70 Best Ideas of Burgundy Nails for 2024

Burgundy nails are great for any outfit, occasion and life situation! Choose the design from ones pictured below!

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The Best Burgundy Nail Designs from Internet

Different shades of red – how to distinguish burgundy nail color from other reds:

Burgundy moon nail design:


Shimmering burgundy nails with heart design:


Burgundy matte nails:

Found on pinterest.com

Glossy burgundy nails with rhinestones:


Almond burgundy matte and glitter nails:

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Burgundy, pink and silver glitter nails:


Squoval burgundy nails:

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Almond matte burgundy nails:

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Burgundy nails with a flower:

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Burgundy nail art with a leaf:


Short burgundy nails with glitter on ends:


Burgundy lacquer, and a flower on nude accent nail:


Burgundy and golden glitter nails:


Burgundy and rose gold glitter nails:


Dark burgundy and glitter manicure:

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Short squoval burgundy, pink and silver glitter nails:

Found on pinterest.com

Acrylic burgundy coffin nails:

Found on pinterest.com

White and burgundy nail design:

Found on pinterest.com

Pretty shimmering red burgundy nail design with several rhinestones:


Longer squoval maroon nails:


Simple burgundy mani with one accent gold glitter nail:


Pretty nails in burgundy shade with white and blue rhinestones:


Long coffin burgundy nail design:


Glossy and matte nail design with a floral print:

Alena Nail Art

Plum burgundy nails with one glitter nail:


Glossy marsala manicure and accent quilted nail:

Found on pinterest.com

Wine red and gold nail art:

Found on pinterest.com

Burgundy and gold glitter French nail design:


Glossy burgundy, matte and glitter manicure:


Chrome burgundy nail design:


Round burgundy moon nails:

Found on pinterest.com

Geometric burgundy shade nails with matte finish:

Found on pinterest.com

Square burgundy nails with floral silver print:

Found on pinterest.com

Very dark burgundy manicure:

Diamond studio by klara

Burgundy and white nail design with stars:


Matte burgundy nails with glitter:


Interesting burgundy nail design with green foil:


Burgundy, white and glitter manicure:


Burgundy mani with a butterfly design:

Found on pinterest.com

Burgundy New Year/Christmas nails:


Black to burgundy ombre nails:


Burgundy and white nails with rose pink flowers:


Burgundy manicure with marble design:


Burgundy glossy+matte+glitter nail art:


Purplish burgundy nails with floral design:

Found on pinterest.com

Minimalistic fall burgundy manicure:


Shimmering marsala nail art with flowers:


Matte burgundy nails with a crown:

Found on pinterest.com

Mountain peak burgundy nails:


Short maroon color nails with simple flowers:


Purple burgundy nails with rose gold glitter and leaves:


Trendy burgundy nails with some glitter:


Almond matte nails in burgundy color and white marble effect:

Found on pinterest.com

Coffin burgundy nail design with shiny rhinestones:


Short round red burgundy nails with matte marble design:


Dark bordeaux nails with rose design:


Easy burgundy manicure:


Red to burgundy ombre on nails:


Burgundy nails with gold snowflakes:


Nude to wine burgundy manicure:

Found on pinterest.com

Burgundy shattered glass nails:


Stiletto winter bugundy nail design:


Feminine bordeaux manicure:


Oval dark burgundy nails with gold stars:


Burgundy, gold glitter and negative space nail design:


Pretty oval manicure in a burgundy shade:


Burgundy+gold glitter:


Burgundy and white nail art:

Found on pinterest.com

Very short burgundy and blue nails:


Burgundy and gray nails:

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The Best Burgundy Nail Polishes

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