30 Best Photos of Pierced Nails and Ideas How to Do Them

The pierced nails trend is not new, as we have seen a lot of nail designs with piercing during the last decades. With plenty of new nail materials and nail decor types, it is now even more beautiful. And if you think that you can wear it to the parties only, think twice. Pierced nails are OK for any casual occasions, for work, for your everyday life. Everything depends on your lifestyle and the type of piercing you choose.

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The Trendiest Nails with Piercings in 2024

Having piercing in nails is hot right now. Choose your favorite nail polish color, a type of piercing right for you, and just do it. Moreover, if you can’t pierce your own nails (they are too short, and you don’t want to make long acrylic nails), you can opt for fake pierced nails sets. Let’s check out the most beautiful pierced nail arts from the best Instagram accounts that have stolen our hearts.

– White nails with cute black piercing.

White Nails with Black Piercing
Credit: @tatyana_bugry

– Bright yellow pierced nail art with glitter.

Yellow Nails Art with Piercing
Credit: @lucy_smirnova_nails

– Simple pierced nails in a beige color.

Beige Pierced Nails
Credit: @badaboo_nails

– Long black nails with alphabet piercing.

Black Pierced Nails
Credit: @noodle_yess

– Black and white nail design with piercing.

Pierced Nails
Credit: @lucy_smirnova_nails

– Cute pink pierced nail design with a heart piercing.

Pink Pierced Nails
Credit: @heygreatnails

– Black stiletto pierced nail design.

Stiletto Black Nails Design with Piercing
Credit: @wildchildtattedchina

– Colorful French nail art with piercing.

French Nails Design with Piercing
Credit: @nailsmade

– Pastel pink nails with piercing rings.

Pastel Purple Nails Design with Piercing
Credit: @nailsmade

– Beige nails with piercing rings and crocodile skin print.

Beige Nails Design with Piercing
Credit: @nailsbydaovo

– Dark nails with piercing.

Dark Space Nails Design with Piercing
Credit: @arizonails

– Long acrylic nails with multiple piercing rings.

Extra Long Pierced Nails
Credit: @noodle_yess

– Graffiti nail design with nail piercing.

Pierced Nails with Graffiti Letters
Credit: @mashacreate.nails

– French nail design with piercing.

Nail Art with Piercing
Credit: @leibnailz

– Nail art with piercing and chains.

Pearly Pierced Nails
Credit: @shi_nails_

– Black and yellow pierced nail design.

Black and Yellow Pierced Nails Design
Credit: @lucy_smirnova_nails

– Nails with barbell piercing.

Blue Acrylic Pierced Nails
Credit: @noodle_yess

– Beautiful purple nail design with piercing.

Violet Pierced Nails
Credit: @nailsbymei

– Bright colored graffiti nail art with piercing.

Graffiti Pierced Nails
Credit: @afterglow.bycarmen

– Violet and zebra nail design with a butterfly piercing.

Pierced Nails Long
Credit: @nail_ulnve

– White oval nails with stickers and ring piercing.

White Pierced Nails
Credit: @nails_evgeniya_kulagina

– Lilac clear nails with pompom piercing.

Lilac Pierced Nails
Credit: @leibnailz

– Long pierced nails with blue French tips and flame nail art.

Nails with Piercing
Credit: @noodle_yess

– Fake pierced nail set.

Fake Pierced Nails
Credit: @liampeternails
Long Fake Pierced Nails Set
Credit: @liampeternails

– Long nails with French tips, rhinestones, and golden ring piercing.

Very Long Acrylic Pierced Nails
Credit: @noodle_yess

– Gray and black pierced nail design with stickers.

Gray and Black Pierced Nails
Credit: @julia_nails_potter

– Beige nail design with alphabet piercing.

Pierced Nails with Letters
Credit: @leibnailz

– Pastel unicorn pierced nail art.

Blue Pierced Nails
Credit: @nail_ulnve

– Two-lengths pierced nail art.

Non-Banal Pierced Nails
Credit: @liampeternails

– Long pink purple and white nails with piercing.

Gel Pierced Nails
Credit: @noodle_yess

How to Do Nail Piercing?

Here are two easy tutorials how to pierce nails for beginners with a special nail piercing tool and without it.

Pierced nails are something you can easily try when bored with simple nail designs. Insert a piercing ring into your nail (or several nails), and take it out when you do not need it. Or, maybe fake pierced nails set is your option? There are a lot of ideas and you can definitely find the one that will flatter you.

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