50 Coolest Blue Nail Designs for 2024


Whether you’re looking for subtle elegance or daring statements, these 50 blue nail designs will inspire you to take your manicure game to the next level. Read on if you want to find your ideal blue nail art for this season.

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What Blue Nail Shades Are the Most Popular in 2024

Your nails is a great canvas for self-expression, and one color that effortlessly captures the essence of creativity and sophistication is blue. From serene aqua to bold navy, blue nail designs offer an array of possibilities to adorn your fingertips with eye-catching beauty. What shades are the most popular rn? You will definitely make a right decision if you choose the dark indigo blue, classic navy blue, the perfect royal blue, the bright neon blue or the light blueberry milk shades for your nails. Meanwhile, all other blue nail shades are also in the it-girls’ hearts. So better choose the blue shade depending on your mood and your sense of style.

blue shades of nail polishes

50 Blue Nail Designs Worth Copying in 2024

Ready to be dazzled? Don’t miss the stunning gallery of captivating blue nail designs that will leave you inspired and eager to experiment!

– Long Clear Blue Nails. Let’s start from this beautiful clear tips nail design. Such designs are very in right now. The combination of the beige color and blue tips is ethereal!

clear blue nails long

– White Nails with Blue and Silver Water Design. A blend of white and blue is harmonious and screams classic. If you want nails that will fit all your looks, choose this one.

white and blue nails

– Marvelous Blue to Pink Ombre with Drops. The transition from deep blue to delicate pink in this stunning ombre design is mesmerizing. And those clear rain drops!

blue to pink ombre nails

– White and Blue Shuttered Glass Nail Design. Embrace a trendsetting look with blue shattered glass nails, where fragmented hues create a captivating and edgy shattered glass effect.

blue shattered glass nail art

– Comics Blue Nail Design. Add a pop of fun to your look with a comics nail design like this one. Such designs are also called the pop-art nails.

blue comics nails pop art style

– Very Long Pink and Blue Nails. Here we see not only the pleasant mix of pastel blue and pink shades, but also a trendy ‘tattoo’ design.

long blue and pink nails with hearts

– Cutest Blue French Nails with Design on Tips. Take your French nails to the next level by adding a bit of gel design in a form of 3D clear lines and a bit of glitter.

blue French tips with seashell design

– Orange and Blue Nails. Combine the warmth of orange and the cool allure of blue in a captivating mismatching nails design like this one. The perfect balance of contrasting hues is possible to create.

orange and blue nails

– Blue Watercolor Nail Design. Add some blue watercolor swirls to your classic beige nails, and polish everything with some touches of gold foil.

blue nails with waves design

– Blue French Tips Nail Design. Put a twist on the classic French manicure by swapping out the traditional white tip for a stunning blue accent.

blue French nail design

– Short Blue Nails with Abstract Design. Experiment with different shapes and lines in various shades for a modern and artistic abstract nail design.

blue nails with abstract desing

– Floral Blue Nails Fantasy. Embellish your blue nails with delicate floral patterns in white or even contrasting shades, bringing a touch of nature to your fingertips.

blue nails with flower

– Light Blue Matte Nail Design. These light blue matte nails, beautifully accented by a delicate hint of gold near the cuticle.

light blue nails with a touch of gold

– Blue Marble Nail Design. Achieve an elegant and luxurious look with blue marble nails, complete with intricate veins and swirls that resemble precious stones..

blue marble nails

– Milk White and Blue Nails. The classic milky white base is adorned with mesmerizing blue swirls here. Perfect for your summer looks!

dark blue swirls on nails

– Oval Beige nails with Blue Leaves. We like the shape of the nails, and the color combo here very much!

beige nails with light blue leaves

– Blue to Purple Ombre Nails Design. Blue ombre nails are among the favorites of it-ladies this season, and the blue-and-purple color mixes are a hit. Why not try this beautiful design too? Add a bit of glitter to them for some extra shine.

purple and blue nails

– Long Stiletto Beige to Blue Nails. Adorn your long blue French nails with dazzling diamond-shaped accents or crystals for a touch of regal glamour. Add large glitter too.

stiletto long blue nails

– Blue Denim Nails. Channel the texture and versatility of denim with a distressed blue nail design that brings a touch of casual chic to your nails.

blue jeans nails

– Blue Nails with White Stripes. Add a touch of sophistication to your holiday look with striped blue French nails.

blue French nail tips with one accent white stripes nail

– Blue Galaxy Nails. Create a captivating galaxy on your nails with dark and light shades of blue, and silver stars here and there.

blue square nail design

– Half Blue Half Clear Nail Design. Clear nails are trendy as hell rn, but you can of course combine this trend with colors. how about this design, that includes a very beautiful deep dark blue shade? Looks stunning.

long dark blue clear nails

– The Simplest Blue Nails Idea. Yeah, one of the easiest blue nail “designs” is covering your nails in different shades of blue, from the darkest indigo blue shade to the lightest pastel blue tone. The sure-fire option you must remember for those super-busy periods of your life.

from dark to light blue nails

– Blue Geometric Nails. Embrace minimalist elegance with blue nails adorned with simple yet striking geometric shapes.

dark blue nails with geometric design

– The Darkest Blue Nail Shade. An amazing nail art with the deepest and darkest shade of blue, some lighter swirls here and there, and gold accents. The matte finish is the cherry on the cake.

very dark blue nails with some golden accents

– Blue Sweater Nails Design. Need a blue nail design for winter? Here it is. Add the 3D sweater pattern, a bit of frosty foil swirls, and a white snowflake, and you have a perfect mani for the holidays.

blue sweater nails for winter

– The Electric Blue Nail Design. Something non-banal here. Add two blue accent nails to your neutral beige manicure, and your nail design will become the center of attention.

electric blue nails

– Dark Indigo Blue Nails with a Stripe and Beige Accent Nail. The success of your nail design also depends on the base shade. Choose the color that really touches your heart, and let your nail master dot he magic with it.

dark blue nails classic somple

– Half Lavender, Half Blue Nails. What a pleasant, tender color combination… And it is very easy to recreate, try!

half light purple half blue nail design

– Long Clear Blue nails with Clouds. Paint your blue nails with fluffy white clouds, creating a dreamy and ethereal design.

long clear blue nails with clouds

– The Blue Ocean Waves Nail Design. The waves are very detailed, you can even see the white foam on the top of them. Amazing!

blue nail design with a wave

– Dark Blue Cat Eye Nail Design. The color, the fade ombre effect, the shimmering particles, everything here catches the eye.

dark glitter blue nails cat eye powder

– Blue Watercolor Nail Art. How beautifully it looks with denim clothes! You will want to wear blue nails forever!

oval blue nail design

– Dark Matte Blue Coffin Nails. Add different symbols to your coffin matte blue nails and wear boho rings on your phalanges.

dark blue bohemian style nails

– Mermaid Blue and Violet Nail Art. The design itself looks very cute, feminine, and stylish. The shimmer, the ombre, the gold foil particles, everything screams style.

mermaid blue nail design

– Pastel Unicorn Nails with Pearly Finish. Choose 4-5 pastel shades, combine them as you like, and add a pearly finish. So lovely!

unicorn blue nail design

– Negative Space Nails with Blue Spots. Make several accent nails without a color, and cover them with blue nail polish only partly.

deep blue nail art with blue spots

– Pastel Sky Blue Nail Color. A traditional nail design that is loved by many, is the single-tone manicure with one glitter accent nail.

easy blue nail design on short nails

– Bohemian Blue Nails with a Dreamcatcher. A dark blue-green nail design like this one will complete all your festival boho looks!

blue nail art with white feathers

– Blue Ombre Acrylic Glitter Nails. The two-tone ombre on nails is a well-known and well-beloved option. But what about combining three or even four colors in one ombre nail design? Time to experiment, girl!

purple and blue ombre nail design
Pro Nail Spa (@pronails2005)

– Matte Blue Nail Design with Bruch Strokes. The matte finish is quite popular among women nowadays, and we know why. It looks perfect! Especially if adorned with some abstract accents like these light and dark blue brush strokes.

indigo blue nail art design

– Short Blue Manicure with One Beige Accent Nail. A very quick blue nail design idea that deserves to be saved for later.

short light blue nails

– Blue Mismatched Nails. Nails on one hand are blue, the other hand has blue accent crystals. Cute!

blue mismatched manicure

– Blue Square Nails with Sharp Edges. French nails with the long ‘smile’ line in this sky blue color look amazing! And what a nail shape has been chosen!

square long blue French nail tips

– Glossy and Matte Blue Nails with Leaves. Here the nail master skillfully combined the glossy and matte finish covers, and it looks very cute.

bright blue nail design with leaves

– Black and Blue Nail Design. This striking black and blue design adorned with delicate palm tree leaves evokes a tropical oasis at your fingertips.

dark blue nails with palm tree leaves

– Blue Nails with a Tile Design. Transform your nails into a vibrant mosaic of blue tiles, reminiscent of Mediterranean seaside villas and sun-kissed shores.

blue nails with a tile design

– Pastel Blue Nils with Leaves. Short nails can be as stunning as the longer ones with this boho-like nail design. Choose pastel shades, add white leaves, and some silver accents.

lightest blue nail art with leaves

– Square-Oval Blue Nails with White Dots. Let’s say you need a really cute but very quick blue nail design. Choose one shade of blue color as a base shade, and add dots of several other colors like in this picture. To get lighter blue shades just mix your basic blue with white. TO get the darker blue add a bit of black to the base shade. Easy!

squoval blue nails with white dots

– Beige Ballerina Nails with Blue Swirls. Blue swirls look stunning with a touch of silver on the beige nails.

beige nails with blue accent design

In the world of modern captivating nail arts, blue is an endlessly versatile hue, allowing you to create, experiment and express yourself to the maximum. From serene pastels to vibrant electric shades, blue nail designs help you embrace trends, try new looks, get inspired, become even more feminine and flirty. Blue nails transcend mere aesthetics, they transform fingertips into an artistic canvas. Are you ready to experiment with the blues on your nails and wear stunning nail art designs as we have shown you above?

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