70 TOP Ideas of Stitch Braids for All Genders and Ages

Stitch braids are a very popular type of braiding now that is seen frequently on Instagram. Something very similar to the well-known cornrows, but with a more intricate design, with the so-called ‘twist’. Read on to find out more about trendy stitch braids styles!

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What Are Stitch Braids

Stitch braids are braids that look almost like cornrows. With a slight difference. Hair is sectioned horizontally into lines (they can be very thin or thicker). These horizontal lines are braided into cornrows with natural client’s hair or with braiding hair.

How to Make Stitch Braids
Credit: @crissie_beauty_bar

Some interesting and important facts about stitch braids:

– stitch braids can last from 1 week up to two months (or to the time when your hair grows out too much)

– an edge control gel is used for creating stitch braids, and a fine-tooth comb

– stitch braids maintenance: dry shampoo and cloth to clean the scalp, oils to get rid of itching if any, and something to protect your braids while sleeping (silk cap, a scarf, etc.)

Let’s finally check out the best photos of stitch braids spotted on social media! Here you will find hairstyles both for men and women, and also some gender-free options that are worth seeing and trying.

– Cute high ponytail with curls and neat stitch braids.

Stitch Braids into a High Curly Ponytail Updo
Credit: @spritzhairstudio

– Two curly low space buns and stitch braids.

Stitch Braids with Two Curly Space Buns
Credit: @braidsbyjoliesac

– Hald up half down curly hairstyle with stitch braiding and baby hairs.

Stitch Braids with Full Curls
Credit: @jadeandjala

– Professional big braided bun with stitch braided cornrows.

Huge Bun out of Stitch Braids
Credit: @leaders_beauty

– Stitch braids with a chequered pattern design.

Stitch Braids Сhequered Pattern
Credit: @iam.royaltee_

– Short braided bob with stitch braids.

Stitch Braids for Short Bob Hair
Credit: @narahairbraiding

– Super curly hairstyle with stitch braids and beads.

Stitch Braids half Updo with Loose Curls and Beads
Credit: @handworkbytj

– Jumbo thick stitch braids and a low feminine curly bun.

Pretty Stitch Braids with Low Curly Bun
Credit: @braidssbytink

– Stitch braids ponytail with blonde curly ends.

Long Stitch Braids with Blonde Color and Curl Ends
Credit: @naeyasminestyles

– Pretty thick auburn stitch cornrows.

Dark Auburn Colored Stitch Braids
Credit: @pearlthestylist_

– Maroon burgundy stitch braids with curly ends.

Burgundy Stitch Braids to the Back
Credit: @mimisbraids

– Stitch braids with an intricate design.

Artistic Stitch Braids with Design
Credit: @iam.royaltee_

– Dark red side stitch braids with cuffs.

Dark Red Stitch Braids
Credit: @trulyperfected_byindia

– Dollar-shaped braids with stitch design.

Stitch Braids Hairstyle in Dollar Shape
Credit: @iam.royaltee_

– Two thick face-framing stitch braids.

Two Stitch Braids in the Front Near the Face
Credit: @guapele_

– Thick stitch braids into small low buns.

Stitch Braids for a White Girl
Credit: @_kikihairstylist

– 5 golden blonde stitch braids into a low bun.

Stitch Braids with Blonde Hair Color
Credit: @neebeebraiding

– Thin and thick stitch braids combo for men.

Stitch Braids with Real Natural Hair
Credit: @iam.royaltee_

– Very long stitch braids for natural black hair.

Stitch Braids Extended
Credit: @stylexbyjayy

– Light pink into bright pink stitch braids with dark roots and a low braided bun.

Stitch Braids with Pink Colo and a Low Bun
Credit: @tforteeh

– Super neat stitch braids with pretty front baby hairs.

Stitch Braids Style for a Woman
Credit: @jadeandjala

– Bright pink braids on black hair in stitch braiding technique.

Pink Stitch Braids with Extensions
Credit: @braidssbytink

– Classic long stitch braids for women.

Classic Stitch Braids with Baby Hairs
Credit: @_hairtoenvy

– Stitch braids into a high braided ponytail and loose curls.

Stitch Braids in a High Ponytail
Credit: @bensonhairstylist

– Thick stitch braids with beads at the ends.

Jumbo Thick Stitch Braids with Beads on the Ends
Credit: @braidsbyshymoney

– Thick dark stitch braids without babyhairs.

Clean Sleek Stitch Braids for Black Women
Credit: @mikasstyles

– Stitch braids with zigzag parting and two low buns.

Zigzag Stitch Braids
Credit: @imjustbrittanyyy

– Snake-shape stitch braids, side stitch braids, a low bun and babyhairs in the front.

Stitch Braids for Thin Curly Hair with Baby Hairs in the Front
Credit: @only1_unordinary

– Diagonal stitch braids with loose curls.

Criss-Cross Stitch Braids Half Updo Hairstyle
Credit: @shay_braidz_317

– A very cool stitch braids hairstyle with side cornrows.

Side Stitch Braids on a Woman
Credit: @iam.royaltee_

– Stitch braids into a braided bun for thinner hair types.

Stitch Braids with a Low Nape Bun
Credit: @_braidedbyjade

– Short thick stitch braids with an undercut for boys and men.

Stitch Braids with Undercut for Boys and Men
Credit: @fgtrancas

– Creative braided stitch design from natural hair.

Intricate Stitch Braids Design Gender-Free
Credit: @ketybraids_

– 6 neat stitch braids for teenage girls and women.

Stitch Braids aka Fishbone Braids
Credit: @styledbybria_

– Short men’s stitch braids.

Sort Stitch Braids to the Back for Men
Credit: @mikasstyles

– Triangle parts stitch braids with a long braided bun.

Stitch Braids with a Small Bun
Credit: @jadaaslaymyway

– 8 stitch braids vs. 6 stitch braids.

4 and 6 Stitch Braids Comparison
Credit: @brycebraidedit

– Stitch box braids.

Stitch Braids on a Girl
Credit: @this_is_styled_by_luz

– Cornrow stitch braids with a low curly bun.

Stitch Braids with a Bun
Credit: @hairbyericalatrice

– Stitch braids with a heart design on the sides.

Stitch Braids with a Braided Heart
Credit: @stylesbylou_

– Thin stitch braids into long braids.

Multiple Thin Stitch Braids
Credit: @braidme_tt

– Multiple diagonal stitch braids.

Diagonal Stitch Braids
Credit: @beautybytammy_

– Dark thin stitch braids with a low honey blonde braided bun.

Protective Stitch Braids into a Honey Blonde Low Bun
Credit: @thestitchfairy_

– Swirled braided bun with stitch braided cornrows.

Swirled Bun Goddess Stitch Braids
Credit: @braidsbyshymoney

– 6 black hair stitch braids with pretty babyhairs.

Feminine Stitch Braids
Credit: @janaythestylist_

– High braided pony with stitch scalp braids.

Stitch Braids into a High Braided Ponytail
Credit: @_jasscreations

– Sleek stitch braids with blonde color at ends.

Jumbo Stitch Braids and Cornrows
Credit: @braidsbyshymoney

– Red stitch braids close to the scalp for women.

Red Stitch Braids Hairstyle for a Woman
Credit: @mikasstyles

– Ethnic fulani stitch braids.

Lemonade Stitch Braids
Credit: @k.fisher_studio

– Cool stitch scalp braids on a man.

Trendy Stitch Braids for a Man
Credit: @trinaydidit

– Criss-crossed stitch braids.

Androgynous Stitch Braids Design
Credit: @i_be_braiding

– Black and blonde stitch braids with a bun.

Modern Trendy Stitch Braids
Credit: @braids.by.june

– Male stitch braided hairstyle with a design.

Cool Stitch Braids for Both Men and Women
Credit: @hunnyybee_

– A lot of thin stitch braids.

A Lot of Thin Stitch Braids
Credit: @stitchedwithprecision

– Thick goddess stitch braids to the back.

Stitch Braids Photos
Credit: @mikasstyles

– Small and big stitch braids with a huge top bun.

Stitch Braids in a Big Braided Bun Feed-In
Credit: @magicdesigners_kenya

– Oversize ombreed braided bun with stitch braids.

Stitch Braids In Blonde and Auburn Shades
Credit: @precisionbraids901

– Goddess stitch braids.

Stitch Braids with Cuffs
Credit: @fgtrancas

– Natural super-curly ponytail and stitch braided rows.

Girlish Stitch Braids Hairstyle with a Curly Ponytail
Credit: @iam.royaltee_

– Zigzag partings with stitch braids.

Ladies Stitch Braids Hairstyle
Credit: @jadaaslaymyway

– Traditional stitch braids with feminine curled babyhairs.

Stitch Braids with Cute Baby Hairs
Credit: @buffalobraidboss

– Stitch braids into extra long braids with curly ends.

Extra Long Box Braids with Stitch Braids
Credit: @stacysbraids

– Stitch braids with a pineapple curly bun at top.

High Curly Bun Updo with Stitch Braids and Cornrows
Credit: @therealslaybylay__

– Stitch braids with extensions.

Stitch Braids for Kids
Credit: @i_be_brading

– 6 super symmetrical stitch braids with two low neat buns at the nape.

Two Nape Buns with Thick Crochet Stitch Braids
Credit: @iamcreation_of_beautyyy

– Chocolate brown scalp stitch braids with zigzag parting into long braided ends.

Stitch Braids with Zigzag Parting
Credit: @thevivaciousxperience

– Multiple small thin stitch braids with long auburn red braids.

Very Thin Stitch Braids
Credit: @_jasscreations

– Black scalp stitch braids with long ends and creative design on both sides.

Stitch Braids for Females
Credit: @iam.royaltee_

Would you try the stitch braids? Have you found your dream braided hairstyle with a stitch pattern? Let us know!


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