail art design

– Almond Matte Black Nails. To make your black matte nails even more interesting, add some nail stickers, phrases, and some foil.

black almond matte nails

– Black French Glass Nails. Of course, with white tips for more interest! The coffin shape is marvelous!

black matte coffin nails French glass design with white tips

– White and Black Mismatched Moon and Stars Nail Design. The only problem with this design is that it is a bit hard to recreate it on your nails yourself. However, you can find similar nail stickers or ask your nail master to copy it.

white and black moon and stars nail design

– Black Galaxy Nail Design. How could we pass by this beautiful nail art? It is a must-see nail design in every gallery of black nail arts!

black galaxy nails design

– Black and Red Nail Design. Are these bubbles? Or is this a serpent print? Anyway, the design looks bold and edgy!

red and black nails

– Black Cow Nail Design. At some point of time the cow nail arts were very in. This year the design is still trendy, but in more classic colors, like this one in black and beige shades.

black cow nail design

– Minimalistic Black Nails with a Heart. What can be more classic than minimalistic black nails with some tiny details here and there?

minimalistic black nail art

– Black Manicure with Houndstooth Accent Nails. If you are in search of new non-banal prints for your nails, here is one of them! A great idea for all seasons, but especially for fall and winter.

Black Manicure with Houndstooth Print

– Glamorous Black and Gold Nail art Design. Need something fancy and glamorous? Opt for designs like this one.

glamorous black and gold manicure

– Gold and Black Geode Nail Design. Such nail designs cannot go unnoticed, because they are a real masterpiece that everyone wants to examine and ask about. Ready for compliments, wows and questions? Copy it together with your nail master.

geode black nail art

– Gold and Black Nails. Black nails with gold glitter is a very classic combination, that is always in trend and flatters all outfits and occasions. Opt for it if you are not in the mood for choosing among lots of designs.

black nails gold shimmer glitter

– Simple Black and Beige Manicure with Metallic Beads. Silver mini metallic ‘caviar’ beads are undeservedly less popular than pixie crystals or rhinestones. They also look very stylish.

beige and black nail art

– Black Marble Nails. One of the most popular designs among women of all ages is the marble nail art. Combine white and black marble designs in one manicure like you see in this picture.

black marble nail design

– Black Christmas Nails with White Snowflakes. Black nails for Christmas? Why not?! Just add white snowflakes here and there and you are ready for any holiday party or dinner.

nails black color with winter design

– Black and Silver Nails. Black nails can be boring, but you can beat this boredom by adding silver glitter and silver striping tape for nails.

silver glitter and black nail design art

– Black Nails with Metallic Print. What about opting for a black nail design with metallic accents? We love this idea very much!

black nail art design with gold accents

– Black’n’Blue Manicure. This nail design remind us of the starry night sky. Moreover, it is very easy to recreate, so you can even do it at home.

black nails with blue color and glitter

– Black Nails with Colorful Brush Strokes. We say yes to black matte oval-shaped nails, especially if they are enriched with beautiful artsy elements like these colorful brush strokes.

girls black nail art design with matte finish

– Black Nails with ‘Pixie Crystals’. For those ladies, who want to try black nails in their look, but are not ready to make all the nails black. Add several black nails, and embellish them with small crystals.

silver beige and black nail art for women

– Matte Black Boho Nails Design. This nail design is simply adorable! Black matte base, white boho elements, contrasting red hearts, everything is balanced and on its place.

heart designed black women's nails

– Oval Beige and Black Matte Nails with Geometric Design. Add one or two accent matte beige nails with geometric elements to your glossy black nails and you will not regret.

beige and black manicure nail design art

– Long Witchy Green and Black Stiletto Nails. For every day or for the Halloween party, this design will leave everyone speechless. Need attention? Opt for it!

green and black design for stiletto nails

– Square Black Nails with Gray and White Waves. This design is very popular in Pinterest, and we can tell you why. It is easy, you need to have only 2 base colors to recreate it (black and white), and it looks very cute.

black nail art design with white and gray colors

– Matte Black Striped Nail Design. Black matte squoval nails are classic. If you need to add an interesting detail to them, add stripes to one of the nails.

black nails manicure with beige stripes

– Crackled ‘Dragon Egg’ Purple and Black Nails. Or is it the other-worldly purple lava design? Anyway it looks cool and very ethereal.

purple and black nail art for women

– Halloween Black Nail Art Design. Need black nail art for the Halloween party? Here is one that deserves your attention! The Maleficent look is classic now during Halloween, and the Maleficent nails will be also very relevant for this year’s Halloween parties.

black Halloween Malefisent nails

– Black Brand Logo Nail Design. If you like nails with logos, try to copy this design. Pink logos on black base look super cute.

black Chanel logo nails

– Black Chess Nail Design. Interesting, yeah? If you like to play chess, the design is definitely for you!

white and black checkered nail design

Black nails have become an empowering form of self-expression for women worldwide. So whether you opt for sleek and sophisticated black French tips, intricate gothic designs, or minimalist matte black, remember that your black nails are more than just a fashion statement; they are a reflection of your individuality and a testament to the endless creativity that lies at your fingertips. Would you try black on your nails? What design will you choose? We hope you have found several ideas here!

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