40 Most Beautiful Orange Nail Designs for 2024


What is your most beloved orange nail color? Classic bright orange or more pastel sandy shades? Maybe you prefer neon orange nail designs, tangerine nail arts, or brownish ginger nails, terracotta, and amber-orange nail colors? We included all shades of orange in this article!

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Different Orange Nails Shades

Let’s start from defining all that shades of orange. There are two basic types of orange nail polish shades, dark (terracotta, spice, rust orange, red-orange, bronze, amber-orange shades) and light orange colors (pastel orange, apricot, marigold, honey tones). There is also a group of bright neon orange colors. Here are the most popular orange shades that are used in nail designs.

Different Orange Nail Colors

Different Orange Nail Shades

The 40 Cutest Orange Nails Designs and Nail Arts

Let’s check out the photos. Feel free to screenshot or pin what you like.

Beautiful geometric orange matte nail design with black stripes.

Black and Orange Nail Design Idea
Credit: ALLURE nails

Bright oval-shaped matte orange nail design with rhinestones.

Neon Orange Nails
Credit: @agnieszka_beauty_artist

Fall-themed orange nail art with an owl.

Brown and Orange Nail Design Idea
Credit: @shobonova_nails_studio

Long almond neon-orange nails with shiny stripes.

Tangerine Orange Nail Color with Design
Credit: @lucy_smirnova_nails

Elegant beige and orange nail design.

Neon Orange Summer Nail Design Idea
Credit: @manikurchik_russia

Warm orange nail design idea with black leaves.

Orange Nail Art
Credit: @zanogotkami

Very light yellow-orange nail design with one accent glitter nail.

Orange Nail Art with Glitter
Credit: Anastasia Parakhina nail studio

Feminine orange flower nail design.

Abstract Orange Nail Art
Credit: @yana_yakovenko88

Burnt orange nail design with black accent nails and some glitter.

Dark Terracotta Orange Nail Art
Credit: @emka_mariola_kwiatkowska

Matte orange and black nail art with an animal print.

Sandstone Orange Nails with Leopard
Credit: @daria_sol_nails

Dark orange matte nail art with flowers on the tips.

Flower Orange Nail Design Art
Credit: safinailstudio

Burnt orange and black nail design with leopard print on an accent nail.

Orange Nail Colors with Leopard Print
Credit: @sovetova.studio

Cute white and orange nails with cats.

Orange Nail Art with Red Cats
Credit: @dasha_balandina_nails

Light yellow and orange nail art with flowers and leaves.

Orange Nails with Leaves and Flowers
Credit: @apalat_nails

Dark orange and light orange nail art with the leopard print.

Orange Leo Nail Design
Credit: @alyonaiils

Simple ‘brick’ orange matte nail design with a stripe in the middle.

Easy Orange Nail Design
Credit: @amyle.nails

Long acrylic ombre orange nail art design for women.

Long Acrylic Orange Nails
Credit: @beautybyelee

Long acrylic nails with multiple shades of orange.

Yellow and Orange Nail Design
Credit: @helenahan.pro

Deep orange matte nail art with black and white swirls.

Orange Ombre Nail Art
Credit: @denisova_nailartist

Autumn orange nail design with fall leaves and matte top coat.

Orange Nails Ideas
Credit: @lucy_smirnova_nails

Very log acrylic white milk to orange ombre nail design.

Orange Ombre Nails
Credit: @chaunlegend

Orange and yellow nail art design for this season.

Yellow and Orange Nail Art
Credit: @liliyasay

Very light orangey nails with an abstract woman’s silhouette design.

Very Light Orange Nails
Credit: @kalinina_nailszp

Almond-shaped long acrylic nails white and deep orange.

Carrot Orange Nail Design with Splashes
Credit: @pazybohomazy

Fall-inspired white, black and orange nail art with leaves.

Fall Autumn Orange Nail Art
Credit: @kolosova.nail.art

Black, green and orange nail design with foil.

Green and Orange Nail Design with Matte Finish
Credit: @Vera Studia

Very simple and easy nail art in a beautiful bright orange shade with a leaf.

Simple Orange Nail Design
Credit: @lihacheva.nailart

Orange French nail design on long acrylic nails.

Orange French nail design
Credit: @nailsbysnappy

Burn orange nail art design with pumpkins and the plaid print.

Orange Nail Art Design with Pumpkin for Fall or Thanksgiving
Credit: pinterest

Bright orange nails with black French tips.

Orange Nail Art
Credit: @luxio_nailstudio

Beige abstract nail design with a mix of black, red, yellow and orange colors.

Orange Nail Design
Credit: @nailartist_natali

Fantastic orange nail design with blue accents, white, brown and black colors.

Orange Nail Art Design
Credit: @otaylor_nails

Beige nail art with neat orange leo print on the squoval nail shape.

Orange Nails
Credit: @otaylor_nails

Summer bright matte orange nail design with palm leaves.

Bright Orange Nail Design
Credit: @pankratova.studio

Black, brown and mustard orange nail art with leopard accent nails.

Mustard Orange Nail Art Design with Black Color and Leo Print
Credit: @pazurki_official

Stiletto orange nails with French tips and matte top coat.

Neon Fire-Orange Nails
Credit: @alinahoyonailartist

Blue and orange abstract nail art with faces.

Purple, Blue and Orange Nail Art
Credit: @yeswhatnails

Very long beige, bright orange and burnt orange nail art.

Very Long Acrylic Orange Nail Art
Credit: @wearequeensnails

Medium-legth black and orange nail design with accent nails.

Black and Orange Nail Art
Credit: @gert_nails

Fall orange manicure with pizza design.

Orange Nail Art for Pizza Lovers
Credit: @usti_na

Is it now easier for you to choose an orange nail color for your next visit to the salon? Send us your thoughts and photos of your orange nail designs via DMs on Instagram!

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