50 Ideas of Gray Haircuts and Gray Highlights for Men

Gray hair is no longer just a sign of aging but a bold fashion statement. More men are choosing to rock their natural gray or add gray highlights to their existing color for a distinguished, modern look. Here’s how you can stay stylish with gray haircuts and highlights.

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Gray hair exudes sophistication and maturity, symbolizing experience and wisdom. It’s a trend that has been embraced by celebrities and style icons, showing that gray can be incredibly fashionable.

1. The Classic Short Cut

Classic Short Gray Men's Haircut

A timeless option, the classic short cut looks clean and sharp. It’s easy to maintain and perfect for transitioning to naturally gray strands.

2. The Textured Crop

Textured Gray Hair Crop for Men

Adding texture to a cropped cut can bring out the different shades of gray in your hair, creating a dynamic, youthful look.

3. The Modern Pompadour

Gray Pompadour Haircut Men

This style, with its voluminous combed back top and shorter sides, adds a modern twist to gray hair. It’s a great way to combine classic and contemporary styles.

4. The Undercut

Gray Undercut Men

The contrast between short sides and a longer top in an undercut can make gray hair look edgy and trendy. This style works well both with natural gray locks and gray highlights.

5. The Buzz Cut

Gray Buzz Cut Men

For a low-maintenance option, the buzz cut is ideal. It showcases your gray hair with simplicity and ease.

6. Gray Highlights

Gray Highlights Combover Men

Multitone gray highlights can create a sophisticated and trendy look. Here is a great example worth saving for later!

7. Gray Undershave

Gray Shaved Sides Haircut

The men’s undershave gray hairstyle combines sleek, almost fully shaved sides with a full, textured top for a modern and edgy vibe. The striking contrast of the silver-gray hair adds a distinctive, standout appeal. Effortlessly cool!

8. Modern Gray Mohawk

Men's Gray Mohawk

Here we have closely shaved sides that highlight the striking, voluminous silver-gray hair on top. Styled in a sleek and edgy manner, the mohawk adds a bold, modern touch that pairs perfectly with a rugged beard and mustache.

9. Gray Caesar Cut

Gray Caesar Haircut

Here a short, straight fringe frames the forehead, the hair is neatly cropped with subtle texture, enhancing the natural gray tones. The overall look is clean and stylish. Perfect for a confident appearance.

10. Gray Crew Cut

Gray Crew Cut

Neatly tapered fade on the sides and back is blending seamlessly with the slightly longer hair on top. The short length emphasizes the natural gray color. Ideal for a low-maintenance look.

11. Gray Faux-Mohawk

Gray Faux-Mohawk Men

This striking gray faux-mohawk boasts sharp undercut sides and a longer, brushed-up top, delivering an effortlessly cool and edgy vibe. Paired with sleek black-framed glasses, this look is ideal for the fashion-forward man ready to turn heads.

12. Gray Long Twists

Long Gray Twists Men

Channel rugged sophistication with a long, gray twisted hairstyle paired with a defined beard and moustache. The side undercuts at the temples add a modern edge to evoke a Khan Drogo-esque vibe, blending classic masculinity with contemporary style.

13. Gray Messy Mohawk with Undershave

Gray Messy Mohawk Undercut Men

Embrace an edgy statement with a messy mohawk featuring gray hair and sharp undercut sides. Complemented by a distinguished gray beard and a bold red and gray mustache, this look exudes rebellious charm and timeless cool.

14. Shoulder-Length Silver-Gray Haircut

Shoulder-Length Gray Hair Men

Elevate your style with a shoulder-length silver-gray haircut, showcasing luxurious waves and a striking blend of silver and dark gray tones.

15. Salt and Pepper Highlights

Salt and Pepper Hair Men

A mix of gray and your natural color, salt and pepper highlights add depth and dimension to your hair. This hairstyle is elegantly brushed up to medium length with subtly shorter sides. This look balances refinement with a touch of rugged allure. Ideal for the modern gentleman seeking something new for his image.

16. Silver Streaks

Silver Hair Highlights Boys Men

Bold silver streaks can create a striking contrast, making your hairstyle stand out.

17. Subtle Gray Highlights

Soft Gray Highlights in Brown Hair Men

For a more understated look, subtle gray highlights can blend greatly with your natural hair color, adding a touch of refinement.

18. Ash Gray Highlights

Ash Gray Highlights for Men

Revitalize your style with ash gray highlights accentuating a longer, spiky top contrasted by shorter, white-gray sides. This dynamic haircut merges youthful energy with refined sophistication, ensuring a standout look for any occasion.

19. Silver Off-Centered Part

Gray Hair Side Swept Bangs Men

A longer top here is elegantly styled to one side. The cascading effect from longer to shorter sides creates a dynamic silhouette, blending contemporary flair with timeless elegance.

20. Half Shaved Haircut

Half Shaved Gray Hair Men

Embrace bold individuality with a partly shaved haircut, showcasing a longer top expertly swept to the side.

21. Full Head of Curls

Curly Coily Hair Gray Men Older

Need a stylish and low-maintenance option that effortlessly exudes charm and charisma? Opt for this medium-length curly haircut featuring a blend of silver, gray, and platinum hues.

22. Gray-Color Half Bun

Gray Half Bun Men

Embrace laid-back elegance with a casually messy gray half bun, offering relaxed charm with a touch of urban sophistication.

23. Gray Spiky Feathered Mohawk

Gray Feathered Mohawk Men

Rock a bold statement with a gray spiky feathered Mohawk. It features feathered textures, creating a modern twist on a classic punk-inspired style.

24. Medium-Length Tousled Haircut

Medium Tousled Gray Hair Men Older

This medium-length tousled haircut is ideal for the modern gentleman. These tousled waves exude laid-back charm and casual sophistication.

25. Platinum Gray Highlights

Platinum Gray Highlights Men Boys

Going for a bold, platinum gray can give you a contemporary, high-fashion look that’s sure to turn heads. Ideal option for all age groups!

26. Spiral Gray Curls

Gray Spiral Curls Haircut Men

Define your look with spiral gray curls, capturing a Pierre Richard-inspired essence that merges refined curls with a distinguished, charismatic appeal.

27. Side-Swept Gray Hair

Gray Hair Swept to the Side

Here we see a harmonious blend of light silver and dark gray tones. Achieve understated style with this side-swept gray hairdo.

28. White Gray Highlights

White Gray Highlights Older Men

Define your style with white gray highlights, achieving a scholarly yet graceful appearance reminiscent of a professor, accentuated by the subtle elegance of glasses.

29. Silver Gray Curly Top Haircut

Wavy Gray Hair Men Glasses

Make a bold statement with a silver gray curly top haircut, featuring short buzzed sides that accentuate the natural texture and dynamic movement of the curls.

30. Dark Gray Messy Man Bun

Gray Men Bun Hairstyle

The following dark gray man bun combines practicality and trend-setting style. Ideal for the stylish man on the go.

31. Off-Centered Wavy Gray Curls

Wavy Salt-and-Pepper Hair Men

Capture an asymmetrical allure with off-centered, medium-length wavy gray curls. A unique twist on classic waves, isn’t it?

32. Gray Comb Over Haircut with Cropped Sides

Silver Highlights Hairstyle Men

A modern take on classic grooming, this gray comb-over haircut is complemented by closely cropped sides. Ideal for the discerning gentleman!

33. Brown and Gray Top Knot

Gray Man Bun Top High

Earthy tones with distinguished gray highlights are blended in this stylish brown and gray top knot. It is easy to embrace urban chic with such a trendy hairstyle!

34. Messy Top Volume

Gray Hair Men over 40

How about a messy top volume gray haircut, where tousled layers and natural gray tones create a dynamic, lived-in look? Stylish and relaxed!

35. Wavy Salt-and-Pepper Look

Curly Gray hair Men over 50

Sport a casually elegant look with a medium salt-and-pepper hairstyle, featuring gentle waves and a slight center part.

36. Neat Mohawk in Silver Shades

Platinum Gray Hair Older Men

A bold, spiked top in a striking shade of gray perfectly complements the buzzed sides for a modern, sharp contrast.

37. Gray to Brown Messy Curls

Curly Bun Older Men Gray Hair

Wavy, silver-gray hair looks ideal when gathered into a relaxed half-bun. It allows natural texture to shine.

38. Gray Men’s Ponytail

Gray Ponytail Hairstyle Men

The sides here are neatly pulled back, creating a clean and polished contrast to the textured top. The ponytail is paired with a well-groomed salt-and-pepper beard. Super-stylish!

39. Ashy Silver Textured Crop

Short Sides Long Top Gray Hair Men

Short on the sides and longer on top, this textured crop uses ash gray to accentuate the style’s layers.

40. Buzz Cut Style

Short Gray Hair Men with Highlights

If you like simple haircuts, opt for this buzz cut. This striking all-over buzz cut features a uniform length in a distinguished gray color.

41. Salt-and-Pepper Brush Up

Silver Platinum Gray Hair Men over 60

Featuring hair brushed up and back, this style highlights salt-and-pepper tones for added texture and volume.

42. Silver Fox Side Part

Silver Gray Hair Men over 70

This haircut features a sharp side part with well-groomed silver hair, offering a classic and elegant style.

43. Casual Ash Gray Undercut

Gray Spiky Hair Older Man

A cool manly undercut with longer, wavy ash gray hair on top, creating a strong contrast with the closely shaved sides.

44. Textured Salt-and-Pepper Quiff

Spiky Top Hair Men Gray Locks

This style looks very cool with this textured quiff in salt-and-pepper tones. It added depth and dimension to the overall image.

45. Hair Combed to the Side

Men's Gray Side-Parted Hair

Here silver strands carefully swept to one side for a sleek, refined appearance. The precise parting adds definition, while the length on top allows for a smooth, controlled flow of hair.

46. Curly Wavy Ash Gray Undercut

Curly Top Men with Gray Hair

This stylish undercut has longer, curly ash gray hair on top, creating a strong contrast with the closely shaved sides.

47. Dark Gray Top, White Sides Temples

Gray Comb Over Pompadour

This dark gray haircut features tresses neatly combed up in the front, creating a subtle lift and structured look. The sides are cut very short and colored a contrasting white-gray tone.

48. Silver Man Bun

Gray Men's Braids Twists

The following wavy man bun is complemented by silver highlights throughout. The messiness of the bun gives the style a relaxed and effortless vibe, perfect for both casual outings and creative settings.

49. Silver Locks Swept to the Side

Long Top Short Sides Gray Haircut Men

Here we see silver hair that is expertly swept to the side from a distinct part. The shorter sides provide a clean contrast to the longer top, which flows smoothly across. The blend of lengths and sleek silver color offer a refined and modern style.

50. Transitioning to Gray Hair Top Bun

Gray Highlights for Older Men

Silver hair in this case is styled in loose, defined curls that gracefully frame the face. The ends are left warm brown, adding a zest to the hairstyle. The hair is gathered into a relaxed and slightly tousled top bun

Maintaining Gray Hair

Keeping your gray hair looking its best involves proper care:

– Use a Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo helps neutralize any yellow tones in gray hair, keeping it bright and vibrant.

– Condition Regularly

Gray hair can be prone to dryness, so regular conditioning is essential to keep it soft and manageable.

– Avoid Heat Damage

Minimize the use of heat styling tools, and always use a heat protectant when you do to prevent damage.

Gray haircuts and highlights for men are all about embracing your natural look with style and confidence. Whether you’re going fully gray or adding highlights, these tips and styles will help you make a bold and fashionable statement.

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