50 Coolest Wolf Cut Ideas for Your Next Visit to the Salon

In the realm of edgy and captivating hair trends, the “wolf cut” has firmly established itself as a frontrunner. This daring and versatile hairstyle boasts a mesmerizing fusion of shaggy layers and an untamed charm that has captivated the fashion and beauty scene. Join us as we dive into the world of wolf cuts, exploring their origins, styling possibilities, and why they’re rapidly becoming a beloved choice for those seeking a bold and fierce look.

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First things first. Below you will find answers to the most popular questions about the wolf cuts. If you don’t like to read long texts, we feel you. Just scroll right to the pictures.

What Is a Wolf Cut

A wolf haircut is a bold and edgy hairstyle characterized by longer hair on top and shorter sides and back. It often features a messy and untamed appearance, resembling the look of a wolf’s mane. This style is known for its rebellious and wild aesthetic, making it a popular choice among those seeking a non-conventional and unique hairstyle.

Where Did Wolf Cut Come From

The wolf cut, a popular hairstyle known for its shaggy, textured appearance, originated as a modern variation of the classic mullet, with influences from K-pop and TikTok trends. Now it’s all over Instagram too.

What Are the Types of Wolf Cuts

There are several variations of the wolf cut hairstyle, including the classic wolf cut, the soft wolf cut, the layered wolf cut, and the shaggy wolf cut. Each type offers a unique take on this trendy haircut. There are short wolf cuts, medium or shoulder-length wolf cuts, and long wolf cuts. Oftentimes, hairstylists mix different hairstyles in one, e.g., mullets with wolf cuts, shags, mullets and wolf haircuts, etc. The result is always unpredictable but very, very stunning. We haven’t ever seen a bad wolf haircut!

Are Wolf Cuts High Maintenance?

Wolf cuts can vary in terms of maintenance, depending on several factors. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, a wolf cut can be relatively low-maintenance. The textured nature of the cut often aligns well with these hair types, and styling can be minimal. The length of your wolf cut can also influence maintenance. Shorter wolf cuts may require more frequent trips to the salon for touch-ups to maintain the shape, while longer versions might require less maintenance. If you prefer a more polished look with your wolf cut, you might need to spend more time styling it. Some people like the messy, undone appearance, which can be easier to maintain. One more thing that can impact maintenance is the use of styling products. If you use products like pomade or texturizing spray, it may take a bit more effort to style your hair each day. Maintenance can also depend on how quickly your hair grows. If your hair grows fast, you might need more frequent trims. So, generally speaking, wolf cuts are known for their relaxed, effortless style, which often requires less maintenance than most neat precision haircuts. However, the exact level of maintenance can vary from person to person based on these factors. Discuss this with your hairstylist, really.

Can a Wolf Cut Be Done on Short Hair?

Yes, the wolf cut can be adapted for short hair, typically featuring shorter layers and a shaggy texture, creating a unique and trendy look for those with shorter hair lengths.

Are Wolf Cuts Good for Thin Hair?

Wolf cuts might not be the best choice for very thin hair or severe bald patterns as they rely on natural volume and texture, which can be lacking in too thin hair. Achieving the signature messy and layered look of a wolf cut might be challenging, and thin hair can require more maintenance to hold the style, potentially appearing flatter instead of textured and layered. It’s advisable to consult with a hairstylist for recommendations or adjustments to make the wolf cut work for thin hair, although other styles might be more suitable. As we like to say – ‘it depends’.

Are Wolf Cuts Good for Thick Hair?

Yes, wolf cuts can work well for people with thick hair. Thick hair often has a natural texture, which can enhance the messy and undone look that wolf cuts are known for. This can make it easier to achieve the desired style without extensive styling. Thick hair tends to have more volume, which can complement the voluminous and layered nature of wolf cuts. Thick hair provides versatility in styling. You can choose to add more texture or keep it relatively smooth, depending on your preferences. However, it’s crucial to work with an experienced hairstylist who understands how to tailor the wolf cut to your specific hair type and preferences. They can help ensure that your thick hair looks fantastic with this trendy haircut. Below you will find a lot of wolf cuts for thick manes.

Are Wolf Cuts Good for Round Faces?

Wolf cuts can be a good choice for round face. Wolf cuts often involve leaving more length on top and having shorter sides and back. This can help create the illusion of more angles and structure, which can be flattering for round faces. Moreover, the messy and textured nature of wolf cuts can add dimension to the hair, which can complement round faces by making them appear less round. Basically, almost every haircut can be adapted for all face shapes, and the round face shape too. You just need a skillful hairstylists, and that’s it.

How to Style the Wolf Cut

Styling a wolf cut typically involves adding texture and volume. To achieve this look, you can use a texturizing spray or mousse to create a tousled appearance. You can also use a flat iron or curling wand to add waves or curls for more dimension. Play around with different styling products and techniques to find the variation of the wolf cut that suits you best. Check out youtube, tik-tok and Instagram tutorials. We credit all hairstylists and salons below the photos, so you can check out their pages, and find there more interesting hairstyles, tutorials and seek advice.

50 Top-Trending Wolf Cut Hairstyles

So, time to discover the captivating allure of wolf cuts – from their origins to styling tips. Check out the photos and unveil the secrets behind this edgy and versatile hairstyle.

– Dark Burgundy Wolf Cut. How to keep your colored hair healthy? Maintain a healthy hair routine with regular deep conditioning.

burgundy mid wolf cut@hirohair

– Classic Wolf Cut with Bangs. Wolf cuts can be adapted to suit different hair types and face shapes. Here the wolf cut ideally complements the beautiful square jaws.

wolf haircut for square face

– Blonde Neck-Length Wolf Haircut. Do wolf cuts look good on short hair? Of course! In thi article there will be even shorter wolf crops! This blonde wolf cut looks marvelous with the darker ombre-like top section and shadow roots!

short blonde wolf hairstyle

– Dark Brunette Mullet-Wolf Cut. The classic wolf cut is characterized by short, choppy layers, typically starting from the crown and working down. As we have already said there are different types of wolf cuts. This one is combined with the mullet-like bottom part.

dark brunette wolf cut mullet

– Very Short Pixie Wolf Cut. Wolf cuts give off edgy and rebellious vibes. Especially when they are as cool as this pixie.

super short wolf haircut

– Long Blonde Choppy Wolf Cut. You can customize a wolf cut to your preferences. Add bangs, or more layers, or color it in a bold hair color. This wolf cut has a lot of volume and thickness, and its pale blonde looks simply gorgeous!

long bleached blonde wolf hairstyle

– Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with Highlights. The style can work well with straight, wavy, or curly hair. Especially good it looks with textured messy waves like in this photo.

wolf cut with highlights medium length

– Luxuriant Thick Wolf Cut Mane. You can choose between soft and bold versions of the wolf cut. This one is really ethereal. Those layers, thick bangs, rose gold underneath… There is nothing superfluous.

thick wavy wolf haircut with pink underneath

– Raven Black Shaggy Wolf Cut. Some opt for bottleneck bangs to complement the layers. As we see here, it can be a right decision!

wolf hairstyle with bangs

– Short French Wolf Cut. The tousled finish is a hallmark of the wolf cut despite its length. As we see, there are a lot of short wolf cuts variations, even bobs and pixies.

wolf cut bangs short haircut

– Long Wolf Cut with Balayage Highlights. Many women opt for balayage or other types of highlights to enhance those rich volume-boosting layers. And hell yes, they are right! The wolf cut gets even more dimension in this case.

wolf haircut with balayage highlights

– Extra-Short Wolf Haircut. Short pixie hair and a wolf cut – yes or no? Hairstylists say a big YES and easily make wolf cuts and short locks. You just need to find a skillful hair master that likes wolf cuts as we do.

very short wolf hairstyle

– Medium Blonde Shaggy Wolf Haircut. Choose a wolf cut that aligns with your personal style. However, remember that regular trims are essential to maintain the shape of the most wolf cuts. Layers need proper care and styling to look good.

mid-length blonde wolf cut

– Brown and Pink Textured Wolf Cut. The wolf cut continues to evolve with new variations. This time we see a real delight to the eyes, the color block wolf cut. Stunning!

brown and pink wolf haircut

– Medium Brown Wolf Cut with Bottleneck Bangs. Many opt for pastel or vibrant hair colors with their wolf cut. This girl, on the contrary, has chosen the classic brown color, and her haircut looks elegant and professional.

professional wolf hairstyle

– Shaggy Mullet Wolf Cut. Shags, mullets and wolf cuts are on trend now, so the mix of all three is really bold. Especially when paired with such cool bangs.

wolf cut with face framing bangs

– Super-Long Wolf Cut. The majority of wolf cuts are done on medium locks. What if you have super-long hair? Do you need to cut it to sport the wolf cut? Nope. Extra-long hair goes vell with wolf cuts too. Here we see the proof.

wolf haircut

– Red and Blonde Wolf Hair. Wolf cut is an excellent choice for those with fine hair looking to boost volume, but it goes as well with curls. You can enhance then with the curling iron, rollers or any heatless curling method. Also, consider adding pops of color to the layers for a playful touch.

curly wolf hairstyle

– Long Brown Shaggy Wolf Cut. How to create texture in your hair? Achieve texture with a good texturizing spray. This will give your locks for a lived-in appearance.

long textured wolf cut

– Simple But Stunning Shoulder-Length Blonde Wolf Cut. Embrace the natural texture of the cut with minimal styling. Air dry your hair for a more tousled messier look, or blow dry for a smoother finish.

messy wolf haircut for women

– Short Bob Wolf Cut. Consider choppy bangs to frame your face with a short wolf cut. The result can come out very beautiful!

bob wolf hairstyle with bangs

– Black and Pink Wolf Cut Style. Discuss the level of layers and texture you desire with your stylist. If you are ready for drastic changes, go ‘va banque’ and choose a hairstyle with a bright color, feathered appearance and mullet elements.

wolf cut mullet with pink skunk stripes

– Curly Wolf Cut. The classic wolf cut enhances curls, so you can easily opt for it and tame your wild mane.

long curly wolf haircut

– Chocolate Brown Short Wolf Style. Many wearers report feeling more confident with their new trendy wolf cut. No wonder why. It really looks super-stylish and fresh among lots of outdated haircuts for women.

wolf hairstyle for ladies

– Middle-Parted Wolf Cut. It’s a hairstyle that can be casual yet elegant. Especially if you are copying the softer version of the wolf cut.

center-parted soft wolf cut

– Waist-Length Black Color Wolf Haircut. The layers create beautiful, effortless waves. Enhance then with proper blow-drying and/or with a flat iron.

Korean wolf haircut

– Modern Wolf Cut Trend. This short pixie-wolf cut is worth being featured on high-fashion runways. Now you understand why the it-girls like it so much?

trendy wolf hairstyle

– Warm Brown Wolf Cut. Regardless of your age, you can rock a wolf cut with confidence. Choose it without hesitation if you are a teenager (girl or boy), a 30-something lady or a woman over 50.

warm brown wolf cut for girls
@dahliasalonbali @dahliasalonbali.catalog

– Gothic purple-Blue and Black Wolf Cut. Goth hairstyles most often include darker shades. However, you can of course sport similar haircut to an office where you work, everything depends on the dress-code.

goth wolf haircut

– Layered Medium-Length Wolf Hair Style. Want a feminine version of the wolf cut? Forget about any extravaganza with this simple but cute haircut. Even no highlights are needed here.

wolf hairstyle

– Voluminous Big Curly Wolf Cut. This is what we mean when we write the ‘added volume’. How? Healthy hair, good blow-dtying, right products and skillful hands.

super voluminous wolf cut
@fuego.studio @indiapolly.hair

– Blonde Wolf Cut with Shadow Roots. If you are not ready to touch up your roots every several weeks, it’s okay. Shadow roots and root melts are still in trend.

wolf haircut blonde and dark roots

– Red Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs. A wolf haircut, bangs and curls are a trio worth your attention. Oh, we have forgotten to mention the bright auburn color. Also trendy, also stunning!

bright auburn red wolf hairstyle with curtain bangs
@slickback_buttahtoast @ronkingbeauty

– Wolf Haircut with a Skunk Stripe. Modern women like to combine trends, and we, in out turn, like to show them to you. A skunk stripe is an element that became trendy lately. The wolf cut with a skunk stripe gets even more attention than the simple one-color one. Ready for this? Then copy it.

wolf cut with a skunk stripe

– Black Wolf Cut with Purple Money Pieces. Regular trims are essential to maintain the shape of the wolf cut, and color appointments need attention too. Unnatural colors need a lot of upkeep, but they look so stunning that everything seems worthy.

wolf haircut purple highlights

– Long Flowing Wolf Cut. The wolf cut is a modern take on the shaggy and layered hairstyles from the 70s and 80s. However, a lot of women choose less choppy and more soft wavy versions of this trendy haircut. Like the hairstyle in this picture.

wolf hairstyle soft and wavy

– Wolf Cut with Thinned Out Ends. You can style a wolf cut to be sleek or textured. This particular haircut you see in this photo will look equally good in both variants.

wolf cut with thinned out ends

– Brown Wolf Cut with Blonde Bangs and Underneath. Experiment with colors, especially the trendy color-blocking. Also, try beachy waves using a flat iron and sea salt spray. THis will add your cut even more texture and, thus, dimension.

two-color wolf haircut
@hairbypanfit @salonandcompanymi

– Black Hair with Red Peek-a-Boo Highlights. Call them peek-a-boo, hidden highlights, or colored underneath, but this type of coloring is still very trendy. They all are super compatible with wolf cuts.

wolf hairstyle with red hidden underneath peek-a-boo highlights

– Korean-Style Wolf Cut with Hints of Blonde. The style gained popularity in South Korea before spreading globally. That is why Korean hairstylists know how to make a technically good wolf haircut. Just look at this one. It has perfect curtain bangs, a lot of feathered layers, and even some blonde highlights.

wolf cut Korean style

– Asian Purple Wolf Haircut. A lot of wolf cuts in Asian Instagram accounts have the fromt layers that remind us of the trendy hime haircut.

asian wolf haircut

– Wolf Cut with Long Sideburns. Mullet wolf cut with long sideburns anybody? Yes, yes and yes! It is one of the bolder versions of the wolf cut that suits all ages and all genders.

gender-neutral wolf hairstyle

– Dark Blonde Wolf Haircut with Short Front Layers. Play with different hair lengths for a unique twist. Opt for step haircutting with shorter front layers.

two-lengths wolf cut

– Short Wolf Hair with Glossy Finish. Enhance the cut’s edginess with a glossy effect. How to create it? Firstly, maintain your hair’s health. Secondly, invest in good hair products, starting from right hair masks, good shampoos and conditioners, and the shine serum.

shiny wolf haircut

– Flipped Bangs and Curly Ends Wolf Cut. Yes, this type of styling the wolf cut is also existing. Flipped bangs look non-banal and flirty, while the curls add even more playfulness to the hairstyle.

wolf hairstyle with curls and flipped bangs

– Cute Blonde Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs. Have fun experimenting with your wolf cut and make it your own by adding those elements which you like. Here the girl opted for the softer version of the wolf cut, curtain bangs, and a beautiful blonde color with a bit shadowed roots.

blonde wolf cut with root melt

– Light Brown Wolf Haircut. Opt for a gradual transition from short to long layers in the front. The result will be soft, feminine and stylish.

long light brown wolf haircut

– Extravagant Wolf Haircut. This is how trendy Korean straight wolf cuts look. This cut don’t necessarily needs to be tousled or curled. It exists in straight versions too. The step-like bangs are a clever twist to add the futuristic vibe to your wolf cut.

hime haircut wolf hairstyle

– Long Dark Red Wolf Hairstyle. Sometimes cutting bangs is not a bad idea, agree? This lady gor her perfect version of the wolf cut. Now is your turn 😉

long dark red wolf cut

– Wolf Cut with Undercut. Consider a small-area undercut to add more interest to your wolf haircut. It can be on one side or at the nape, you choose.

androgynous non-binary wolf haircut with undercut

In conclusion, the wolf cut is a dynamic and versatile hairstyle that has found its way back into the spotlight. Its shaggy layers, textured edges, and effortless charm make it a popular choice for those seeking a bold and edgy look. Whether you have thick or thin hair, a round or oval face, the wolf cut can be tailored to suit your unique style, making it a timeless and enduring trend in the world of hair fashion.

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