40 Modern Rachel Haircut Ideas for 2024

“The Rachel” cut is really iconic. Almost every woman on this planet knows what this hairstyle looks like. Medium length, a lot of layers framing the face, and highlights. Although, it’s time to give it a fresh and trendy feel.

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What Does The Rachel Haircut Look Like
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The author of the iconic Rachel cut is Chris McMillan, and he invented this style for Jennifer Aniston and her heroine Rachel from “Friends”. “Friends: The Reunion” went live this week, and we see a huge number of women searching for modern Rachel haircut analogs on the Internet and asking for this haircut in the salons. If you are among them (or just want to know how this haircut can be transformed and adapted for 2024), check out the images below. Top hairstylists and real women are sharing their experience with us.

Who Is Rachel's Hairstylist
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40 Pictures of the Modern Rachel Haircut for 2024

Below we are showing short Rachel haircut versions and longer hairstyles for you to choose from.

– Modern Rachel Haircut on Brunette Hair. Rachel’s haircut is usually made with face-framing layers, curtain bangs, flipped ends. You may add highlights or not, anyway this cut will look perfect on your dark medium locks.

Modern Rachel Haircut Brunette Chocolate Brown
Credit: @salsalhair

– The Rachel for Older Women. The classic Rachel haircut is a great fit for all ages, hair lengths and hair types. Thanks to multiple front layers it can be customized for all face shapes too.

The Rachel Haircut for Older Women
Credit: @hairapywellnessbeauty

– The Rachel with Bangs and Highlights. Here is another great example of the Rachel cut, but with highlights. Highlights and lowlights will add a lot of dimension to your hair.

Rachel Hairstyle with Bangs
Credit: @thehairferi

– Medium Brown Rachel with Caramel Money Pieces. If you need a layered haircut that looks very professional, here it is, feel free ‘to steal’ the look.

medium brown professional Rachel cut
Credit: @vanillaloft

– The Light Blonde Version of the Rachel Cut. Need blonde Rachel cut ideas? Here is its cutest light blonde version with some face-framing money pieces.

light blonde Rachel cut
Credit: @davinescolor

– Youthful Brunette Rachel Cut. This haircut is very universal, and flattering for all women from teenage girls to women 60+. Here we see a cool option for your daughter, for example, or for a friend. The Rachel is not for 20-30-somethings only!

youthful Rachel cut
Credit: @emmacozette.stylist

– The Highlighted Blonde Rachel. Blonde, blonder and even more blonder, please! If you like blonde shades, combine several of them in your Rachel cut with the help of the right highlighting technique (ask your hair colorist what will suit you best).

Rachel cut blonde highlighted
Credit: @phiasalon

– Mousy Brown Rachel Cut. Multiple layers are key when we are talking about the Rachel Green haircut from any season. Like layers in your hair? The modern Rachel can be your dream haircut!

mousy brown Rachel cut
Credit: @delilah_diaz_designs

– The Rachel with Curled Ends. Flip the ends and curl them a it for the effect you see in this picture. The Rachel can be different depending on your hair type, hair texture and, of course, your mood.

curly Rachel cut
Credit: @haircreations_bykalli

– Multiple Layers Rachel Hairstyle on Raven-Black Hair. Here we see a cool side-swept long fringe, and a lot of cute layers. Medium hair looks voluminous and dimensional with this cut.

raven black layered Rachel cut
Credit: @eva.t_hair

– Playful Blonde Highlighted Rachel Cut. Wow, these bangs make a big difference. They create a new, upgraded version of “The Rachel”, that can be worn by any woman who likes to be the center of attention.

Rachel cut with highlights and stripes
Credit: @raetalbot_salon

– Black Color Rachel Cut. The Rachel cut looks great on the darkest hair shades too! Just be sure that your hair looks as healthy as possible. The healthy shine will make this haircut gorgeous!

Rachel cut on black hair colors
Credit: @beautyby.keana

– Medium Rachel Cut on Thin/Fine Hair. The Rachel is great for finer and thinner types, as it creates some volume, especially if highlights are incorporated too.

Rachel cut for thin and fine hair types
Credit: @kassie_b_hair

– The Bronde Rachel Cut. Step layers in hair are very in these days. Moreover, women try to return to their natural hair shades, and bronde colorings become more and more popular this year. So, the look in this photo is not only stylish as hell, but also trendy.

bronde Rachel cut
Credit: @wildflower.dublin

– Shoulder-Length Red Rachel Cut. Soft, shiny healthy hair, professionally made hair layers and a marvelous red hair shade made this Rachel cut a masterpiece.

red color Rachel cut
Credit: @kerrydransoffhair

– White Blonde Rachel Haircut. Such armpit-length Rachel cuts look best on thicker hair types, but with the right layering your hairstylist can try it on thinner hair textures too.

white blonde Rachel cut for thick hair
Credit: @hairbykatieoakes

– Hazelnut Blonde Rachel Cut with a Fringe. If you want to try a non-banal blonde hair shade, look no more, because the hazelnut blonde is the one you are looking for! It is cute, stylish, and fits all skin shades.

hazelnut blonde Rachel cut with a fringe
Credit: @dannichauhanhair

– Blonde Shadowed Rachel Cut. Highlights are great for Rachel cuts, so choose the highlighting technique that will flatter you the best. It can be air touch, balayage, traditional foil highlights or any other highlights, that you will choose together with your hair colorist.

Rachel cut with shadow roots
Credit: @studiombymelika

– Copper Red Layered Rachel Hairstyle. Who does copper hair look best on? Copper hair can flatter every skin tone, if it is done by a skillful professional. However, if youhave olive or darker skin colors, choose darker shades of copper. If your skin tone is fair and light, lighter and bright copper are your options.

layered copper red Rachel cut
Credit: @tbdhair

– Burgundy Rachel Haircut. A pretty unexpected hair tone for the Rachel-shaped haircut, right? All wine-red, maroon and burgundy shades will flatter the Rachel Green layered cut.

burgundy Rachel cut
Credit: @styledbystarfire

– Very Thick Long Rachel Haircut. This luxuriant mane can become your dream come true if you have thicker locks, or with the help of the good-quality extensions.

super long thick hair Rachel cut
Credit: @behind_sarahs_chair_

– Short Pretty Rachel Cut with a Rounded Shape. If you like the bob length, but want to keep up with 2024’s trends, combine the favorite bob length with Rachel Green’s layers.

Rachel Green bob haircut example
Credit: @shear_drama

– Blunt Cut Bottom Rachel Haircut. It is not necessary to cut all the length in layers, you can leave the ends blunt, and add layers to the face-frame area and bangs only.

blunt ends Rachel haircut
Credit: @styledbyferny

– The Rachel Haircut with Shorter Bangs. You may experiment with your hair length and the length of your fringe. Add shaggy texture or some feathered strands. The layers are a must for The Rachel.

The Rachel Haircut on Short Hair
Credit: @hairbycamillepettit

– Thick Wavy Hair and The Rachel Cut. All hair textures and types can be combined with the Rachel style. Leave the iconic shape, but add your own desired vibe.

Thick Wavy Hair with Rachel Cut
Credit: @gemmacowen

– Rachel Haircut with Lots of Layers. Layers, layers, layers, some babylights and a lot of feathered ends – all these components make this haircut so stylish and feminine.

Short Very Layered Haircut aka The Rachel
Credit: @bangsforhair

– Choppy Shaggy Haircut in a Rachel Style. One more great idea how to transform the traditional Rachel haircut into a modern cut with piecey bangs and feathered tips.

Shaggy Chopped Rachel Haircut
Credit: @candeenicolestyles

– Long Layered Haircut. One of the favorite Rachel from Friends haircuts with a lot of layers.

The Rachel Before-After Picture
Credit: @colorful_af

– Brown Feathered Rachel Haircut. Look how cute The Rachel looks on short locks! No need to postpone trying it to better times, do it now if you have at least chin-length hair.

The Rachel Haircut on Plus Size Women
Credit: @marlonfcastillo

– Colored Rachel Cut. Add bright hair color to The Rachel and you will see how modern it will look.

The Rachel Haircut on Medium Hair
Credit: @katincali_

– Modern Rachel Haircut for Teenage Girls. Now you have proof that The Rachel is a good idea for all ages, even for teenage girls. Would you wear this haircut to school?

The Rachel Haircut for Younger Women and Girls
Credit: @trendsandtolstoy

– Modern Longer Version of The Rachel. This haircut looks stunning and trendy even in so many years! This is why we can really call it iconic!

Rachel from Friends Shoulder-Length Haircut
Credit: @smalltits.bigheart

– Highlights in Your Rachel Cut. Ask your hairstylist to add highlights (balayage, foils or any other highlighting technique), and you will see how lived-in it will appear.

Rachel Haircut with a Center Part
Credit: @penningtonbeauty

– Chunky Highlights. The chunkier and more noticeable the highlights, the more Rachel-ish your haircut will be 🙂 Shorter front strands and feathered tips are still a must.

Longer Red Rachel Friends Haircut
Credit: @omgzrachel

– The Rachel on Black Hair. BTW, if you brush your hair back, the cut will look differently. So don’t think that there is only one Rachel look that you will have to wear all the time. It all depends on the way you will style your layers.

Layered Haircut aka The Rachel
Credit: @jessyhairstylist

– The Rachel on Pin-Straight Hair. If you have straight hair or like to straighten it, you have the perfect canvas for The Rachel. Moreover, you may create some mess or define some strands with hair gel if needed. Be creative.

Straight Hair Rachel from Friends Haircut
Credit: @hairflo.mn

– Simple Rachel Cut. One more great thing about The Rachel is that it is pretty low-maintenance. You just need a good texturizing product for creating some texture, and that’s all.

Full Haircut aka The Rachel
Credit: @emily.shark

– The Rachel Blow-Dry. Definitely, the way your Rachel Green haircut will look depends on the styling process. You need to learn how to blow-dry it right. The cut itself and the blow-drying process are shortly shown here.

The Rachel Haircut Without Bangs
Credit: @tanaschooler

– How to Style The Rachel Haircut. Round brushing will help to get the same volume as Rachel Green had. The tutorial is here.

The Rachel Haircut Neck Length
Credit: @xtinabianco1

– The Rachel Blow-Dry How-To. Just check out one more tutorial on how to give yourself (or your best friend) the proper Rachel blow dry. A very thorough DIY video on Youtube!

The Rachel Haircut with Long Bangs
Credit: @colormekara

Do you like these photos of the modern RACHEL HAIRCUT? What hairstyle would you try? Do you like Rachel’s long, medium or shorter haircuts? What Rachel’s hairstyle is your favorite? Leave a comment below and be ready for more interesting blog posts and stunning photos!

Different Rachel from Friends Haircuts
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