60 French Bob Haircuts That Will Force You to Call Your Hairstylist

You must have heard about the French bob haircut! Because it has become the most popular bob version among all existing bobs lately. This shorter bob has a lot of variations, click and choose the one you will take to your hairstylist next time.

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What is a French bob? Most often it is a chin-length haircut with straight-across bangs. Remember Amélie’s haircut? It is a classic French bob haircut. However, now French bobs can be of different lengths, with bangs or a no-bangs haircut. The most important is the Parisian feel. You will definitely catch the vibe while reading this article and know how to define a French bob from other short haircuts.

1. Classic French Bob.

French Bob with Long Parted Bangs
Credit: @carol

2. French Bob with Bangs.

Traditional French Bob with Bangs
Credit: @atomicliz.does_.hair

3. Dark French Bob with Highlights.

Cute Feminine Banged French Bob
Credit: @lrssleite

4. Blonde Bob with Dark Shadowed Roots.

Blonde with Dark Roots French Bob Cut
Credit: @immallorybrooke

5. Retro French Bob.

Vintage-Looking French Bob Style
Credit: @iamjannahsantana

6. Voluminous Highlighted French Bob.

Chin-Length French Bob
Credit: @aarongreniahair

7. Wavy French Bob with Thin Bangs.

Cool French Bob Haircut
Credit: @venereacconciatureparrucchieri

8. Very Feminine Soft Bob with a Fringe.

French Bob on a Woman with Tattoos
Credit: @stefaniexlee

9. Super-Short Pink Bob.

Pink Modern French Bob Haircut
Credit: @zwannepoel

10. Bob with Super-Short Bangs.

French Bob with Very Short Bangs
Credit: @judeviola

11. Neck-Length French Bob.

Neck-Length French Bob with Bangs
Credit: @hollygirldoeshair

12. French Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

French Bob Haircut with Straight Across Bangs
Credit: @jayne_edosalon

13. Side-Swept Short Bob.

French Bob Hairstyle with a Side Part
Credit: @jhair_stylist

14. Pixie Bob with a French Feel.

Dark French Bob Hair with Jagged
Credit: @judeviola

15. Stacked Angled French Bob.

French Bob with Volume
Credit: @curtinhobrasil

16. Bob with Dyed Bangs.

French Bob with Colored Bangs
Credit: @cellardoorhair

17. Thick Wavy French Bob.

No-Bangs Dark Brunette French Bob
Credit: @capellistyle.it

18. Dark Brown French Bob.

Deep Brown French Bob for Thick Hair
Credit: @danielsunghoonkim

19. French Bob with Curtain Bangs.

Dark Red French Bob with Curtain Bangs
Credit: @epikasalonandboutique

20. Banged Bob with Longer Layered Strands.

Layered French Bob with Longer Strands
Credit: @judeviola

21. Messy Trendy Chin-Length Bob.

Messy French Bob
Credit: @kwietna

22. Shoulder-Length French Bob.

French Lob
Credit: @katia_hairart

23. French Bob with Flipped Ends.

French Bob Transformation
Credit: @lynniekjones

24. Pink Bob with Money Pieces.

French Bob with Money Pieces
Credit: @madisonvillohair

25. Cute French Bob with Eyebrow-Grazing Fringe.

French Bob in Red Hair Colors
Credit: @lynniekjones

26. White Blonde Bob with Curls.

Platinum Blonde French Bob
Credit: @max_rokitskiy_stylist

27. Ginger Red Chin-Length Bob.

Bright Red French Bob
Credit: @maygovintage

28. Curly French Bob.

Retro Curly French Bob
Credit: @maygovintage

29. Jagged French Bob.

Dark Brunette French Bob
Credit: @maygovintage

30. Ombre-ed Bob for French Looks.

Angled French Bob
Credit: @maygovintage

31. Short Straight Bob.

Short Teenage Girls French Bob
Credit: @noellehairandmakeup

32. French Bob with Thick Bangs.

French Bob Style for Women
Credit: @salsalhair

33. Long to Short Bob Hair Transformation.

Dark Brunette French Bob for Blondes with Blue Eyes
Credit: @rachelwstylist

34. Black Hair Color Bob.

Modern French Bob Cut
Credit: @pinkdagger

35. Angled French Bob.

French Bob Haircut for Brunettes
Credit: @pierpaolohw

36. Raven Black Pin-Straight French Bob.

Blue Black French Bob Hairstyle
Credit: @pelokera

37. French Bob for Women with Glasses.

Stacked French Bob
Credit: @omgzrachel

38. Curled Blonde Bob.

Wheat Blonde French Bob Hairstyle
Credit: @samkanehair

39. French Pixie Bob.

French Bob Pixie
Credit: @the.mindful.barber

40. Mousy Blonde French Haircut.

Dark Blonde French Bob Cut
Credit: @thebeautyboxmkg

41. Short Bob with French Arched Bangs.

French Bob with Middle Parted Bangs
Credit: @madisonvillohair

42. Highlighted French Bob.

French Bob with Highlights
Credit: @madisonvillohair

43. Bleached Blonde Bob.

White French Bob with Glasses
Credit: @madison.n.williams

44. French Bob with Fine Bangs.

French Bob for Thin Hair
Credit: @lynniekjones

45. French Bob with Short Back.

Disheveled French Bob
Credit: @likemoni

46. Short Stacked Pink Bob.

Pink Layered French Bob
Credit: @lizzhouser

47. Blue Highlights on Dark Bob.

French Bob with Blue Highlights
Credit: @looksbyluciii

48. Vintage Curly Bob.

Curly French Bob
Credit: @kinganthonyyyy

49. Very Short Bob with Cropped Bangs.

Extra Short French Bob
Credit: @karrie_dies_ramsgaard

50. Long French Bob Haircut.

Long French Bob
Credit: @kara_karmo

51. Short Bob Hairstyle with a Hair Clip.

French Bob Tucked Behind the Ear
Credit: @kampaamokotosa

52. Full Brown Curly Bob.

Wavy French Bob
Credit: @juliannaortega.hair

53. Maroon Ameli-Style French Bob.

French Bob with Blunt Fringe
Credit: @angela_pelitos

54. Sleek Short French Bob with Razored Bangs.

Extra Short French Bob with Super-Short Bangs
Credit: @ameliagoldie

55. Undercut Nape French Bob.

French Bob Bowl Haircut
Credit: @thay_barboza

56. Thick Voluminous Medium French Bob.

Bronde French Bob
Credit: @barbdoeshair

57. Simple French Bob with Glasses.

Classic French Bob with Glasses
Credit: @hiddenoasisspasalon

58. Ear-Length French Haircut.

Ear-Length Raven Black French Bob
Credit: @halleastmanhair

59. French Bob with a Beautiful Back View.

French Bob Back View
Credit: @hair.byadrienne

60. Romantic Blonde French Bob.

Blonde French Bob
Credit: @florence.hair

Now you understand why French bob haircuts became sooo popular. They are too hot not to try this year! If you plan to cut your hair short, definitely consider a bob with a French vibe.

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