Easter Nails: The Newest Easter Nail Designs for 2018

Easter Nails is what you really need to start choosing right now. One of the biggest holidays of the year is around the corner. And this means that you need new Easter nail designs ideas urgently. What we suggest… choose one of the images below and enjoy holidays. Because nail design speaks louder than words, and your nails are 90% of your image… Almost) → Read more

2018 Valentine`s Day Nails: 50+New Nail Designs and Arts

The theme of Valentine`s Day Nails is prominent this month. Why? New Year and Christmas designs need removal, and the upcoming Valentine`s day prompt ladies what manicure to choose for the next visit to the salon. Don`t waste your time surfing the net in search of heart nail designs, red and pink nails, ideas with the words ‘love‘ and ‘xoxo‘. We have collected the best images in this post! → Read more