40 Unique Gray Braids Hairstyles

Women are confidently flaunting gray hair in various lengths, often choosing to braid rather than trim their magnificent tresses. Even the younger crowd is going for silver gray styles with enthusiasm. Salt and pepper braids are not just a statement; they’re on-trend (YES! For all age groups!). Scroll down for some stylish inspirations.

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Marvelous Braided Hairstyles for Gray Hair

Cute gray braids shown below, are strikingly beautiful and modern, perfectly balancing a professional look with youthful zest.

– Gray French Curl Braids. This stunning array of French curl braids starts with a natural black color at the roots and transitions to a striking light gray toward the ends. If you are looking for a fun, modern take on braided hair-look no further.

gray French curl braids

– Silver Gray Box Braids Mohawk. These silver gray box braids are fashioned into a bold Mohawk. With the lustrous, metallic sheen, they are made to stand out! Our next favorite braided hairstyle is found!

gray braided mohawk

– Gray Box Braids, Curly Ends, Half-Shaved Head. Sleek gray braids with a sharp undercut, blending into playful curls, can be your next go-to style if you like low-maintenance, bold and striking looks.

gray braids shaved head curly ends

– Gray Braids in a High Ponytail. Long, gray braids pulled up into a high ponytail can become your signature style, blending effortlessly with any casual or formal look. You’ll turn heads whether you’re at the office or out on the town.

long gray braids in a high ponytail

– Gray Box Braids with Square Parts and Curly Ends. These gray box plaits are neatly sectioned off into square parts that create a beautiful symmetrical look from the root. They then flow into playful curls.

gray square parted box braids with curly ends

– Gray Lemonade Braids. Sleek lemonade braids in a cool gray tone, cascading elegantly to one side, look trendy and unusual. The braids are neatly braided very close to the scalp.

gray lemonade braids

– Gray Side Braids. Want to add a touch of bohemian chic to your silver gray locks? Add two Dutch braids to one side. Such a hairstyle will be great for a laid-back day or any sophisticated evening out!

gray side braids

– Gray Braids in a Mohawk Ponytail. This stunning work of hair art features rows of tight pretty thin braids that start from the front and are tied into a loose gathered Mohawk-like ponytail. The short sides are mimicking shaved temples and back.

gray braided Mohawk with undercut sides

– Gray Single Braids. This array of single braids, meticulously crafted in a gray shade with a metallic sheen, is simply stunning! Bold and edgy, but still very graceful! Perfect for those who want to set a trend with their hair!

gray single braids

– Gray Braided Cornrows with Curls at Top. Such a hairstyle with cornrow braids along the sides that transition into a crown of lush, coiled curls on top, is both striking and memorable.

gray scalp braids with curls at top for older women

– Gray Fulani Braids with Beads. Thin, tightly woven plaits that start from the front and taper down in a classic Fulani pattern are a trendy twist and a comfortable style for all ages!

short gray tribal braids with beads

– Gray Braids in Two Buns. How about two large, gray braided buns? Choose this hairstyle if you want to express yourself boldly and to show your individuality.

gray braids in two buns

– Thick Gray Cornrow Braids with a Low Braided Bun. Hair braided in such a way accentuates the contours of the head and results in a sleek refined silhouette.

thick gray cornrows with low bun

– Thin Gray Braids in a High Top Bun. These thin gray braids are coiled at the top of the head in a big oversized bun. The cool bun is perfectly complemented by chic glasses and vibrant red lipstick.

gray thin braids in a big oversized bun

– Salt-and-Pepper Micro Braids. Want to showcase a timeless sense of style? Put your thin braids into a large, twisted bun at the crown of the head. Mix a lighter gray shade and a darker gray tone for a beautiful salt-and-pepper look.

thin gray braids

– Gray Braids Bob with Silver Cuffs. These past-the-jawline braids with silver cuffs frame the face beautifully and accentuate the neck. Such hairstyles always leave an impression.

gray braids bob with cuffs

– Gray Cornrow Braids, Fulani Plaits and Braided Bun. Here we have a creative blend of cornrows, front tribal Fulani braids, a big top bun and 4 thick, three-strand braids at the nape, all crafted in a stylish gray tone. Want to make a stylish impact? It is 100% possible with this hairstyle!

scalp cornrow braids to the back  with top bun

– Half Up Half Down Gray Braids. This beautiful half-up half-down mix of braids and curly waves creates a super-romantic and whimsical aesthetic. Braids fashioned this way will suit any occasion!

gray braids with curls

– Chunky White-Gray Braids with Loose Ends. This ethereal hairstyle features a very cool modern blend of gray braids and soft waves, starting with chunky single braids at the front that transition from the midshaft into long flowing waves. Most of the braids are gathered into a ponytail, but some of the plaits are left hanging freely in the front.

gray braids with straight strands

– Gray 3-Strand Braids with Straight and Curly Ends. Feel free not only choose the boldest gray hair shades, but also mix braids with different sizes, straight and curly strands. Such mixes look terrific!

silver gray braids with curly strands

– Gray Braids with Brown Roots and Metallic Rings. Want to try a light gray shade on your brunette locks? Not necessary to dye your hair! Choose a desired shade, plait cornrows in the front, continue with 3-strand braids, and tie a high ponytail. Add several metallic rings here and there for more interest.

gray braids into ponytail with cornrows

– Gray Braids to the Back with Loose Spiral Curls. Here you can see how you can combine a mass of loose, wavy gray locks at the back of the head and cornrow braids in the front. The gray-platinum shade here is also stunning!

gray cornrow braid with massive curls for women over 50

– Side-Swept Dark Gray Bob with Braids. Wow, what a stunning hairstyle, isn’t it? This graceful bob of thick, gray braids is tailored perfectly for senior women, offering a look that’s both dignified and stylish.

dark gray braided bob

– Gray Braids with Shaved Sides and Back. A mix of gray braids with an undercut is modern and bold. The so-called ‘edgy twist’ for your style. Mixing classic braids and cool undercuts may be a good choice if you like alt hairstyles.

gray braids with shaved sides and nape

– Gray Mohawk Undercut Braid. This hairstyle is the perfect blend of edgy and chic. For those seeking a look that’s as fierce as it is fashionable, this is it. Embrace the natural progression of gray in a unique braid that sets you apart from the rest. The stunning interplay of white and gray with shaved sides makes a bold statement.

older women gray Mohawk braid

– Gray Braided Angled Bob. For those who are fans of both bob cuts and braids, why not combine them into one stylish ‘do? A braided bob highlighted with gray tones is incredibly chic and gives off a naturally trendy vibe.

gray braided bob

– Gray to White Ombre Box Braids with Golden Cuffs. These gray braids fade into white blonde ends, achieving a seamless ombre effect. They’re also accented with warm gold cuffs for a touch of glamour.

gray braids with gold cuffs

– Gray Ghana Goddess Braids in a High Ponytail. A gray braided ponytail isn’t just stylish; it’s also incredibly comfortable to wear! Plus, opting for thick Ghana braids means you’ll have an easier time managing them compared to the more delicate cornrows.

gray braids ponytail

– Big Oversize Gray Goddess Braids. Gray braids can work with any base hair color you have. In this look, gray braids at the scalp blend with natural dark hair to craft a striking, highlighted plait effect.

gray braids close to the scalp

– Salt-and-Pepper Black to Light Gray Braids. Sporting these long braids that shift from dark gray roots to light silver-gray tips, cascading beyond the shoulders, is a trendy way to blend convenience with style. They make a bold fashion statement in any setting.

black to light gray braids

– Gray Updo Hairstyle with a Big Side Braid. Silver gray hair pulled up into a high bun with a side braid and gentle curls tenderly framing the face is a stunning way to showcase your locks.

gray updo with side braid and a high bun

– Gray Diagonal Cornrow Braids. Style the front of your hair with sleek, thin cornrows and let your natural curls flow freely for the rest. This look promises to turn heads.

gray front cornrow braids with curly ends

– Gray Mix of Braids and Dreads. For a look that’s anything but ordinary and rich in texture, choose a cascade of braids in various shades of gray. It’s the fashion-forward touch every braid enthusiast should experience!

gray braids with gray dreadlocks

– Gray to White Ombre-ed Box Braids. This style captures the classic essence of box braids, presented in a sleek gray shade. For added elegance, you might leave some baby hairs out at the front.

gray colored box braids

– Dark Gray Braid Made of Smaller Braids. It almost seems like an optical illusion, doesn’t it? These braided braids with a trendy ombre effect have an ethereal quality that’s absolutely captivating for 2024.

braided French braid gray color

– Two Braids + Space Buns on Natural Gray Hair. This gray braided look is worth saving for your 50s! The combination of two upside-down braids and twin high ‘pigtail’ space buns is guaranteed to draw loads of compliments!

braided hairstyle for older women

– Silver Gray Updo with Braided Ponytail. The extra volume in this hairstyle comes from shadow roots paired with the right teasing technique. This method adds depth and lifts the hair, creating a beautifully full appearance.

gray braid and ponytail updo white woman

– Thick Gray Cornrows and Braids. Whether you call them cornrows, scalp braids, Goddess braids, or Ghana braids, a hairstyle like this is sure to capture your heart forever.

thick cornrow gray braids

– Very Dark Gray and White Box Braids. This hip-length braided hairstyle, blending dark gray and white, is truly extraordinary. Prepare to turn heads and be the center of attention wherever you go.

super long gray and white braids

– A Mix of Gray Braids, Twists and Spiral Plaits. For the fearless fashionistas! Why limit yourself to just braids or twists when you can combine both into one knockout style?

gray braids twists and dreads

Would you consider trying one of these gray braid variations? We hope this article has enlightened you on the topic and shown that gray braided hairstyles can be worn and look stylish at any age! They are not only cool but also a low-maintenance alternative to cutting your locks. Experiment!

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