30 Blue and Pink Hair Ideas for 2024

Do you hesitate while thinking about trying the blue and pink hair combination? Will these two hair colors mix beautifully? Will pink and blue hair color be easy to maintain? Let’s check out together!

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So, as far as there are dozens of pink shades and dozens of blue hair tones, there exist plenty of pink’n’blue hairstyles worth trying. Don’t forget to screenshot or pin photos for later, to bring them to your hair colorist. Also, there are some “share” buttons below the post for your convenience.

– Blue to Pink Hair Ombre. This picture proves that mixing shades of blue and shades of pink is a great idea for a bold girl! Be ready for some additional ‘transitioning colors’, in this case, it is almost unnoticeable purple.

Blue and Pink Hair Colors in Ombre
Credit: @supvalerie

– Pink and Blue Split Dye Hair Color. Life is toooo short to have one-tone boring hair. Choose two colors and mix them creatively. This color combination is called the ‘split dye’ hairstyle. However, it is even more creative than we used to see everywhere on Instagram. As blue and pink are not dyed according to the half and half scheme. We see pink and blue on both sides, they are beautifully switched.

Pink and Blue Split Dye Hair Style
Credit: @kayla_boyer

– Women’s Colored Pink and Blue Mohawk. This is a real pleasure for our eyes! Modern women’s mohawks don’t look aggressive anymore. They look cute and feminine. Especially if paired with such colors as blue and pink.

Pink and Blue Mohawk hairstyle for Women
Credit: @mgray153

– Pink Money Pieces and Blue Hair Tips. This hairstyle will have the most effect if paired with bright make-up.

Blue and Pink Front Pieces Hair Highlights
Credit: @mo_raven

– Pastel Blue and Pink Hair Colors Mix. This mess looks so feminine and soft! Dark blue, turquoise and pale pink blend seamlessly and create a look worth trying at least once in your life.

Blue and Pink Light Hair
Credit: @hairbykaelymarychurch

– Blue and Pink Underneath Hair. Colored hair underneath is a hot trend now, especially if dark brunette (and even black) and bright colors are mixed. You get two hairstyles in one! A one-color top layer for a serious version of you, and bright underneath for fun. Just gather your hair in a high ponytail and have fun!

Pink and Blue Hair Underneath
Credit: @mgray153

– Indigo Blue and Fuchsia Pink Hair. The indigo shade of blue and fuchsia are pretty together. Waves in your hair will make the hairstyle even more attractive.

Dark Blue and Pink Hair
Credit: @mgray153

– Spiky Blue and Pink Pixie. If you have very short hair, it is much easier for you to try non-banal bright hair colors! Less bleach, less damage.

Pixie Cut in Blue and Pink Shades
Credit: @alineh_a

– Bob Haircut in Blue and Pink Shades. Bob haircuts are a good canvas for hair color experiments too. The shorter the hair, the less bleach will be processed on your locks. And, of course, you will be able to restore the health of your locks easier.

Pink and Blue Bob Haircut
Credit: @bleachedandblown

– Blue and Pink Undercut. A cute example how blue and pink hair colors can be used on your hair if you have a nape undercut.

Pink and Blue Hair Undercut for Women
Credit: @bleachedandblown

– Bright Blue and Dirty Pink Braids. How about such long braids in blue and pink colors? No need to color your hair with any hair dye, just choose extensions and find a good hair braider near you!

Pink and Blue Braided Hairstyle Long
Credit: @double_way_

– Marvelous Pale Pink and Blue Inverted Bob. Dye your hair in your favorite blue shade, shadow the roots and add pink feathered highlights.

Pale Blue and Pink Hair
Credit: @gerilynghaisarzadeh

– Ear-Length Curled Hairstyle. As we see, the third hair color that fits almost all pink’n’blue hairstyles is purple. Here it is added to the roots.

Short Curled Pink and Blue Hair
Credit: @kawaicat_salon

– Pink Bangs. Pink and blue shades can mix in dozens of combinations. One of the prettiest is dyed pink bangs, face-framing pink strands and chunky blue streaks. Stunning!

Asian Hairstyle in Pink and Blue Shades
Credit: @kelvinkan_hair

– Pink and Blue Before-After Transformation Photo. Compare the original and the result of the color job. Purplish blue shade, some splashes of yellow and green colors, and lavender-pink ends are a masterpiece worth admiration.

Blue and Pink Hairstyle with Bangs
Credit: @mgray153

– Blue and Pink Pixie Bob Haircut. Two hair colors in one hairstyle create dimension. That is why hair colorists like to combine several shades, sometimes completely different, in their masterpieces.

Pink and Blue Hair Older Women
Credit: @mgray153

– Neck-Length Pink-Blue Hairstyle. This hairstyle looks feminine and flirty. And you can even copy this look at home. Follow the link below the picture, and check out the page of the beautiful girl on this picture. She gives really important information and creates genius hair vids.

Ear-Length Pink and Blue Hair
Credit: @stellacini

– Twisted Ponytail in Blue and Pink. You can steal this look for any event in your life.

Blue and Pink Twisted Ponytail
Credit: @sweetmaybe

– Denim Blue + Peach Pink Hair Colors. Just look how stunning braids with two hair colors are!

Blue and Pink Hairstyle with a Braid
Credit: @tiffanymhair

– Pink to Purple to Blue Ombre. The hair colorist didn’t want to make the transition between colors smooth or uneven. Such contrasts look perfect when hair is curled.

Pink and Blue Hairstyle Shoulder-Length
Credit: @tiffanymhair

– Neon Blue Hair with Pink Face-Framing Money Pieces. Say no to boring hair shades, say no to sleek straight hairstyles. If you have wild nature, create some mess in your hair and opt for shagginess.

Blue and Pink Hair with Money Pieces
Credit: @wickedhairmaven

– Dark Hair with Pink and Blue Braids. Pink and blue thin braids will be one of your best memories of this year’s summer. Especially if they are pulled up in a high bun.

Pink and Blue Braids
Credit: @wowfire

– Raven Black Hair with Pink, Purple and Blue Highlights. Highlights, highlights and more highlights. Black hair never looked more intriguing than in this hairstyle.

Blue and Pink Colored Hairstyle
Credit: @color.hair_.dont_.care

– Pink and Mint Blue Hair. Yes, bright colors fade. Use sulfate-free shampoos and wash your hair not so often to postpone this process a bit.

Pink and Blue Messy Shaggy Hair
Credit: @guyannescissorhands

– Dark Roots and Pink&Blue Midshaft. Bubblegum hair will flatter all ages and all personalities. Leave roots darker, this will enable you to visit the hair salon not so often.

Pink and Blue Curly Hair
Credit: @hannahdisconnected

– Blonde Extensions with Pink and Blue Highlights. Yes! This option is for all ladies who don’t want to color their hair. Install blonde extensions and add some color. Simple!

Blue and Pink Hairstyle with Long Extensions
Credit: @isthatpat

– Blue, Green and Neon Pink Hair. Don’t even try to copy this look at home. Only a pro hair colorist will color hair streaks so neatly. Sometimes we can color hair at home, but in most cases, it is a bad idea.

Pink and Blue  Face-Frame Hairstyle
Credit: @jessicapowerspaints

– Pink and Blue Hair with a Shiny Pearl Finish. Choosing between two colors may be so tiresome.. Choose both and be happy!

Pink and Blue Pastel Hair
Credit: @shelleygregoryhair

– Short Curly Blue and Pink Hairstyle. Playful and girlish, this hairstyle is a dream come true for all girls craving to add a bit of romance to their look.

Blue and Pink Short Curled Hairstyle
Credit: @short_hair_ideas

– Blue-Green Bob Haircut with Pink Underneath. Save this hair idea for those times when you are our of ideas but are ready to create something extraordinary and mermaid-style on your head.

Blue-Green and Pink Bob
Credit: @gerilynghaisarzadeh

– Shoulder-Length Pink-Blue Hairstyle. Pink base color and several feathered thick highlights in a shade of blue are a hair color mix to die for!

Mid-Length Pink and Blue Hair
Credit: @mgray153

Pink and blue hair styles are always a thing when you are bored with your current look and want to spice up your hair a bit. Add colors, add highlights, change the shape of your haircut, learn how to create curls/waves in your hair, experiment, as practice makes perfect!


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