40 Ideas of Money Piece Hair Highlights for Teenage Girls

Money piece highlights became a trend a few months ago and are now in huge demand in hair salons all around the globe. What’s more, this highlighting technique is popular not just among women of all ages, but among little girls and teenagers! Moms ask their hairdressers to copy the freshest tik-tok trend – face-framing bright or blonde highlights on their kids’ hair. Actually, the trend looks quite adjustable and really has no age limits.

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If you are a teenage girl, or a mom of a little daughter that wants to have those trendy highlights around her face, anyway, below you will find plenty of ideas with money piece strands. Be ready to take screenshots or pin images to your Pinterest hairspiration boards. They all look very very pretty!

1. Bob Haircut with Blonde Money Piece Highlights.

Sleek Straight Bob Haircut with Face Framing Blonde Highlights for Kids
Credit: @cameronkepford

2. Bright Unicorn Money Piece Strands for Girls.

Hair Ideas for Kids and Teenage Girls
Credit: @ziabyrd

3. Short Straight Bob with Pink Money Piece Highligts for Teenagers.

Long Hair to Bob Cut with Front Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @darina_jordan

4. Bright Orange Face-Framing Highlights on a Little Girl with a Bob Haircut.

Bob for Kids with Highlights in the Front
Credit: @kira_kakes

5. Blonde Front Money Piece Strands with Girlish Pigtails.

Pigtails with Money Piece Highlights
Credit: @ladyandwolf

6. Pink Hair with Front Silver Highlights for Teenagers.

Pink and Silver Blonde Front Hair Strands aka Money Pieces
Credit: @theniksters

7. Black and Neon Green Money Piece Highlights.

Neon Green Face Framing Highlights with Black Hair for Young Girls Goth
Credit: @naru_bunny, @marcelinesart

8. Light Blonde Teenage Hairstyle with Front Pink and Purple Money Pieces.

Pink and Purple Hair Highlights for Girls
Credit: @pinkdagger

9. Brown and Blonde Hairstyle with Money Pieces and Blonde Bangs.

Money Pieces with Bangs for Kids and Teenage Girls
Credit: @hairbykatied

10. Peach Face-Framing Hair Strands for Teenage Girls and Women of All Ages.

Subtle Pastel Money Piece Highlights for Girls
Credit: @hairby_cassi

11. Bright Indigo Blue Money Piece Strands for Little Girls.

Bob Straight Hair with Blue Money Pieces Around the Face
Credit: @hair_by_shazia

12. Blonde Balayage Money Pieces for Kids with Shoulder-Length Hair.

Red and Blonde Hair Color with Highlights for Teenagers
Credit: @hairpaintingbybobbijo

13. Pixie Haircut with Pink Money Pieces in the Front.

Pixie with Money Pieces
Credit: @gillsondavid

14. Pretty Brown and Pink Hairstyle for Teenage Girls.

Pink Money Pieces for Teenage Girls
Credit: @focus_hairdesign

15. Curly Hairstyle with Front Money Pieces.

Curly Hair with Money Pieces for Girls
Credit: @luxebeautybyrionna

16. Neck-Length Bob with Front Money Piece Highlights.

Pink Front Highlights for Young Ladies
Credit: @coresalonnj

17. Light Money Pieces on Dark Brown Hair for Young Ladies.

Blonde Money Pieces for Teenage Girls
Credit: @hairbynicolecarlini

18. Very Short Chin-Length Bob with Blonde Money Pieces.

Bob for Kids with Face Framing Strands
Credit: @jelenasossahair

19. Brown Wavy Long Hair with Blonde Face-Framing Money Pieces.

Very Dark Brown Haircut with Front Highlights for Teenage Girls
Credit: @_the.chemist_

20. Money Pieces for Girls with Glasses.

Money Pi8eces for Kids and School Girls
Credit: @audreyoverholt_hair

21. Ashy Blonde and Pink Money Pieces.

Pink Emo Hair Highlights for Girls
Credit: @hairbyaryel

22. Light Salmon Hair Strands with Dirty Blonde Hair.

Hair Highlights Balayage Front for Girls
Credit: @pier_graziano_hair

23. Purple Front Money Pieces for Kids.

Purple hair Color for Young Girls
Credit: @smartstyle_camillus

24. Violet Highlights Hairstyle Idea for Little Girls.

Lavender Money Piece Hair Highlights
Credit: @hair_done_with_j

25. Thin Money Pieces in the Front.

Pink and Blonde Hair Colors for Teenage Girls
Credit: @capricollegedavenport

26. Pink Money Pieces and Chunky Highlights.

Pink Front Hair Strands Teenage Girls
Credit: @butterflyloftsalon

27. White Blonde Money Pieces.

Brown Highlighted Hair on Teenage Girl
Credit: @hairbytristan_

28. Fuchsia Pink Money Pieces Balayage.

Idea of Pink Highlights for Emo Teens
Credit: @beautybygulcin

29. Subtle Purple Money Pieces for Kids.

Violet Highlights for Teenage Girls
Credit: @bai.ley_.alchemy

30. Raven Black Hair Color with Subtle Lavender Money Piece Highlights.

Very Subtle Hair Highlights for Teenage Girls
Credit: @renewed_by_roo

31. Brown Natural Curly Kids Hairstyle with Front Money Pieces.

Curly Hair with Money Pieces Young Ladies
Credit: @hairdesignsbyprice

32. Ideal Blonde Color Hair Highlights for Teens and Kids.

Money Pieces for Round Faces Girls
Credit: @noahatashleyadams

33. Colored Bangs for Teens.

Bright Orange Hair Highlights Money Pieces Technique
Credit: @hair_on_the_fritz

34. Neon Pink Front Highlights.

Hair with Highlights for Kids
Credit: @kcharlessalons

35. Green Hairstyle for Teenage Girls.

Green Bob Haircut for Kids and Teenagers
Credit: @jessscissorhands

36. Two-Tone Front Highlights for Young Ladies.

Two-Tone Pink and Purple Teen Hairstyle
Credit: @jessart8

37. Black and Pink Teenage Girls Hairstyle.

Teenage Hairstyle with Front Highlights
Credit: @hhhairandbeauty

38. Green Money Highlights on Blonde Hair.

Medium Length Hairstyle with Front Highlights for Teenage Girls
Credit: @hamblenhair

39. Two-Row Money Piece Blonde Highligts.

Highlights in Hair for Girls of School Age
Credit: @hairsprayandhotsauce

40. Dusty Pink Money Pieces for Girls.

Hair Ideas with highlights for Teenage Girls
Credit: @aslabreyt

Money piece highlights are a great idea for teenage girls because they can be of any hair color, starting from the brightest hues imaginable (pinks, neon green, and orange), and ending with very subtle tones, that are almost invisible. For summer months you may wear something brighter, for school you can choose something almost invisible. Isn’t it cool?

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