70 Ideas of Birthday Nails

We`ve found 70 cute nail designs for your birthday: from manicure with balloons 🎈, to nail arts with B-day cakes & candles 🎂, with confetti and birthday presents 🎁. In other words here you`ll find the best birthday nails for every age – for 13, sweet 16, 21st birthday and even 50+! → Read more

candy ball nail art

A new hype trend of this season is CANDY BALL NAILS – designs with bubbles made of gel, with flowers (sometimes even bugs) inside them. Sounds not very clear, but we are here to help you get what those crystal/flower/ice balls are, how they are created, and how to wear them on your nails. And believe us or not, it is possible to make such embellishments at home. If you have a LED lamp and all the materials, of course. Read on! → Read more