60 Trendy Sweater Weather Nails Designs and Best Nail Polishes


Sweater weather is here and you need more nail design ideas, right? Check the most liked and shared ones from Pinterest and Instagram!

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1. Fall sweater weather manicure.

fall sweater weather nail design

2. Mustard & gray nail design with animal print.

mustard gray matte nails with leopard print

3. Rose-gold sweater weather nails.

rose-gold sweater weather manicure

4. Pretty nail design on short nails.

short sweater weather nails

5. Milk-white and gold glitter nails.

milk-white and gold glitter sweater weather nails

6. Black and pink matte sweater weather manicure.

black and dusty pink sweater weather manicure

7. Light blue and mirror nail design for sweater weather.

light blue and mirror sweater weather mani

8. Pastel blue, pink, and black nails for fall-winter season.

pastel blue, pink, and black nails for fall-winter season

9. Light yellow nails with stars.

light yellow nail design with stars

10. Pastel gray and marble black sweater weather nails.

pastel gray and marble black sweater weather nails

11. Matte green nails with flower design.

matte green nails with flower design

12. Chocolate brown sweater weather nails.

chocolate brown sweater weather nails

13. Feminine pastel pink design with accent glitter nail.

pastel pink design with accent glitter nail

14. Black, gray and white nails for sweater weather.

black, gray and white sweater weather nails

15. Almost white lily nails for fall and winter.

almost white lily sweater weather nails

16. Blue+pink+glitter sweater weather nails.

blue, pink, glitter sweater weather nails

17. Pink coffin sweater nails.

coffin sweater nails in pink shade

18. Fall-winter nails with a cute fox.

light blue nails with a fox

19. Pink and black manicure with a marble accent nail.

pink and black manicure with a marble accent nail

20. White and camouflage nude nails for sweater weather.

white and camouflage nude sweater weather nails

21. Black and white marble manicure.

black and white marble manicure

22. Short oval sweater weather nail design.

short oval sweater weather nail design

23. Nude matte geometric nail design.

nude matte geometric nail design

24. Baby boomer stiletto winter nail design.

baby boomer stiletto winter nail design

25. Blue stiletto sweater nails.

blue stiletto sweater nails

26. Pink-rose glitter sweater weather nails.

pink-rose glitter sweater weather nails

27. Pink and white nails with a diamond.

pink and white nails with a diamond

28. Three-color sweater nail design.

Inna Babiichuk

29. Nude to white ombre nails with rhinestones on the accent nail.


30. White, pink and beige sweater weather manicure with rose gold glitter accent nail.

white, pink, beige, rose gold sweater weather manicure

31. Matte black nails with silver glitter stripes.

matte black nails with silver glitter stripes

32. Milk white geometric sweater weather mani.

milk white geometric sweater weather mani

33. White nails with pearly finish and silver glitter accent nail.

white nails with pearly powder and silver glitter

34. Purple gray nails with floral print on white base.

purple gray nails with floral print on white base

35. Pastel manicure paired with a cozy sweater.

pastel sweater weather nails

36. Monochrome matte nail art with black leaves design.

monochrome matte nails with black leaves

37. Matte brown, gray and glitter nails.

matte brown, gray and glitter nails

38. Beige white nails with black stars.


39. Pastel pink nails with shimmering rose-gold accent nail.

pastel pink nails with rose-gold glitter

40. Pastel stiletto nails for sweater weather.

sweater weather pastel stiletto nails

41. Squoval dusty pink manicure.

squoval dusty pink manicure with sweater

42. Almond sweater weather nail art in beige tones.

almond nude sweater weather nails

43. Сashmere sweater weather nail polish.

cashmere sweater weather nail polish

44. Dark blue and white winter nail design.

dark blue and white winter nail design

45. Caramel nail design to pair with a warm sweater.

caramel nail design for sweater weather

46. Matte black nails with white dots.

matte black nails with white dots

47. Simple winter nail design.

simple winter nail design

48. Sweater nail design for winter.


49. Light beige nails with black and white stars.

light beige nails with black and white stars

50. Gray and glitter sweater weather nails.

gray & glitter sweater weather nails

51. Green fall-winter nail art.

dark green sweater weather nails

52. Square dark matte manicure with a geometric design.

square dark matte manicure with a geometric design

53. Light pink cold weather mani with a sprinkle of glitter.

marshmallow pink nails with glitter

54. Purple sweater weather nails.

purple sweater weather nails

55. Nude manicure with gold stripes.

nude nails with gold stripes

56. Violet and lily nails for sweater weather.

violet and lily nails for sweater weather

57. Perfect burgundy and beige nails for fall.

fall burgundy and beige nails

58. Wine red matte nails for cold season.

wine red matte nails

59. Light gray nails with rhinestones and glitter.

light gray nails with rhinestones and glitter

60. Chocolate brown and bright yellow nails for autumn.


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