36 Best Nail Colors for Dark Skin Shades for 2024

If you’ve ever found yourself standing in the nail polish aisle, wondering which nail colors will truly complement your gorgeous dark skin tone, you’re in the right place. We’ve sifted through the rainbow of options to bring you the absolute best nail colors that will make your melanin pop and have you slaying every manicure. Get ready to elevate your nail game with shades that celebrate and enhance the beauty of deeper skin tones!

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From rich jewel tones to vibrant earthy shades, we’ve curated a collection that embraces the spectrum of melanated beauty. Picture deep burgundies that exude sophistication, or opt for sultry emeralds that radiate confidence. Whether you’re into classic reds, trendy neutrals, or daring metallics, our list ensures that your fingertips become the ultimate canvas for self-expression. Say goodbye to nail color guesswork and hello to a flawless manicure that complements your unique beauty effortlessly.

What Are the Best Nail Colors for Tan, Brown and Black Skin Shades?

Beauty is subjective. Only experimenting with different colors is the best way to find what makes you feel confident and fabulous. Some women with darker skin tones say they don’t like too pastel and pale nail colors, others hate wearing too dark nail shades. Check out the pictures below, make screenshots or pin photos, and then make the final decision. Let’s start this journey to the beautiful nail colors and designs for darker skin shades.

1. Light Nail Colors with Pearly Finish. Light nail colors can really flatter dark skin tones. Everything depends on finding the right shades that complement your unique complexion. How about trying nail polishes with pearly finish?

Light Nail Color Pearly Finish for Dark Skin

2. Pink to Light Beige Baby Boomer Nails. If you want to try pink to white ombre nails, don’t hesitate! They can absolutely flatter dark skin tones too! The gradual subtle gradient can complement the richness of deeper complexions pretty well.

beige ombre nails for black women skin tone

3. Light Beige Ombre with Rhinestones. Long beige square-shaped ombre nails with rhinestones can be a stunning and flattering choice for dark skin tones. Beige tones can provide an elegant and neutral backdrop for the ombre effect. Adding rhinestones will bring a touch of glamour and sparkle to your manicure.


4. Clear Crystal Pixies Nails with Dark Skin Tones. The multidimensional shine of crystal pixies will look stunning against the clear transparent nail base. As you see sometimes the absence of color looks as stunning as colorful nail design ideas.

clear nails black skin

5. Royal Blue Nail Color for Darker Skin Shades. Geometric patterns always add a modern and edgy flair to any manicure. Royal blue color looks very ‘old money’, opt for it in your nail design if you want to look elegant and classy.

blue nails for women with dark skin

6. Beige French Nail Design. A beige French nail design is a timeless and classy option. Will it be flattering for tan and dark skin tones? Absolutely yes! Instead of opting for traditional white French tips choose something in the warm caramel-beige-brown palette It will be a chic twist on the classic French manicure.

French nails for darker skin colors

7. Long Pink Nails with Brown Skin. These pink glitter French nails are adorned with piercings and a butterfly design. Oh, yes, and a bit of the beautiful marble pattern was added too. Charming!

pink nail color for dark skin shade

8. Chocolate Brown Nails for Dark Skin. How about making chocolate brown nails with a marble design like these ones? The rich, deep brown hue complements the beauty of brown skin tones perfectly. The marble pattern with a bit of gold accents adds a touch of artistry and some modern flair.

chocolate nails for brown skin

9. Yellow Nail Color for Dark Skin. These long beige nails are adorned with diagonal yellow lines and rhinestones. The beige base plus bold yellow lines and shiny rhinestones create a stunning mix on nails, that is great for any occasion.

yellow color for dark and tan skin colors

10. Metallic Gold Nail Polish for Dark Skin Tone. Metallic gold nail polish is a real show-stopping choice for dark skin tones! Whether you’re attending a special event or just want to elevate your everyday look, metallic gold is a go-to color for a dazzling and confident manicure on dark skin tones.

metallic gold nails for dark skin

11. Black Nails with Leopard Design. The bold contrast between the deep black base and the intricate leopard spots is a secret to a striking and edgy manicure everybody will ask about.

black nail color for dark skin women

12. Light Pink to Dark Pink Ombre Nails with Dark Skin. The gradient from soft pink to vibrant fuchsia pink shade looks dynamic and eye-catching. Such nail designs are flattering for all outfits. Save this idea as one of the most universal nail designs for darker skin tones.

pink ombre nails for dark skin

13. Dark Dusty Pink-Purple Nail Color for Dark Skin. Here we see a stiletto nail shape with the dusty purple-pink shimmering nail polish. Such designs definitely visually elongate the nails, use this trick if needed.

purple-pink shimmering nail polish for dark skin tones

14. Milk White Nail Color for Brown Skin. The soft and creamy undertones of the milk white nail shade can complement the warmth of brown skin. This neutral shade is a surefire option for every day and special occasions.

does milk white nail color flatter dark skin tones

15. Lavender Nail Color for Dark Skin Tones. As we see here, the lavender purple shade can also be a delightful choice for dark skin tones. The color exudes a sense of tranquility, but be sure to support it with other purple colors in your look.

lavender purple nails for black skin
cottonbro studio

16. Coffee with Milk Nail Color for Darker Skin Tones. The coffee color is a super complementary choice for brown skin tones. Looking at this picture we have no questions why…

caramel brown nails for dark skin
David Fagundes

17. Long Yellow Nails with Dark Skin. The vibrant and sunny yellow shade will add a lively and playful touch to your manicure. If the bold and bright shade as in this picture is too much for you, opt for a more soft pastel tone.

long yellow nails for dark skin
Kebs Visuals

18. Bright Green Nails with Dark Skin Colors. Bright green nail color, yes or no? We say yes, as the model in this photo. Want softer shades, choose softer shades of green, there exist tons of options.

bright green nails for dark skin
Lucas Alves

19. Long Coffin Brown Nails for Women with Darker Skin Tones. This combination of longer length, brown color in several shades, and cool ballerina shape can create a striking and chic look that will perfectly complement the natural beauty of darker skin tones.

long coffin shaped brown shades nails for women with tan and dark skin colors

20. Long White Nails with Dark French Tips. This coffin nail shape looks stunning together with the white base and deep dark French tips.

French nails design for dark skin
Victor Chijioke

21. Flattering Red Nail Shades for Dark Brown Skin. Classic reds are more then welcome on women with darker skin tones. You can support the color with your make-up (lips, even eyes as you see in the photo), clothes, or accessories. Whether you prefer a classic crimson, a deep burgundy, or a bright cherry red, red color will bring charm to your manicure and enhance the natural beauty of your skin.

red nails for black skin
Built By King

22. Gray Nail Color for Women with Tan, Brown and Black Skin Tones. Time to check out the grays. Gray is a versatile and neutral color. It tends to complement a wide range of skin tones. However, consider the undertones of the shade, as some grays have warmer undertones, while others have cooler undertones. Experiment with different shades and you will find the one that complements your skin tone the best.

gray nails for dark skin
Mikhail Nilov

23. Matted Brown Nails on Dark Skin Not already glossy but not yet completely matte, these burgundy-brown nails will harmonize well with the richness of melanin. It can be your next stylish manicure choice for 2024!

what are the best nail colors for dark skin tones

24. Matte Beige and Brown Geometric French Nails. If you need a modern and refined twist to the classic French manicure in brown tones, here is your best bet. Earthy tones flatter brown skin tones, and the geometric design adds a bit of contemporary edge.

best nail colors for tan skin tone

25. Caramel to Brown Oval French Tips. Combine of the warmth and elegance of the oval shape and caramel-brown tones, and you will get a tasteful twist to the traditional French manicure, an option you will easily wear to all casual and special events.

best nail colors for brown skin tones

26. Square Brown French Nails. The pinkish beige base and deep mocha brown French tips are what make this design so desirable for every woman that likes to be in the center of attention.

best nail colors for black women

27. The ‘Light Fawn” Beige Nail Color. There are dozens of beige shades, did you know this? Choose the one you like the most, but don’t forget to experiment from time to time with other shades, opting for nail polishes with cooler or warmer undertones. Yes, even if the classic light beige is your only option for several years!

best nail shades for women of color

28. Yellow-Gold Shimmering Nail Polish. All metallic shades of nail polishes go well with darker skin tones. But just look at this shimmering yellow-gold! Pait your manicure with gold accesories, and you get the trendy ‘old money’ look!

nail colors for ladies with darker skin shades

29. Different Hands Green and Pink Manicure for Brown Skin Colors. Yes, you can opt for two different colors if you can’t choose just one. It’s still trendy. Here the model opted for the pale mint-green and dusty-pink shades. What will be your choice?

best nail shades for brown skin

30. Dark Beige Matte Nails with Dark Skin. This mani is our latest beauty obsession! The matte beige nail aesthetic we deserve! Get a refined, cosmopolitan look that speaks volumes in understated glamour. Slay, girl!

what nail colors complement dark skin

31. Fiery Carrot-Red Nails. Burgundy, wine, maroon, crimson, carrot-red colors, all of them are super-flattering for tan and darker skin tones. How to choose the one that will fit your hands and your look best? Only the trial-and-test method will help. And a good advice from your nail master.

nails for black ladies

32. Cappuccino Beige Manicure with White Accent Nails. One more pretty beige nail color in our gallery! This time the beautiful base color is paired with the white accent nails and some thin minimalistic black lines.

manicure colors for black women

33. Metallic Rose Gold nails for Dark Skin Tones. These nails also get the ‘YES’ answer from fashionistas with darker skin tones. This exquisite metallic hue harmonizes flawlessly with deeper skin tones. Glamour, trendiness, and a bold statement, this is how we can characterize this mani.

manicure colors for brown skin

34. Indigo Blue Nail Color for Black Women. The varying shades of blue, from deep navy to vibrant turquoise, create a mesmerizing contrast against darker skin tones, and, thus, flatter women of color so much. But this bright indigo blue shade is simply mesmerizing! It will leave everyone speechless!

manicure for black skin

35. Square Beige Nails with Rhinestones. These square-shaped beige nails are adorned with a central flourish of rhinestones and tiny metallic beads. And believe us or not, they are quite comfy to wear if the rhinestones are attached with the right products.

nail designs for dark skin tones

36. Silver Mirror Nails for Dark Skin Women. If you need the manicure with the WOW-effect, this is it. The reflective silver mirror finish adds the futuristic vibe to the look. If you are in search of eye-catching and glamorous nail designs, definitely save this idea.

black women nail colors designs

As editors at the beauty website, we understand that beauty is a celebration of individuality, and our exploration of the best nail colors for women with dark skin tones aims to empower and inspire first of all. From the vibrant hues to the chic neutrals, our curated selection embraces the cosmopolitan spirit of diversity. We encourage you to play with the kaleidoscope of these possibilities. Your unique style deserves to shine! Let your nails be the ultimate accessory;) So, what is your choice for the next visit to the salon?

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