80 Top French Glass Nails for 2024

French glass nails became popular lately and will be trendy at least several seasons more. So don’t miss the chance to try this creative non-banal nail design. A new twist on well-known and beloved French nails!

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You may have seen the French glass nail designs in beauty magazines, blogs, or social media platforms. It became a real hype and a trend. So what are these French glass nails? Basically it is the good old French nail design, but with clear, glass-like tips. The combinations of colors can be very different, starting from traditional beige and pink shades to bright neon colorful nail art masterpieces. Ready to see its examples? Here they are:

– Beige French Glass Nails. The Glass French nail design is a chic and modern twist on the classic French manicure. Here we see the classic colors as well.

French glass nails beige

– Black and White French Glass Nails. Almond-shaped tips give the Glass French manicure a unique twist. So do the black and white colors.

French glass nails black and white

– Pink French Glass Nails. Glass nails are great for formal events and weddings. This feminine pink nail design with several French glass accent nails will be a great addition to your outfit for any special occasion.

pink French glass nails

– Orange French Glass Nails. Glass nails with a matte finish create even more stunning effect. Especially if done in bright neon colors like this orange.

orange French glass nails

– Black and Gold French Glass Nails. Glass French nails are perfect for Instagram-worthy photos. This black and gold nail design is a proof.

gold and black French glass nails

– White Wedding French Glass Nail Design. Would you wear this nail design to your wedding? Or, maybe, for the prom? The design looks very suitable for such events.

wedding French glass nails

– Yellow French Glass Nails. Square tips are also a popular choice for this design. Just look how beautiful it looks in a bright yellow color with clear crystal ‘bubble’ tips!

yellow French glass nails

– Natural-Looking French Glass Nails with Golden Accents. French glass nails can look very subtle. Lets take this design as an example. It is done in the natural-lloking beige color, clear finish and oval tips pair well with several golden accents here and there.

natural looking beige French glass nails with golden accents

– Clear French Glass Nails with Blue and Gold Dry Flowers. A very delicate and ethereal nail design that will complement a wide range of outfits!

French glass nails with dry flowers

– Colorful French Glass Nail Design. This manicure looks especially stunning! You can experiment with different shades for your French glass nails, and even make every nail different, as we see in this photo.

colorful French glass nails

– Galaxy French Glass Nails. How about trying such a stunning galaxy nail design with clear tips?

galaxy French glass nails

– White French Glass Nails. Glass nails are a great choice for a bridal manicure. Just imagine how beautifully it will look on your big day!

white French glass nails

– French Glass Stiletto Nails. If you like unicorn nail designs and stiletto nail shape, this is a nail design for you.

stiletto French glass nails

– Black French Glass Nails. You can upgrade your dark French glass nail design even more with the black “frame” on the tips.

black French glass nails with clear tips

– Prom or Wedding French Glass Manicure. One more idea for your big event. Worth trying if you like such feminine nail arts.

bridal French glass nails

– “Sugar” Nail Design with French Glass Tips. There exist some more textures apart the glossy and matte finishes. For example, the good old “sugar” surface.

sugar French glass nails

– Serpent French nail Design with Clear Tips. How about adding a small cute design to your French glass nail design?

Serpent French glass nails

– Double French Glass Design. Sometimes nail technicians make several smile lines in French designs, and this is a very good idea if you want your French manicure to stand out.

double French glass nails

– Gorgeous Red French Glass Nails. Of course, some rich jewelry was added to this red manicure with clear bubble French glass tips.

red French glass nails

– Black Shiny Nails with Clear Glass French Tips. Glitter nail powder in dark shades can also be used for creating stunning French glass nail designs.

French glass nails black glitter powder and clear tips

– Purple French Tips with Clear Bubble Glass Extensions. Nail masters’ imagination has no limits, really! This extended French nail art looks amazing!

purple French glass nails

– Clear Glass French Nails with Blue Metallic Details. Adding such metallic lines to French nails is a popular choice among fashionistas. You can buy a metallic liner, or use a metallic nail polish (gold, silver, or any other color) you have.

blue metallic French glass nails

– Glass French Nails with Ombre Effect. This pink to yellow ombre looks like sunset! You can create the similar effect by using two shades or buy a nail polish with the thermal effect ang get it naturally depending on the temperature.

ombre French glass nails

– Minimalistic Beige French Glass Nail Art. This one looks very natural, huh? It will really suit any outfit. Add just one little detail to your manicure (like the white flower in the photo) and that will be enough.

minimalistic beige French glass nails with a white flower

– Black Framing French Nails. If you like the rock clothing style, this nail design is a must-try for you.

black rock French glass nails

– Pastel Blue French Glass Nails. For those who like to draw sky on their nails.

sky blue French glass nails

– Pink Glass French Nails. Here we see almost unnoticeable tie-dye design in an orange shade. Cute!

orange and pink French glass nails

– White Nail Design with Glitter. Classic white French nails is a popular choice for weddings and proms, white glass French nails will also flatter outfits for these events.

white glitter French glass nails

– Beige Polka Dot French Glass Nails. If you like feminine nail designs, consider this beige glass French nails with silver dots on several nails.

beige French glass nails with silver dots

– Wedding French Glass Nails. Several textured white brush strokes and your nail design becomes much more interesting.

wedding French glass nails

– Square Shaped White Glass French Nails. This nail design is worth trying for a special occasion that is important for you.

white square shaped French glass nails

– Black and White Nail Design. A very creative way to combine white, black colors and clear French tips.

white and black French glass nails

– Bridal White Glass French Nails. Here the nail master added some abstract design and it looks very beautiful.

bridal French glass nails

– Metallic Caviar French Glass Nails. These extra-long squoval nails look great as they are, but adding metallic beads made the manicure look even more upgraded.

French glass nails with metallic caviar design

– Bubble Glass French Tips. Here we have a chance to look closely at the glass bubble French tips.

bubble tips French glass nails

– Simple White Glass French Nails. Oval shape, classic colors, favorite French tips, and your special occasion nails are ready.

easy white French glass nails

– Natural Beige Glass French Nails. One accent nail can make a big difference if you are tired of one-color manicures without designs.

French glass nails with one accent nail

– Beige Manicure with Bubbles and Glass French Tips. Oval nails is the golden mean between all nail shapes, because it is easy-maintenance, comfortable and universally-flattering for all looks and life situations.

beige French glass nails

– Gold Foil Glass French Nails. A bit of gold here and there on your neutral nails will never spoil your manicure.

French glass nails with gold foil

– Lavender Glass French Nails. A beautiful color, some glitter and clear tips are what make this design so stunning.

lavender French glass nails

– Universal Neutral Shade Manicure with Glass Tips. How about this design? Do you like its perfect shape, flattering colors and general vibe? We love it very much!

beige French glass nails with gold foil

– Orange and Blue Glass French Nails. Yes, you can combine contrasting colors in your manicure, if you like such combinations. The example is in this photo.

orange and blue French glass nails

– Leopard Nails with Glass French Tips. The base can be in traditional for leo prints brown and beige colors, or like we see here, in a metallic color.

leopard French glass nails

– Light Glass French Nail Design. Like simple nail designs with a twist? Add almost unnoticeable silver smile lines.

light French glass nails

– Marshmallow Pink Glass French Nails. Look simple, but very cute. If you like pink shades on your nails, consider this manicure.

Marshmallow pink French glass nails

– Light Bubble Glass French Nails with Rhinestones. Accent nail is a great idea for those who like just a bit of ‘party’ on classic light-colored nails.

bubble French glass nails with rhinestones

– Light Blue Glass French Nails. This lightest blue color is something! Bubble French tips flatter this manicure perfectly.

light blue French glass nails

– Dark Beige Glass French Nails with Glitter. Spice up your squoval beige nails with glass French tips and a bit of glitter.

dark beige French glass nails with glitter

– Beige, Pink and Clear Bubble French Glass Nails. Add a bit of pink graphic drawings to your nails to make them more interesting if you like Barbie pink shades but need a more classic nail design for the next several weeks.

French glass nails with pink graphic design

– Beige Nails with Clear Tips and White Brush Strokes. Oval French tips are the best for when you don’t want to experiment with your manicure.

oval French glass nails

– Black Nails with Glass French Tips and Gold Rhinestones. Dark nail colors look great with metallic accessories.

black French glass nails with gold rhinestones

– Square Beige French Nails. This beige nail design is a never dying classic.

beige French glass nails

– Simple White French Glass Nails. Universal oval shape and pleasant milk white color make this nail design a sure-fire option when you want something simple but cute.

simple French glass nails

– White Shimmering Nails with a Rose Design. Shimmering nail polishes are a thing for those who like to shine every day.

white shimmering French glass nails with roses

– Red Orange Glass French Nails. The carrot red color will look marvelous with clear tips and metallic glitter.

red orange French glass nails

– Glitter French Glass Nails. Almond shaped nails in beige color with glitter can become your next manicure if you like such simple but stunning nail designs.

beige French glass nails with glitter

– Black Glass French Nails with Gold Rivet Rhinestones. Black + gold on nails look stunning. Such color combination is a must-try for every woman that likes black nail designs.

black French glass nails with gold rivets

– Glass French Nails with Ombre Transition. Try this blue to yellow ombre effect on your nails and pair it with trendy glass tips.

blue to yellow ombre French glass nails

– Light French Glass Nails with Pearls. Add tiny pearls to your classic French mani with clear tips, and you will get an elevated design for any special occasion.

French glass nails with pearls

– Glass French Nails with a Geometric Accent Nail. How about adding some white geometric print to your pastel beige nails? If you like this idea, feel free to save your for your next visit to the salon.

Geometric French glass nails

– Light Purple Glass French Nails. Accent nails are pretty popular rn, huh? No wonder why! This is the easiest way to elevate your manicure in no minute. Here the nail tech used some pearls.

light purple French glass nails

– French Glass Nails with Gold Foil on Clear Tips. Add a bit of gold foil to your manicure, and enjoy this new nail design for the next several weeks.

neutral beige French glass nails with gold foil on tips

– Several Glass French Accent Nails. We have seen a plenty of French glass manicure ideas with decorated accent nails previously in this article, but in this case we have a classic white nail design with several glass French tips. Some gold foil is added.

French glass nails accent nails with gold foil

– White ‘Sugar” French Glass Nails. Looks sweet, right? That is what we, girls, sometimes need to be in a good mood.

white sugar French glass nails

– White Almond Glass French Nails. Short white nails with long clear almond-shaped tips will get tons of compliments.

white almond French glass nails

– Patchy Colorful Pastel Glass French Nails. Pastel shades of pink and purple are popular among all age groups. Feel free to steal this nail design idea of you like pastels in your looks.

pastel patchy French glass nails

– One Glass French Accent Nail. Add the French glass nail tip to just one nail, leaving others in a classic dark beige with some gold here and there.

accent French glass nail on beige manicure

– Black Glass French Nails with Gold Foil and a Green Leaf. One more interesting glass French nails idea, but this time with a twist – the green leaf is added. Great for the spring-summer season.

spring summer French glass nails with a green leaf

– Almost Unnoticeable French Glass Nail Art. What can be more flattering for a feminine nail design than some several pearls here and there?

slightest French glass nails

– Beige Pink Glass French Nails. French nail designs with glass tips pair very well with the white shirt and golden accessories.

pink beige French glass nails

– White Glass French Nails with a Blueish Undertone. Such nail designs fit great for all denim clothes.

white-blue French glass nails

– Blue Long Glass French Nails. Combine the long length with glitter, gold foil and clear tips without any hesitation. The result will be cool!

long blue French glass nails

– Black and Beige French Glass Nails. What a lovely nail design! Definitely worth your attention if you like contrasting nails with black and beige colors.

black and beige French glass nails

Adding length with clear tips is on trend and it looks really cool, agree? We hope that these 80 French glass nail designs inspired you to try this trend. Have fun experimenting with your nails! You deserve the best the world of nail techniques has to offer!

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