35 Chic Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Older Women with Glasses

When it comes to pairing glasses with stunning hairstyles, doubts might arise, but they can actually make a perfect match! We’re exploring hairstyles that not only complement your frames but also enhance your overall look.

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We have options that cater to every face shape, hair type, and personal style. Whether you favor a bold short cut, a luxurious long style, or something in between, we have the perfect choices for you.

Take a look at these stunning hairstyles and find your inspiration for your next salon visit!

1. Messy Layers with Short Crop

older woman glasses tousled pixie long top short sides

Perfect for adding volume and complementing eyeglasses, this hairstyle is a winner. Ask your stylist for a short, layered cut with plenty of texture. Request soft, tousled layers to add bounce and fullness, choosing a length around chin level or slightly above to maximize volume and flatter your facial features.

2. Effortlessly Cool Tousled Layered Waves

older woman glasses wavy highlights

Achieve an effortlessly cool look with these tousled layered waves. The layers add depth and dimension, while the waves create movement and vitality. Perfect for naturally wavy or straight hair, this style requires minimal heat styling. The face-framing layers highlight your best features and glasses, making it a universally flattering choice.

3. Playful Wavy Pixie with Bangs

older woman glasses pixie

Channel your inner pixie with this fun and flirty short cut. The wavy texture adds a tousled, playful look, while the bangs bring softness to the face. This cut grows out beautifully, making it a great choice for those who like to change their style frequently.

4. Tapered Textured Layers

mature woman glasses piecey pixie haircut

This refined cut combines a short, manageable length with the softness and movement of longer layers. Tapered sides keep the style sleek and contemporary, while the textured top adds volume and dimension. This versatile look complements various glasses frames and face shapes.

5. Refined Side-Parted Long Bob

mature woman glasses long bob silver gray hair

Choose a side-parted bob for a classic, refined look. The side part adds drama and volume, balancing the face and drawing attention to your eyes. Subtle layers or textured ends can enhance volume and movement.

6. Flowing Long Waves for Fine Hair

older woman glasses long length hair

For a style that combines elegance with a hint of romance, consider these long, flowing waves. Gentle, sweeping layers add movement and volume to fine hair. Use volumizing mousse before blow-drying, then a large-barrel curling iron to define the waves. Finish with a light mist of hairspray for lasting hold.

7. Gentle Shoulder-Length Waves

older woman glasses hair ideas

Embrace a softer, more romantic look with these gentle waves. Falling just past the shoulders, this versatile cut provides numerous styling options. The soft texture beautifully complements your glasses, creating a harmonious balance. Ideal for natural waves or curls, this medium-length style can also be achieved on straight hair with a large-barrel curling iron. Add texturizing spray and scrunch for extra body and movement.

8. Layered Shoulder-Length Cut

older woman glasses wavy medium hair

Achieve the perfect balance between short and long hair with this shoulder-length layered cut. Soft layers and highlights add texture, preventing the hair from looking flat. This versatile style pairs beautifully with glasses, as the layers can be styled to complement your frames.

9. Bob with Blunt Bangs

older woman glasses straight hair short bob pixie

This chic chin-length bob pairs perfectly with glasses, creating a stylish and intellectual look. Blunt bangs add a polished finish. Ideal for straight or slightly wavy hair, this low-maintenance cut is easily styled with a paddle brush and flat iron for a sleek appearance.

10. Piecey Textured Pixie

mature woman glasses hairstyles

Prefer a short hairstyle? Try this textured pixie cut. It accentuates your glasses by drawing attention to your eyes and facial features. Style it by working a small amount of texturizing paste through your hair, focusing on separation and definition.

11. Wispy Long Lob

older woman glasses mid-length long bob

The long bob’s length offers styling versatility, while the layers add movement and texture. Wispy ends soften the look, framing your face and glasses gently. A side-swept fringe would also complement this hairstyle as it is OK for various glasses shapes, enhancing your overall style.

12. Shoulder-Length Wavy Cut

older woman glasses wavy curly hair bob

Showcase beautiful, soft waves with this shoulder-length cut. Soft layers throughout add movement, preventing the style from appearing heavy. This versatile cut pairs wonderfully with various glasses styles, from bold frames to delicate rimless options.

13. Long Elegant Waves

older woman glasses long hair

Enjoy the elegance of long, flowing waves with this stunning style. Gentle waves enhance the natural texture and body of your hair, while the length complements glasses, adding a touch of chic refinement. Use a large-barrel curling iron or wand to create loose, sophisticated waves.

14. Polished Sleek Bob

older woman glasses silver gray bob

This sleek bob features smooth, straight lines that perfectly frame your face, highlighting your glasses as a chic accessory. Ideal for women with fine to medium hair, this low-maintenance style offers a polished and refined look.

15. Wavy Lob with Bangs

older woman glasses bangs

Refresh your look with this stylish combination of a long bob, playful waves, and bangs. Falling just below the shoulders, this chic style offers versatile styling options, blending sophistication with a touch of charm.

16. Glamorous Voluminous Updo

older woman glasses updo

For those special occasions when you want to shine, this voluminous updo is perfect. The style creates height and drama, ideal for making a statement. Soft tendrils frame the face, complementing your frames and enhancing your natural beauty. This updo is perfect for women with thick hair, showcasing your hair’s natural volume.

17. Dimensional Pixie

senior woman glasses pixie cut

Make a bold statement with this sassy, short cut. The textured layers add dimension, creating a short, sophisticated look. This style draws attention to your eyes behind those fabulous glasses. It’s an excellent choice for women who want a low-maintenance yet high-impact look.

18. Versatile Long Face-Framing Layers

older woman glasses very long hair

This cut is great for various hair types, adding movement and volume where needed. The layers cascade around your face and glasses, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Whether you prefer sleek and straight or tousled waves, these layers adapt to your styling preferences.

19. Tousled Blonde Waves

senior woman glasses shaggy hair

Embrace your carefree, bohemian side with this tousled blonde hairstyle. The layered cut adds plenty of volume, creating a playful and youthful look. The soft blonde waves soften angular features and complement darker frames. The shaggy layers are easy to style with minimal effort. Use a light texturizing spray to enhance the natural waves, and scrunch your hair with your fingers as it air-dries, or use a diffuser on a low setting for added volume and definition.

20. Daring Asymmetrical Pixie

older woman glasses pixie short hair

Give a fresh twist to the classic pixie with an asymmetrical cut. This bold style features longer strands on one side, creating a visual contrast that highlights your face and glasses. Particularly flattering for fine hair, this cut adds texture and body.

21. Full Wavy Layers

mature woman glasses best haircuts

Voluminous layers add movement and body, with a wavy texture bringing a playful vibe to your look. This hairstyle enhances your face and glasses, creating a soft, flattering effect. It’s ideal for women with thick or coarse hair, as the layers help manage volume and highlight natural thickness.

22. Elegant Silver Waves

mature woman glasses medium-length hair

Celebrate your natural silver with these elegant waves. The gentle curves complement your glasses, creating a sophisticated look that proves beauty knows no age. The adaptable length offers multiple styling options.

23. Full-Bodied Long Bob

senior woman glasses classic side swept bob

Enjoy remarkable volume with this flattering long bob that elongates the neck and balances facial proportions. The voluminous crown adds a graceful contour, enhancing different face shapes and glasses styles. Ideal for those with fine or thinning hair, it creates the appearance of density and richness.

24. Chic Tousled Lob with Curtain Bangs

mature woman glasses side bangs

Opt for a long bob with stylish curtain bangs for a balanced look. The tousled texture adds a casual vibe, while the curtain bangs frame your face and highlight your eyes and glasses. This cut is perfect for those wanting a manageable yet fashionable style.

25. Romantic Layered Waves

senior woman glasses short hair

This shoulder-length cut offers the ease of long hair with the body of wavy layers. The soft waves add a romantic touch, while the layers create fullness. Wear it loose for an elegant look, or pin back one side with a stylish clip for a touch of glamour. To style, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and use a diffuser to enhance the waves, or let it air dry for a more natural finish.

26. Versatile Shoulder-Length Wavy Lob

senior woman glasses hairstyles

Enjoy the balance of a shoulder-length lob that’s easy to maintain yet long enough for various styles. The wavy texture looks great air-dried or styled, growing out gracefully and requiring less frequent trims.

27. Edgy Pixie Bob with Bangs

senior woman glasses very short bob cut

Combine the edginess of a pixie with the softness of a bob for a unique pixie bob. Choppy layers add texture and movement, ideal for fine to medium hair. The platinum blonde color makes a statement, while darker roots add depth.

28. On-Trend Textured Shoulder-Length Cut with Center Part

older woman glasses haircut shoulder length

A center part creates a symmetrical, face-framing effect that’s flattering and trendy. Soft layers add movement and body, allowing for versatile styling. Wear it sleek and straight, or embrace your natural texture for a relaxed feel.

29. Smooth Lob

senior woman glasses blonde bob cut

This sleek, shoulder-length cut boasts a polished finish that pairs beautifully with glasses while framing your face. Its versatile length allows for easy styling, whether you prefer a chic, straight look or gentle waves for a softer appearance. The simplicity of the lob makes it an ideal choice for women seeking a classic, low-maintenance hairstyle.

30. Silver Gray Pixie with Spiky Bangs

very short haircut with glasses for senior women

This modern haircut features a bold, spiky pixie with feathered bangs that fit the model’s face beautifully. Ideal for fine to medium hair, this low-maintenance style requires minimal styling and can be easily maintained with regular trims and good hair products.

31. Highlighted Layered Pixie Bob

older woman glasses highlighted pixie cut

Turn heads with this striking pixie bob. Short, choppy layers offer a textured, contemporary style, while highlights add depth and brightness, warming your complexion and making your eyes stand out behind your glasses.

32. Voluminous Curly Bob

wavy curly bob older glasses

For those with natural curls, this voluminous bob is a perfect choice. The layered cut enhances the curls’ natural bounce and volume, while the chin-length style keeps it manageable and stylish. This playful and lively look pairs wonderfully with glasses, drawing attention to your eyes and facial features. Use a curl-defining cream to keep your curls looking their best.

33. Glamorous Silver Waves

senior woman glasses wavy medium hairstyle

Celebrate your natural silver hues with this glamorous, wavy style. The long layers and voluminous waves create a luxurious look that’s perfect for women blessed with thick hair. The soft waves beautifully frame your face and complement your glasses, drawing attention to your eyes. It looks stunning in silver and is the perfect way to embrace your natural hair color.

34. High-Volume Curly Lob

senior woman glasses  side part hair

Embrace a soft, romantic look with this high-volume curly lob. The shoulder-grazing length offers versatile styling while maintaining easy upkeep. Natural blonde highlights add brightness and contrast beautifully with dark frames, making this style a stunning choice.

35. Cascading Layers of Curls

feathered hair older woman glasses

Enhance your curls with this voluminous and lively style. The side part adds volume that harmonizes with your glasses, while face-framing layers soften your features. This adaptable look suits various curl patterns, from loose waves to tight coils.

Choosing the right hairstyle and haircut can significantly enhance the beauty and confidence of older women who wear glasses. From short and sassy pixie cuts to elegant shoulder-length waves, there’s a wide range of styles that not only complement different face shapes but also accentuate eyewear as a stylish accessory. Whether opting for voluminous curls that add a youthful flair or a sleek bob that exudes sophistication, the key lies in finding a style that suits individual preferences and enhances natural features. With these versatile options, older women can effortlessly embrace their unique style while feeling empowered and chic in their glasses-enhanced look.

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