20 Squid Game Nail Designs 2024 and Several Tutorials How to Do Them

Squid game nail designs are now very trendy in social media and at beauty salons. Nail masters create something very special every time a client asks for the squid game nail art. If you are looking for new manicure ideas and loved the Squid Game series, you will definitely like these designs too. Check out!

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squid game nails designs ideas

Trendy Squid Game Nail Designs

So, what Squid Game nails are the most popular? The combinations of black and pink, red and blue colors are in. Of course, it will be cool if your nail master can draw the characters on your nails. If not, choose something simpler, like the three figures – a triangle, a square, and a circle. A doll from the ‘Green Light, Red Light’ game will also look super cool on your nails. You can even print the nail decals and attach them to your nails, why not?

Let’s see what are the top ideas of the Squid Game nails from the best hail technicians around the world.

Black and pink Squid Game nails with white geometric symbols – a circle, a square, and a triangle. Looks terrific!

simple squid game nail art
Credit: @beautymate.ru

Red and blue Squid Game nails with numbers and geometric figures. The matte finish here creates even more vibe.

short red and blue squid game nails
Credit: @rogozina_official

Black nail art with Squid Game guards with black masks and in pink clothes. Below you will see how to draw these little cuties.

black and pink squid game nails
Credit: @irena_pro_nail

Long stiletto Squid Game nails with a doll, one of the main characters, and other squid game symbols. Here we see all possible symbols that were present in this fall’s most popular Netflix series.

squid game nails
Credit: @enik.u.r._

Fake nails with Squid Game characters and a golden pig money box. Would you try it? Looks cute and non-banal. And this set is non-damaging for your nails as it can be easily taken off your nails.

squid game nails
Credit: Instagram

Sponge Bob, Patrick and Squidward Squid Game cosplay. Have you ever seen something like this? Squidward is a doll, and Sponge Bob and Patrick are dressed in red as the guards. So inventive!

squid game nails long
Credit: @slanenailz

Nail design with the VIPs animal masks. This nail set includes one of the most intriguing Squid Game attributes, the golden animal mask.

gold mask squid game nails
Credit: @plop.nailsart

Blue-green and pink guard nail art. Choose the symbols you liked the most and ask your nail technician to draw them on your nails.

squid game nails with numbers
Credit: @jordanward_nailartist_x

– Cool matte Squid Game nail design with Kang Sae-byeok. This girl named Kang Sae-byeok is one of the main characters in the series.

squid game nail art designs
Credit: @hardstudioo

Nail art with Cho Sang-Woo. Possibly the most clever among all the characters of this Korean drama. Agree?

squid game nails with geometric figures
Credit: @marikatarchalska.nailartist

Pink and beige nail design with a guard and a mask from the Squid Game. The Squid Nail art may look not just scary, but also super-stylish. Here is the perfect example

squid game nails with a black mask
Credit: @viktoriad_nails

The Squid Game doll nail design. The ‘red light, green light’ game is possibly the most well-known from the series now.

squid game nail designs
Credit: @beautybymate.ru

– The Squid Game honeycomb nail design. Here there is also an umbrella from the honeycomb game.

squid game nails with a doll
Credit: @jark.nails

Green and pink long nails with Squid Game elements. Can you guess who are these two characters? Of course, you can, as there are their numbers below. A circle, a triangle, and a square are also a must in the Squid Game nail arts.

square squid game nails
Credit: instagram

Black, blue and red Squid Game nails. Almond-shaped nails will look great in these three colors and with all these trendy symbols.

oval squid game nails
Credit: @gallinaz_nail

Long Squid Game nails. We can see a Squid Game invite on one of the nails.

squid game nails arts designs
Credit: @belotskaya_nail

Squid Game nails with matte finish. The matte finish adds more drama to the nail art, stats.

long res and blue squid game nails
Credit: @grookere_nails

Light beige nails with the Squid Game symbols. The most elegant nail art out here.

beige squid game nails for everyday
Credit: @vika.kap.nails

Extra long nails. Mix black, pink, and white colors, ass some symbols, and you have the trendiest nail design of this year.

very long stiletto squid game nails
Credit: @krystellsnailz

– Very realistic Squid Game nails. Only a very skilled nail technician will manage to copy this nail art, but it is worth it.

extra long squid game series nails
Credit: @nailsofgolden

Square shaped matte red and dark blue Squid Game nail design. This nail design looks very neat and put together. It will gather tons of compliments.

red and blue squid game nails
Credit: @pilinogti_kh

Squid Game Nail Designs Tutorials

Do you want to know how to create some of the above designs? Check out these simple Squid Game DIY how-tos.

– Here is how to draw the Squid Game guard in the uniform on your nails step-by-step.

squid game nails tutorial
Credit: @mknogti

– Guards can be cute! If you will decide to make them cute. Here is an idea of how to make a girlish Squid Game nail art with guards in the black masks.

squid game nails DIY
Credit: @irena_pro_nail

– One more black and pink Squid Game nail design idea with a guard for your nails.

squid game nails how-to explanation
Credit: @irena_pro_nail

– This Squid Game guard has a circle on the mask. Learn how to draw it below.

how to draw squid game nails
Credit: @irena_pro_nail

Now when you have seen a lot of ideas of the Squid Game nails, we hope you will not hesitate what nail art to choose during your next visit to the salon.

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