51 Trendy Bixie Haircuts Women Are Asking for in 2024

As we dive deeper into 2024, the demand for trendy Bixie haircuts continues to soar among women seeking a chic and low-maintenance hairstyle.

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Want to know more about this bob + pixie type of haircut? Check out its diversity below!

1. Sleek Bixie Cut

Sleek Brown Bixie Cut Style

A sleek Bixie cut is characterized by smooth texture and clean lines. Such haircuts offer a polished look that is perfect for those women who prefer a minimalist but at the same time stylish appearance.

2. Textured Bixie with Bangs

Textured Messy Bixie

This variation of the Bixie cut has extra texture and depth. Moreover it is complemented by soft, wispy bangs that frame the face perfectly.

3. Messy Bixie Hair

Messy Bixie Cut

All messy haircuts exude effortless charm with their tousled layers and playful vibe. Whom will such a haircut flatter? It can definitely become a favorite for those embracing a carefree style.

4. Layered Bixie

Layered Bixie Hairstyle

Combine short, choppy layers with a bob cut, and you will have a dynamic and voluminous look. Plus, it will enhance your beautiful facial features. You can also add highlights to your cut for even more interest.

5. Asymmetrical Bixie

Asymmetrical Bixie Hairstyle

This asymmetrical Bixie haircut features uneven lengths, with one side longer than the other. Thinking about adding an edgy and modern twist to the classic pixie-bob hairstyle? Opt for assymetry!.

6. Curly Bixie

Curly Bixie Cut

The curly Bixie haircut embraces natural curls, offering a soft and romantic appearance. Choose this playful and sophisticated hairstyle if you want to get tons of compliments every day!

7. Undercut Bixie

Undercut Bixie Cut

Undercut haircuts have shaved or closely cropped sides, that are in most cases contrasting with longer hair on top. This haircut has super-shot temples and nape, and long messy wavy top section. Stunning!

8. Side-Swept Bixie

Side Swept Bixie Cut

Long highlighted bangs here are swept to one side, adding elegance and movement to the hairstyle. Want the same effect? Choose long side bangs and hair coloring that suits your skin color.

9. Tousled Bixie

Tousled Bixie

This tousled Bixie haircut is styled with tousled layers. With this trick the hairstylist created a relaxed and effortless appearance that is ideal for casual settings and every other life situation.

10. Pixie Bob with Lots of Layers

Heavy-Layered Bixie

In this short blonde haircut with layers the short length of a pixie cut with layered textures are combined, offering dimension and volume.

11. Blunt Bixie Cut

Blunt Cut Bixie

A blunt cut features straight, sharp edges that create a bold and defined look, emphasizing the contours of the face. This blunt pixie bob looks simply stunning with its bluntness!

12. Layered Bixie with Side Bangs

Blonde Rooted Bixie

This rooted blonde haircut combines layered textures with wispy side-swept bangs. This all added dimension and softness to the look. Also, the haircut is framing the face super elegantly.

13. Textured Bixie with Choppy Layers

Choppy Textured Bixie

A textured Bixie haircut with choppy layers and lots of highlighted strands offers a tousled and casual appearance. It will be perfect for you if you like to try different relaxed and stylish looks.

14. Long Bixie Pixie

Long Pixie Bob

Here the layers are a lot longer than in traditional pixies. It is even more a bob than a pixie. Such haircuts offer us versatility and a chic, modern vibe. Worth trying during the next visit to the salon!

15. Short and Sweet Bixie

Very Short Bixie

This haircut embraces simplicity with very short, neatly cropped layers that highlight facial features and require minimal styling for everyday elegance. So feminine and romantic!

16. Wispy Bixie Cut

Wispy Bixie Cut

This cute wispy Bixie incorporates delicate, wispy strands that add a soft and feminine touch to the following hairstyle, enhancing movement and texture in the model’s hair.

17. Layered Bixie with Shorter Nape

Bixie with Nape Undercut

This variation of our trendy bixie haircut pairs layered textures on top with an undercut at the nape and in the temples area. Blend edginess with sophistication, and you will get a standout look.

18. Bold Color Pixie Bob

Blue Wavy Pixie Bob

Very often bixies feature vibrant or unconventional hair colors. By choosing such ‘unnatural’ colors haircolorists add a daring and unique flair to the classic Bixie that can be boring for some bold women. If you want a pop o color, choose pinks, blues, greens, orange and even yellow shades.

19. Retro-Inspired Bixie

Wavy Retro Bixie Cut

A retro-inspired Bixie haircut takes cues from vintage styles. Usually such hairstyles incorporate classic elements like pin curls or finger waves. Here we also see a stunning rooted blonde color and beautiful curly waves.

20. Mohawk-Inspired Bixie

Mohawk Bixie Cut

The Mohawk-inspired Bixie haircut features a center strip of longer hair with shorter sides, offering a modern and daring twist on the traditional Bixie cut. The sides can be cut even shorter, or shaved.

21. Black Hair Bixie Cut

Black Woman Bixie

What smooth texture and clean lines this haircut has! So feminine and professional! It’s a perfect choice for those who prefer a minimalist appearance, but want to be in the center of attention too.

22. Textured Bixie with Glasses

Bixie with Glasses

hair flipping and slightly darker roots add texture and depth to the Bixie cut. Here the cut is also complemented by long side bangs that frame the model’s face beautifully.

23. Messy Bob-Shaped Pixie

Older Woman Bixie

This haircut exudes effortless charm with its tousled layers and playful vibe. A top choice for women embracing a carefree style. And it flatters all age groups too.

24. Layered Balayaged Bixie

Bixie with Balayage

Add short, choppy layers and balayage highlights to your combo of bob and pixie. As a result you will get a dynamic and voluminous look that enhances your perfect facial features.

25. Asymmetrical Bixie with Balayage

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Here one side is much longer than the other. Not a one more classic bixie style that everyone is used to, right? One half of hair has bob length, the other is cut at the pixie length. A cool way to try something non-banal and trendy!

26. Wavy Messy Bixie

Messy Bixie with Glasses

Need a cute pixie-bob cut with glasses that will create a playful look? Choose a similar wavy messy hairstyle that is elegant, feminine and professional-looking at the same time.

27. Bowl-Cut Bixie

Bowl Cut Bixie

Surprise-surprise! If combining bob and pixie is not enough for you, add one more trendy haircut to this duo – the bowl cut! You will get a really bold and daring look.

28. Side-Parted Bixie

Side Parted Bixie

The deep side parted pixies with longer bangs swept to one side look elegant and have just the right amount of movement and flirty vibe.

29. Tousled Asymmetrical Bixie

Tousled Asymmetrical Bob Pixie

Tousled layers will always save a look if you need to style your hair quickly. Even if it is the second-day hair. A relaxed and effortless appearance like in this photo can be create in several minutes.

30. Highlighted Angled Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob with balayage Highlights

Pixie in the back, bob in the front – the short length of a pixie cut is combined with layered textures and angled face-framing strands of the bob here. This gives your hair versatility and volume. And that X-factor every woman wants to have in her look.

31. Straight Hair Pixie Bob

Straight Round-Shaped Bixie

Here we have a combo of the short, edgy style of a pixie cut with the classic rounded shape of a bob. A simple, chic and sophisticated look that is super easy to maintain.

32. Textured Pixie Cut

Blonde Rooted Bixie Tousle

This variation of the pixie cut has enough texture and volume to be in the top of the list of trendiest and most wanted haircuts of this season. Who doesn’t want the same tousled and lively appearance that is both youthful and stylish?

33. Messy Pixie with Bangs

Brown Messy Bixie

Give your locks a carefree and playful vibe with such tousled layers and soft, face-framing curtain bangs. Want to enjoy a low-maintenance and trendy hairstyle? Here is your bet.

34. Blonde Rooted Pixie Bob

Layered Rooted Blonde Bixie

The following type of styling short locks greatly enhances facial features! Wavy layers, volume at the top, darker roots – all this you need to make a hairstyle like this one.

35. Special Occasion Bixie

Special Occasion Bixie Styling

Style your pixie bob cut for a special occasion by adding voluminous waves on the one side and tucking behind the ear the stands on the other side. Perfect!

36. Deep Side Part with Mega Volume

Mega Volume Bixie Cut

Want to stun with your short hair? Choose dramatic asymmetry! Add shadow roots for more volume and invest into good hair products.

37. Highlighted Wavy Bixie

Wavy Bixie with Balayage Highlights

The following highlighted wavy bixie hairstyle combines playful waves with strategically placed highlights. The hair colorist added texture and dimension with this trick. A fresh and modern twist on the classic bixie cut, perfect for those ladies who are seeking a stylish and dynamic hairstyle for their active lifestyles.

38. Simple Comfy Bixie

Off-Centered Blonde Smudged Bixie

How about this simple, slightly off-centered blonde bixie with dark smudged roots? Here the freshness of blonde with subtle depth from the darker roots are combined. The maximum balance and sophistication!

39. Fiery-Red Bixie Cut

Bright Fiery Red Bixie Haircut

The fiery-red bixie cut is a daring and energetic hairstyle that radiates passion and flair. Its vibrant hue adds a fiery touch to the short, modern cut, creating a standout look that’s both fierce and stylish. Agree?

40. Round-Shaped Brunette Bixie

bixie with high contrast balayage

This round-shaped brunette bixie is upgraded with some visible highlights and tiny almost unvisible babylights all over in the tasty caramel shade. Depth and dimension are super cool here! Balayage definitely adds brightness and texture to brunette hair!

41. Dark Blonde Bixie

Dishwater Blonde Bixie Hair

This chic dark blonde bixie hairstyle will do good for all skin colors and all types of outfits. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ option for every age, hair type, base hair color.

42. Messy Textured Blonde Bixie

Messy Bixie Haircut

The blonde hairstyle with shadow roots features a messy, wavy texture that adds a relaxed and beachy vibe. The darker roots provide depth and contrast, enhancing the overall dimension and movement of the waves.

43. Messy Bixie with Center-Part

Center-Parted Bixie Hairstyle

The messy bixie with a center part has a laid-back, textured look with disheveled layers adding volume and movement. This hairstyle gives off a trendy, effortlessly cool vibe.

44. Layered Blonde Side-Parted Bixie

Square Face Bixie

Here the young woman sports deep side-parted blonde crop with slightly darker roots, adding depth and contrast to her look. Her haircut complements her square-shaped jawline and round glasses, creating a stylish and balanced appearance.

45. Asymmetrical Blonde Bob Pixie

Blonde Bob Pixie Haircut

This asymmetrical blonde bob pixie, with darker roots, features one side cut to ear-length and the other extending to chin-length. This trendy, edgy and dynamic look adds dimension and draws attention to the face’s natural contours. Super eye-catching!

46. Curly Black Hair Bixie

Black Hair Curly Bixie Cut

The curly pixie bob embraces natural curls, offering a soft and romantic look that is playful, sophisticated and cute. Perfect for enhancing your natural texture!

47. Bright Color Undercut Pixie

Bright Colored Bixie

Here not only closely cropped sides are contrasting with longer hair on top, but also a mix of dark and bright res colors creates a bold and daring appearance. It all really stands out!

48. Side-Swept Rounded Pixie Bob

Round-Shaped Side-Swept Bixie Cut

Here we see longer bangs swept to one side. They add elegance and movement to the hairstyle while framing the face beautifully.

49. Barbie Pink Pixie

Pink Bixie Hairstyle

This bright pink pixie is styled with tousled layers, creating a relaxed and effortless appearance that is ideal for casual settings.

50. Wet-Looking Wavy Layers

Layered Wet Look Bixie

This pixie haircut with layers combines short length with layered textures, offering versatility and volume that can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions. A high-quality hair gel will provide you similar wet-looking waves.

51. Side-Parted Bixie and Round Face

Bixie for Round Face

A red side-parted bixie cut perfectly complements a round face by adding asymmetry and definition, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. The vibrant red color adds a bold touch, creating a striking and fashionable look.

Bixie haircuts offer a versatile and stylish range of options for anyone looking to refresh their hairstyle. From sleek and polished cuts to tousled and textured styles, each Bixie haircut brings its own charm and personality. Whether you prefer the edgy asymmetrical look, the soft curls of a curly Bixie, or the bold statement of an undercut Bixie, there’s a style to suit every preference and occasion. Embracing both classic elegance and modern trends, Bixie haircuts continue to be a favorite choice among those seeking a chic and manageable hairstyle that enhances their natural beauty with minimal effort.

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