50 Ideas of Trendy Flame Nail Designs

A new trend among nail designs was detected! Possibly, you have already seen those flame nails in your Instagram feed, right? Yes or no, here is a cute bunch of photos!

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Flame nails come in all shapes and lengths, in all colors, and with a lot of different embellishments. You just need to decide what you want the most, something classic or in a punk vibe, with a lot of details, or simple and without any distractive elements. We have found several dozens of ideas and are ready to give you this gallery for inspiration. Nails with a FLAME design are hyper-trendy and will complement your look for special occasions or casual errands.

1. Colorful Flame Nails.

Colorful Flame Nails

2. Beautiful White Nail Design with Flames.

White Flame Nails

3. Pink Nails with Bright Red Flames.

Red Flame Nails

4. Matte Square Nail Art with White, Pink and Red Flames.

Cappucino Flame Nails

5. Colorful Candy Nails and Black Flames.

Bright Colorful Flame Nails

6. Metallic Golden Nails with Black Flames on Tips.

Gold Metallic Flame Nails

7. Beige and Black Flame Nail Art.

Almond Black Flame Nail Design

8. Matte and Glossy Black Nails with a Flame Design.

Black Flame Nail Art

9. Glitter Flame Nails.

Flame Nails with Glitter

10. Pink Nails with a Heart.

Pink and Red Flame Nails

11. Matte Mocha Nail Design with Flames.

Beige Matte Flame NailArt Design

12. Red Flame Nails.

Pink Flame Manicure

13. Black and White Nails with Flames.

Black and White Nails with Flames

14. Colorful Flames and Matte Beige Base.

Pink Camouflage and Colorful Flames Nails

15. Black Flames on the Dark Beige Base.

Black and Beige Flames Nail Design

16. Glitter Flames on Pastel Colorful Nails.

Colorful Flame Nails with Glitter

17. Gray Nail Design.

White and Gray Nails with Fire

18. Wine-Red Flames.

Bordeaux Fire Flames Nails

19. Pink and White Cute Nail Design.

Feminine Pink and White Fire Flames Nails

20. Long Nails with Flames and a Playboy Bunny.

Long Light Violet Flame Nails

21. One Hand White, One Hand Black Nail Art.

Different Hands Nail Design with Black and White Fire Flames

22. Long Clear Flame Nails.

Nails with a Snake and Flams

23. Long Orange and Yellow Flame Nails.

Naturally Looking Extra Long Manicure with a Flame Design

24. Pretty Feminine Pink Nails.

Pretty Pink Flames Nails

25. Beige-Toned Flame Nails.

Manicure with a Beige Nail Polish and Tattoo-Like Flames and a Snake

26. Violet and Purple Nail Design.

Marvelous Light Violet and Dark Purple Flames Nails

27. Two-Tone Nail Design with Flames.

Pinkish Flame Nail Art Design

28. Squoval Pink Nails with Flame Tips.

Long Cotton Candy Nails with Flames

29. Almond-Shaped Nail Art.

Short Coffin nails with Flames Design

30. Hearts’n’Flames Nails.

Valentine's Day Flame Nail Design

31. Green Flames on Nails.

Green Flames Design on Medium Length Nails

32. Pastel Pink and Blue Manicure with Flames.

Pink and Light Blue Nails with a Trendy Flame Design

33. Yellow Flame Nails.

Leopard Yellow Flame Nails

34. Black Flames on Pastel Unicorn Nails.

Manicure with Matte Dark Flame Tips

35. Beige Matte Nail Design with Flames and Hearts.

Matte Beige and White Flame Nail Art Idea

36. Black Tips Flame Nails.

Black Tips Flames Nails

37. White Tips Flame Nails.

White Tips Flame Manicure

38. Barely-There Flames on Tips.

Nail Design with Barely-There Flames on Tips

39. Golden Nail Art.

Foil Gold Flame Nails

40. Leo Design with Flames.

Leo Print Flame Nails

41. Black French Manicure with a Flame Design.

Black French Manicure with Flames

42. Nail Design with Flames and Hearts.

Leo Flame Nails with Hearts

43. Caramel Flame Nails.

Caramel Brown Flame Nails with Dots

44. Short Black Nail Art with Golden Flames.

Short Black Nails with Flames on Dark Skin Brown Shade

45. Black and Purple Nails.

Black and Neon Pink Flame Nails

46. Devil Nail Design.

Devil Black and Red Flame Nails

47. Oval Nails in a Tone of Beige.

Colorful Decorated Flame Nails

48. Beige Nails with Cherries and Flames.

Manicure with Cherries, Hearts and Red Flames

49. Dark Smoky and Flame Nails.

Clear Long Smoky and Flame Nails

50. Nail Tips with Flames.

Nail Set with Flames Buy

We hope you like the idea of flame nails and will try one of them in the nearest future. A lot of nail artists add something new to this design, so if you have what to share with us, feel free to do this! Follow our Instagram account, and be in trend!

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