60 Marvelous Curtain Bangs for Women

Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that women still want in 2024. Check out the latest versions of trendy curtain bangs below!

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What Are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that are parted in the middle to frame the face. They can be cut shorter or kept quite long. They look so effortless and cool! If you want more information about this type of bangs, photos and examples, read below.

Are Curtain Bangs Trendy in 2024?

Yes, curtain bangs are definitely in trend this year! They stay one of the most asked types of bangs. You can opt for the shorter or longer curtain fringe, style it messy, shaggy, straight or flipped, and in all cases you will look stylish and trendy.

60 Curtain Bangs Ideas to Try in 2024

It’s time to see photos of curtain bangs for all face shapes and hair types.

1. Super-straight medium black hair with curtain bangs. Dark straight one-tone hair is not boring! If you want to take it to the next level, cut the bangs. Curtin bangs will work best for such hairstyles.

medium straight black hair with curtain bangs

2. Bob haircut with curtain bangs. Do you think curtain bangs flatter only long hair? Hell no! Short haircuts also look great with curtain bangs! Especially chin-length crops.

straight bob hair with curtain bangs

3. Thick curly haircut with cute curtain bangs. Does curtain fringe look good with curls? Yes and yes! You can see the proof in this image. The bangs are straight and the rest of the hair is curly. Perfect!

curly hair with bangs the curtain

4. Shoulder-length hair with long curtain bangs. Add curtain bangs to your layered haircut. The highlights will make everything look even more trendy.

shoulder length hair with curtain bangs

5. Curtain fringe and low ponytail. Many women don’t know how to style curtain bangs with a ponytail. Here you can see how beautifully a low ponytail with long curtain bangs looks.

ponytail hairstyle with curtain bangs

6. Long wavy brown hair with a curtain fringe. This is a classic option if you want a good haircut with curtain bangs. You just have to choose a flattering hair color and ask for the simple classic curtain bangs. Beach hair waves will make the style even more beautiful.

long hair with curtain bangs

7. Ideal short straight hair with curtain fringes. Do you want short curtain bangs? They will look great with your neck length straight haircut. Don’t hesitate!

short hair bob with straight curtain bangs

8. Hair bun with long curtain bangs. Will a bun with curtain bangs look good? Yeah! Here you see one of the possible ways to style a bun with side bangs.

bun hair with curtain bangs

9. Straight curtain bangs and curly hair. Curly curtain bangs can be styled straight. As we see, this way of styling curtain bangs also looks very good! So many ideas to style your hair! Choose what you like the most.

curls and curtain bangs

10. Straight curtain bangs with highlights. Curtain bangs can include highlights that emphasize the color of your eyes. This hairstyle looks current and effortless.

straight hair with curtain bangs

11. Curtain bangs parted in the middle. Shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs looks most attractive when parted in the middle. Soft, tousled waves give a natural look and add tenderness to your style.

shoulder length hair with long bangs

12. Iconic Bardot curtain bangs. A lot of women would love to replicate Brigitte Bardot’s famous banged hairstyle. To copy her signature look, do a voluminous hairstyle with loose, tousled curls. Make sure the curtain bangs are also slightly wavy.

voluminous bardot curtain bangs

13. Long curtain bangs with straight blonde hair. Many women like to style curtain bangs in layers that frame the face to create a continuous flow of strands. These long bangs are paired with clearly visible pieces. It is more interesting and balances the shape of the elongated face.

long curtain bangs for long face

14. Long curtain bangs with medium brown hair. Do you want to make thick and wavy hair even more attractive? Add beautiful long curtain bangs and highlights to your waves to enhance that beach-ready look.

long curtain bangs with medium brown hair

15. Long blonde hair with beautiful layers. You will definitely need good layers on the front strands to copy this beautiful hairstyle. It is full of movement and volume.

blonde hairstyle with layers and curtain bangs

16. Wavy haircut with curtain bangs. Shoulder-length wavy hair looks perfect with curtain bangs. This hairstyle has all chances to become one of the most popular hairstyles for women in 2024. Such face-framing curtain bangs make your look more elegant.

trendy brown hairstyle for women with curtain bangs

17. Very thick voluminous hair with curtain bangs. Wow! This hairstyle looks wonderful! Dark hair roots, a beachy blonde color, and perfect curtain bangs make it a dream for every girl with thick hair.

voluminous medium hairstyle with thick curtain bangs

18. Medium haircut with a curtain fringe and money piece highlights. Have you heard about the new type of fashionable highlights called “money pieces”? Here they are! Mixing two trends in one hairstyle will make you the real it-girl!

neck hair with curtain bangs

19. Korean curtain bangs. The so-called Korean bangs are super trendy nowadays. They are thinner and lighter than classic bangs and that is why women like them sooooo much!

medium hair hairstyle with Korean curtain bangs

20. Curtain bangs with highlights. Want to cut curtain bangs but aren’t sure if they’ll look good with highlights? Fear not. This photo shows that you can easily combine your bangs with highlights!

long hairstyle with highlights and curtain bangs

21. Long white blonde hair with thick curtain bangs. Such a perfect blonde hair color is a dream of every blonde! No yellowness! Anyway, some dark hair roots may be still needed for a better 3D effect. They will add depth to the entire hairstyle.

sexy long blonde hairstyle with curtain bangs
@derekcashstyles, @cashstudiosofficial

22. Medium caramel-red hair with curtain bangs. What a pleasant hair color! What a perfect texture! And these curtain bangs! A hairstyle that every woman with medium hair will want.

light brown hair with curtain bangs

23. Pixie bob haircut with long curtain bangs. One more proof that bangs and short haircuts pair very well. What a hair transformation! The whole hairstyle looks so beautiful!

pixie bob haircut with curtain bangs

24. Short messy hairstyle with side curtain bangs. Sometimes getting a haircut can really change your entire image. The hairstyle on the right looks more playful and elegant, doesn’t it?

short messy hair with curtain bangs

25. Black and white ‘skunk stripe’ hairstyle with curtain bangs. If you want to try the two-tone hairstyle like this, dye your bangs too. You will get a cute and fun hairstyle!

black and white skunk striped hair with curtain bangs

26. Two-tone brown hairstyle with layered curtain bangs. Brown hair with brown balayage, what could be more pleasant for our eyes? We can see many colors like this one on Instagram accounts. This is a hot trend, girls!

warm brown hair tone with curtain bangs

27. Long dark brown single color hair with curtain bangs. One-tone hairstyles are not boring if you add the right bangs. Of course, you should also add a proper hair care routine.

one tone brown hairstyle with curtain bangs

28. Blonde hair with brown underneath and curtain bangs. We can see two hot trends here. Dark hair underneath and modern bangs. It’s worth a try in 2024!

two-color hairstyle with curtain bangs

29. Blonde long hair haircut with curtain bangs. Do you need to elevate your blonde haircut? Consider dyeing your hair a new ash blonde color and cutting curtain bangs.

long straight hair with curtain bangs

30. Short hair with soft curtain bangs. Brunette hair will look perfect with short-to-long curtain bangs.

shaggy haircut with curtain bangs

31. Long highlighted haircut with curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are like a well-chosen accessory – they enhance your overall look without overshadowing the main attraction.


32. Blonde haircut with flipped feathered curtain bangs. Curtain bangs effortlessly bridge the gap between vintage nostalgia and modern allure, capturing the best of both worlds.


33. Long brunette hair with see-through curtain bangs. The soft, feathered texture of curtain bangs creates a romantic aura, making them an ideal choice for date nights and special occasions.


34. Long thick black haircut with layered curtain bangs. These bangs evoke a sense of playfulness, adding a youthful vibe to your look.


35. Classic curtain bangs with highlights. Curtain bangs are the ultimate face-framing feature, highlighting your unique facial structure with a touch of elegance.


36. Thick layered hair haircut with a curtain fringe. Curtain bangs have a transformative effect, turning a simple haircut into a fashion-forward statement that reflects your personal style.


37. Curtain bangs with long reddish chocolate-brown hair. The slight tousle and natural movement of curtain bangs add an element of carefree charm to your appearance.


38. Bronde medium hair with delicate curtain bangs. Whether you’re going for a casual day look or a glamorous evening style, curtain bangs effortlessly adapt to any occasion.


39. Brown-to-ash gray hair with curtain bangs and glasses. Curtain bangs have a way of enhancing your natural beauty, drawing attention to your eyes and accentuating your best features.


40. Shaggy neck-length haircut with curtain bangs. These bangs are the perfect compromise for those torn between the allure of bangs and the fear of commitment – they grow out seamlessly and gracefully.


41. Short chin-length bob with curtain bangs. A short bob with curtain bangs effortlessly marries the timeless chic of a classic bob with the subtle allure of gracefully cascading trendy fringe.


42. Shoulder-length chocolate brown haircut with curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are able to create an effortlessly chic Parisian look, framing the face with an air of subtle sophistication.

@migueldoeshair, @studiomdh

43. Curtain bangs with thin hair medium haircut. This type of bangs is like a curtain for your eyes, offering a peek-a-boo effect that adds a touch of mystery to your appearance.


44. Long layered hair with a long curtain fringe. Thanks to their versatility curtain bangs complement various hair lengths, textures, and styles with ease.


45. Low bun with curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are low-maintenance, that’s why they are an ideal choice for those who crave style without the fuss. Just look how they transform a simple hairstyle and take it to the next level.


46. Caramel highlights and curtain bangs. Are you looking for ways to soften a bold haircut or add a touch of femininity to your strict haircut? Curtain bangs are your go-to solution then.


47. Long haircut with curtain bangs and thinned-out ends. Long, flowing waves paired with curtain bangs result in a mesmerizing and bohemian-inspired hairstyle. This mullet shag may be a perfect idea for women who love a carefree aesthetic.


48. Blonde hairstyle with thick long curtain fringe bangs. Here the sun-kissed radiance of blonde hues, the rich texture of layered locks, and the soft, face-framing allure of curtain bangs are combined to create a voluminous, dynamic and trendy hairstyle.


49. Hazelnut brown haircut with long step-cut curtain bangs.
The hazelnut hair color is like a cozy blend of warm and earthy browns, reminiscent of the comforting hues found in freshly roasted hazelnuts, bringing a touch of natural richness and depth to your hair.


50. Toffee brown and caramel haircut with middle-parted curtain bangs. A long toffee brown and caramel haircut, adorned with middle-parted curtain bangs, creates a delectable fusion of rich, sweet tones.

@antoniofelipes @delpenhopeterson

51. Mullet shag with curtain bangs. These bangs are the finishing touch that transforms a haircut into a work of art, a masterpiece that speaks volumes about your unique style.


52. Curtain bangs with thick balayage highlights. It’s as if curtain bangs have a flirtatious quality, teasing the viewer’s gaze with a subtle captivating allure.


53. Light brown highlights on along haircut with curtain bangs fringe. Wearing curtain bangs is akin to having a built-in confidence boost.

@painted.by_.chels, @glimmergloss.salon

54. Ash-blonde haircut with thick feathered curtain bangs. The slightly tousled texture of curtain bangs brings a casual, lived-in vibe to even the simplest hairstyle.


55. Strawberry haircut with super-long curtain bangs. Right bangs lead the viewer’s gaze along the contours of your face, revealing your unique beauty. Consult your hairstylist to choose the most flattering curtain bangs for your face shape.


56. Curtain bangs and round face combination. These bangs have an uncanny ability to create the illusion of a more oval face shape, providing balance and symmetry.


57. Haircut with curtain bangs and feathered layered ends. Curtain bangs are the VIP section of your hairstyle, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones with an exclusive touch.


58. Super thick curtain bangs. Curtain bangs harmonize the contours of your face, but they enhance the beauty of your natural hair texture. Thick hair looks more dynamic with the curtain fringe.


59. Curtain bangs with chunky highlights. If you are planning to add thick chunky bangs to your hairstyle, consider adding them to your bangs too. Dyed bangs are a trend rn.


60. Well-defined flipped curtain bangs. The strategic placement of curtain bangs can transform your hairstyle dramatically. You only need to choose the right length and shape of your bangs. Also, you have to learn at least several ways of styling your new trendy bangs.


How to cut curtain bangs: step by step video instructions

How to cut the curtain fringe? It’s not very easy. Consider calling your hairdresser if you want those perfect flattering curtain bangs. However, if you still want to cut your bangs yourself, check out this tutorial.

What faces do curtain bangs suit?

Curtain bangs are versatile and can complement a variety of face shapes. They tend to suit well:

Oval Faces: Curtain bangs work particularly well with oval faces, as this face shape is considered the most versatile and can pull off various styles.

Round Faces: Curtain bangs can add the illusion of length to round faces, providing a flattering framing effect.

Square Faces: Softening angular features, curtain bangs can complement square faces by adding a touch of femininity.

Heart-Shaped Faces: The soft, wispy nature of curtain bangs can balance the broader forehead often seen in heart-shaped faces.

Long Faces: Curtain bangs can visually shorten the appearance of a long face, creating a harmonious balance.

While curtain bangs are quite adaptable, it’s essential to consider individual preferences, hair texture, and personal style when choosing any hairstyle. Additionally, consulting with a hairstylist can provide tailored advice based on specific facial features and hair characteristics.

What is the difference between curtain bangs and drape bangs?

Drape bangs are the longer version of curtain bangs, sitting between layers and a fringe.

Who looks good with curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs can complement a variety of face shapes, including oval, round, square, heart-shaped, and long faces. So, basically they look great on all women who like bangs and choose their right shape with their hairstylist. Sometimes it is not so easy to choose the right shape because we are all unique, with unique face shapes, hair types, hair textures, lifestyles and, what’s important, hair condition.

What to ask for when getting curtain bangs?

When getting curtain bangs, you can ask your hairstylist for the following:

Length: Specify how long you want your curtain bangs to be, whether you prefer them to graze your eyebrows, fall just below, or have a longer, more dramatic length.

Density: Discuss the thickness or density of the bangs, whether you want them wispy and light or thicker for a bold statement.

Parting: Clarify the center parting for the curtain bangs, as this is a defining characteristic of the style.

Face Framing: Mention if you have any specific preferences for how the bangs frame your face, such as the angle or the amount of coverage on each side.

Texture: Decide whether you want your curtain bangs to have a textured or blunt finish, considering the overall look you’re aiming for.

Maintenance: Discuss the level of maintenance you are comfortable with, as curtain bangs can vary in terms of how often they might need trimming or styling.

Blend with Existing Hairstyle: If you already have a particular hairstyle, ensure the curtain bangs will seamlessly blend and enhance the overall look.

Styling Tips: Ask your stylist for tips on styling and maintaining your curtain bangs at home, including product recommendations and styling techniques.

Communicating clearly with your stylist ensures you get the curtain bangs that best suit your preferences and complement your overall style. Bringing reference photos can also be helpful to convey the exact look you have in mind.

What do I need to know before getting curtain bangs?

Before getting curtain bangs, here are some things to consider:

Face Shape: Understand your face shape, as curtain bangs can be versatile but may slightly vary in how they frame different face shapes.

Maintenance: Be aware that curtain bangs may require regular trims to maintain their shape and avoid discomfort.

Styling Commitment: Consider your willingness to style your bangs regularly, as curtain bangs often require a deliberate styling routine.

Hair Texture: Know that curtain bangs work well with various hair textures, but the level of natural wave or straightness may influence the final look.

Growing Out: Understand that if you decide to grow out your curtain bangs, they can seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair.

Communication with Stylist: Clearly communicate your preferences with your stylist, discussing length, thickness, and overall style to ensure the desired outcome.

Product Use: Be prepared to use hair products to maintain the desired shape and texture of your curtain bangs.

Commitment Level: Evaluate your level of commitment to this style, as it may influence your overall haircut and styling choices.

How often to maintain curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs generally benefit from trims every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain their shape, and at-home touch-ups may be needed for stray hairs or minor adjustments between salon visits. Daily styling with blow-drying or using styling products can also contribute to keeping curtain bangs looking fresh and well-maintained.

How do I know if curtain bangs will look good on me?

To assess if curtain bangs will complement your features, consider your face shape; they typically suit various shapes such as oval, round, square, heart, and long faces. Additionally, consult with a skilled hairstylist who can provide personalized advice based on your specific features, helping you determine the most flattering curtain bangs style for you. There exist your perfect curtain bangs, you just need to find them.

Now you know everything about curtain bangs. Do you like this type of trendy bangs? We hope you found this gallery of curtain bangs useful. Check out our other articles if you have more hair-related questions.

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